Quaddafi rides a custom single-speed tall bike photographed at Hudson St. and West 13th St., Manhattan, going to Pastis.


Brian (with Fritz and Gromit) rides a Bullitt 11-speed cargo bike from Copenhagen photographed on North 6th st. and Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, cruising around Williamsburg.

We’ve recently moved back to Brooklyn after two-plus years in Austin and New York Bike Style was literally our first piece of mail. Since it was the only book in our apartment for awhile, it quickly became the go-to book for my 17-month-old’s bedtime story—she still squeals with delight every time she sees it.

New York Bike Style, photographed by Sam Polcer and published by Prestel, is packed full of colorful photos of equally colorful New Yorkers with their bikes. What separates the work from countless other street-style projects is yes, the bikes, but also the fact that most everyone looks genuinely happy—Polcer even managed to get some guys from the Black Label Bike Club to look friendly and approachable.

Everyone also happens to be extremely hip. From the old-timers at the Puerto Rican Schwinn Club to the beautiful people headed to the Afropunk Festival in Ft. Greene, there is an array of styles and personalities on display. Cycling aficionado David Byrne is interviewed in the first few pages and it’s almost worth buying the book just to read his short but sweet and insightful interview.

After looking through New York Bike Style multiple times a day, we all have our favorite portraits. I was going to include my daughter’s here for fun, but I’m greedy and so I’ve selected my own instead. For plenty more portraits, stop by Polcer’s blog, Preffered Mode.


Tania and Andre riding a mutant tandem bike. Photographed at Charles Pl. and Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, hanging out at the Black Label Bicycle Club BBQ at Coast Cycles.


Siobhan and Freya ride an Austro-Daimler Puch 10-speed bicycle photographed at Dean St. and Grand Ave., Brooklyn, en route to Prospect Park.


Roberto rides a 1952 Schwinn Black Phantom photographed at Harman St. and Irving Ave., Brooklyn, hanging out at the Puerto Rico Schwinn Club headquarters.


Sheryl rides a Brooklyn Cruiser 3-speed bicycle photographed on Jacob Riis Park Promenade, Queens, hanging out on the beach at Jacob Riis Park.


George rides a Brooklyn Bicylce Co. Driggs III 3-speed bike photographed at Crosby St. and Grand St., Manhattan, going to meet a client in SoHo.


Chandra rides a Surly Steamroller fixed gear bike photographed at Doyer St. and Pell St., Manhattan, going to buy thread at Oshman.


Shannon rides a LeMond Nevada City 21-speed bicycle photographed at Kent Ave. and S. 4th St., Brooklyn, going to a Williamsburg Fashion Week event at Villain.


Michael, Gabrielle, Tank & Larry ride borrowed bikes photographed on Williamsburg St. West, Brooklyn, en route to Prospect Park.


Sam rides a Giordano fixed gear bicycle photographed at Front St. and York St., Brooklyn, en route to Burger Smash for lunch.

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