Support System © Zerb Mellish
‘The Honduran boy’ is the photograph of a survivor of the hurricanes that hit the Honduran Caribbean coast in November 2020. The boy returned to the same place where his home was one day. © Carlos Barrera

The winners of the Single Images category of the 7th Annual Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards have been announced, with 30 photographs included in our upcoming street exhibition in Los Angeles. Thanks to this year’s jury for single images, including Karen Comer Lowe from Hammonds House Museum, H Eugene Foster from ICP, Kainaz Amaria from Vox, photographer and educator Aaron Turner, Maura Friedman from National Geographic, and photography consultant Jason Baron for curating the exhibition.

The exhibiting photographers in Los Angeles are Zerb Mellish, Carlos Barrera, Cuneyt Gumushaneli, Richard Beck, Won Kim, Sunniva Hestenes, Ludwig Nikulski, Mahnoor Malik, Valerie Brunnette, Ryan Peticca, Gemma Pepper, Grzegorz Piotrowski, Anton Kuehnhackl, Mona Singh, Selene Magnolia, Anna Neubauer, Jari Poulin, Katia Belmadani, Shunsuke Miyatake, Szymon Lewinski, Sandra Cattaneo Adorno, Susan Borowitz, Devin Lunsford, Dorie Hagler, Jack Sorokin, Emily Neville Fisher, Alexej Sachov, Catalin Chitu, and Costas Kariolis.

This year, following a series of unprecedented events worldwide, we asked submitters in the Single Image category to “show us the world through their lens,” and the winners responded through a range of approaches, from photojournalism to fine art and beyond. Some captured quiet moments with global implications. Carlos Barrera photographed a survivor of the November hurricanes in Central America, while Valerie Brunnette, who is based in Minneapolis, visited the George Floyd Memorial. Elsewhere, Selene Magnolia covered the crossing of Europe’s Mediterranean border, known as the world’s deadliest border.

Many of this year’s winners introduced us to the people who inspired them. Mona Singh photographed a girl and her doll in India, while Sandra Cattaneo Adorno spotted children at play in sunny California. Anna Neubauer found beauty in diversity, and Won Kim looked for connection in a disconnected world. These 30 photographs will be on view in LA for one week later this year, so if you’re in the area, be sure to check them out in person. Another 30 photographs chosen by our judges will be part of a street exhibition in New York, and all winning images will be part of our upcoming photobook.

Sorrow © Cuneyt Gumushaneli
A Moment of Joy © Richard Beck
You’re not alone © Won Kim
Untitled © Sunniva Hestenes
Opal © Ludwig Nikulski
Rainy Day Outfit © Mahnoor Malik
Untitled © Ryan Peticca
It’s complicated © Gemma Pepper
Babushka © Grzegorz Piotrowski
Is This Wallpaper Or Packaging? Either Way, Almost Peels Right Off! © Anton Kuehnhackl
Soulmates © Mona Singh
Central Mediterranean Sea, February 2021. People in distress at sea, attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea from Libya onboard a wooden boat. The survivors were rescued in a dramatic operation by the crew of rescue ship Sea-Watch 3. The rescue occurred after 15 other people had died on the same day in a shipwreck off the Libyan coast, and another 100 people were pushed back to torture and detention in Libya.The Mediterranean sea is today the deadliest border to Europe, where the lack of safe corridors and official rescue structures have killed, since 1993, over 40,555 people. At least 1146 people have died while trying to cross the Central Mediterranean sea only in 2021. © Selene Magnolia
The Lucky Few © Anna Neubauer
George Floyd Memorial | Minneapolis, MN © Valerie Brunnette
The Places I Go Quietly © Jari Poulin
Joie de vivre © Katia Belmadani
A mendicant monk with a shield and a mask on, Phnom Penh, Cambodia © Shunsuke Miyatake
Saint Maria day, Staniszewo, Poland © Szymon Lewinski
California © Sandra Cattaneo Adorno
Straphanger © Susan Borowitz
High and Dry © Susan Borowitz
Los Matachines © Dorie Hagler
Untitled © Devin Lunsford
Untitled © Jack Sorokin
Pen and Alejo © Emily Neville Fisher
The Eye of Psychedelics © Alexej Sachov
Sa Dec flower village. Farmers grow flowers on platforms built above water. Small boats are used to move between platforms and water the flowers. © Catalin Chitu
S For Simplicity © Costas Kariolis

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