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For It’s only a short walk from home, New York-based photographer Courtney Dudley returns to her hometown just beyond the borders of

Dallas, Texas, capturing her surroundings through a lens that is at once intimate and alien.

The artist has since moved away from Texas, but she credits its landscape with her insatiable desire for exploration and artistic discovery. Seen in reflections and obscured by shadowy veils of color, the details of the town are seen both cautiously and affectionately. Even as we are detached from the landscape by glass windows, metal fences, and concrete walls, we yearn for admittance into the mysterious terrain.

It’s only a short walk from home, and this particular image, will be on view for the very first time at Lone Stars, an exhibition of Texas-raised photographers who have moved to New York in the past few years. Lone Stars is curated by Beatrice Shen and opens Wednesday, October 22 at 7:00 PM at 7 Dunham Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

Image © Courtney Dudley

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