Balanced © Cole Ndelu (@colendelu). Photographed: Sami Maseko and Mpumelelo Frypan Mfula
Storm © Alexej Sachov (@alexej.sachov)
Equanimity © Kristin Anderson (@foureyedfish)

Alison Zavos, the founder of Feature Shoot, has selected thirty photographs from The Print Swap to be part of our upcoming exhibition at the renowned ClampArt Gallery in New York City. These pictures will join the single image winners of the Emerging Photography Awards and the winners of our last Brooklyn poster run for a show that spans continents and genres.

While the show has no fixed theme, there are several motifs that run throughout the collection. The mysteries of water, waves, and the ocean deep recur, threading through pictures by Alexej Sachov, Howard Crow, Meg Boscov, and Nikos Menoudarakos. Horses emerge in photographs by Cince Johnston and Virgil DiBiase. Pairs of two people appear in the work of Ava Williams, Kristin Anderson, Cole Ndelu, while David Comora, Dhanraj Emanuel, and Ashley Garrett use shadowplay to create a surreal “doubling” effect.

Together, these photographs speak to feelings of magic, mythos, and mystery, while also examining our ever more precarious relationship with the natural world and its wonders, from the depths of the sea to the clouds in the sky.

If you’re in New York, see the show in person at ClampArt Gallery on March 2nd. For more from The Print Swap, our international photo-sharing initiative, check out our website and follow along on Instagram at @theprintswap.

The Transcendentalists © Kristin Anderson (@foureyedfish)
Arrow © Cince Johnston (@cincejohnston)
The Family at the End of the World © Michael Snyder (@michaelosnyder)
A Redman © Minoo Hassanzadeh (@minoo.hassanzadeh)
Venetian © Jennifer Booher (@JennSBooher)
Angelland © Marina Danic (@minka_photo)
Hazy Desert © Alison Schmitz (@alisonsgoo)
Psychedelic Jungle 3 © Alexis Elliott (@alexis_creates)
Brazil today is a ongoing project of martydom © Antonio Schubert (@apedrosch)
Natural art of fusion © Alexej Sachov (@alexej.sachov)
A lion resting at the Maasai Mara © Marilyn Baez (@marilyn.baez_)
Left Lean © Phoenix Kanada (@phnxfoto)
W. 34th Street © Keith Goldstein (@keithbg)
Diamondback Rattler Tale © Mateo Gonzalez (@mathewfg)
The Important Shadow © David Comora (@dacphotography)
The Dark Side of the House © David Comora (@dacphotography)
Remnants of Things Left Behind 4 © David Comora (@dacphotography)
Linear Confections#28155 © Dhanraj Emanuel (@dhanrajemanuel)
The Twins © Ava Williams (@adventureava)
Banana Split © Shawn Michael Jones (@shawnmichaeljones)
Swim Spell © Meg Boscov (@megboscov)
Ferries © Nikos Menoudarakos (@nmenoudarakos)
Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere © Ashley Garrett (@AshleyGarrettPhoto)
hood|figure © Branden May (@Bamtog)
Decay © Maggie Middlebrook (@mid.dnight)
Pandora © Virgil DiBiase (@_vdibiase)
Oregon Shore © Howard Crow (@howardcrow)

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