For Twins, London-based portrait photographer Alma Haser explores the uncanny bond shared between duplicate individuals. Her models, Mona Ali and Jessica Staufenberg, are not literal

twins, but working together on set, they have learned to echo one another in movement and expression. Says Haser, “they now call each other Afro sisters.”

The project touches not on the reality of twins but on the theme of twin-ness, with the subjects themselves abandoning individual personas for a harmonious and joint identity. Dressed in the same outfits and isolated against a uniform backdrop, the twins’ bodies become undifferentiated parts of a single seamless formation. In this surreal space, they become alienated from the outside world, existing solely in relation to one another.

This image appears in Part 1 of Haser’s project. The upcoming Part 2 is to be set in the an open air, wooded landscape. Twins is a collaboration with Art Director Gemma Fletcher and Stylist Helen Astaire.

Image © Alma Haser

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