For Remembrance for the Future, Admonition for the Present, Hungarian photographer Adam Urban captures dreamy, quiet moments within the palm houses of The János Tuzson Botanical Garden in Nyíregyháza, where rare exotic plants grow and flourish. In its thirty year history, the grounds have housed thousands of different types of flora, becoming a notable research center for the college as well as an educational facility for the general public. Urban was drawn not only to the main greenhouse but also to a secondary rounded structure containing plants native to the Equator that require extreme heat and humidity to survive.

Entering the hot, muggy building, Urban captures the verdant surroundings in vivid, painterly tones. Unpopulated by humans, the space seems extraterrestrial, housing life forms that astound and captivate the imagination. Of course, each of these plants once grew freely on our planet, unharmed by the wasteful and destructive practices of man. Through these images, we are not entering an alien landscape; instead, we are offered a glimpse into what the earth once was. Here, these magnificent species cry out for our attention, compelling us to act towards preservation before they vanish from our memory.

Image © Adam Urban