Blue_Whiteout Blue Whiteout

Scout Scout

Ice_Diamond Ice Diamond

Deborah Hamon’s series The Polar Pom-Pom Project is a combination of both art and activism. In the fall of 2013 she boarded a tall ship in Svalbard, 10 degrees away from the North Pole, and embarked on an arctic journey with a small group of international artists. Armed with her camera, and over 2000 yarn pom-poms made by elementary school children, Hamon has created a project that explores the effects of climate change on a generational scale.

The resulting body of work makes a poignant statement about the past, present, and future of the arctic and our planet; and includes portraits, landscapes, and documented installations of the pom-poms. Interspersed throughout the breathtaking arctic landscape, Hamon includes portraits of the three women who acted as guides for the artists. These portraits show three strong young women who represent the respect and admiration that young people have for the land, and their willingness to preserve it for the future. Cleverly placed within the ancient landscape, the pom-poms serve as surrogates for the children who made them. Visually, their presence is whimsical, but also stands for the impact that we have on our planet and the future generations who will be affected by our actions today.

Vanish1 Vanish

Guardians Guardians

Snow_Dance1 Snow Dance

Peak Peak

En_Garde En Garde

Crevasse Crevasse

NoahsArk Noah’s Ark

All images © Deborah Hamon

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