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Tom_Fowlkes_102437© Tom Fowlks / Offset

From above, photographer Tom Fowlks captures the pristine expanse of the Circuit of The Americas F1 motor racing

track. The circuit, located in Austin, Texas, is the first in the United States designed specifically for Formula 1 cars, the fastest cars in the industry. In 2012 and 2013, the 3.427 mile circuit hosted the United States Grand Prix, a race that has been a fixture of American sports on and off over the last century.

Designed by architect and racer Hermann Tilke, The Circuit of the Americas has been applauded as one of the most challenging and breathtaking of its kind. Seen under Fowlkes’s lens, the colorful track weaves vitally through the 800 acres on which it is built. Emptied of its usual host of cars rushing past at 200 miles per hour, its twists and turns of red, white, and blue paint the vast Texan landscape.

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