In 2016, Ken Allen Studios introduced a brand-new dye sublimation printing facility after much research and a few international trips to the experts behind the

process. They brought in state-of-the-art equipment, including an especially impressive heat press, and in the last year, we’ve seen the studio produce stunning prints on ChromaLuxe® aluminum, including all the images exhibited at United Photo Industries for the Third Annual Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards Showcase earlier this summer.  

This Saturday, August 26th, Ken Allen will open Little Metal Print, a new space in Brooklyn devoted entirely to exquisite dye sublimation printing. All are welcome to attend the Grand Opening, with some perks available for Feature Shoot readers.

Dye sublimation prints are special for a few reasons. First, they’re beautiful– the clarity and depth of color in these works of art are spectacular. Cindy Sherman relied on the process when she exhibited work last year at Metro Pictures– the first images she had exhibited in five years.

The second reason to opt for dye sublimation is the durability of the prints. “We have to handle paper prints with kid gloves, and if there is a lot of black on a paper print, the odds of getting scuffed are high,” Ken Allen told us last year. “The ChromaLuxe® aluminum prints can be handled normally, and if they get fingerprints, it’s easy to wash them off with mild soap and water.”

These metal prints are scratch-proof and waterproof, and they received a Display Permanence Rating three times higher than silver-halide photo paper when studied by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. This means that the prints can be exhibited for 64-65 years before showing signs of fading– a major technological feat.

Little Metal Print promises to combine the high-quality we’ve come to expect from Ken Allen Studios with the longevity delivered by the relatively new dye sublimation process. The team has also streamlined the whole process, and your prints can now be made in less than one hour!

Join Ken Allen for the Grand Opening on August 26th. Feature Shoot readers can get a 5% discount if they mention Feature Shoot, and if you share and tag Little Metal Print on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can receive 10% off your printing.

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