Photographer Peter Wegner points and shoots his lens at nothingness, hoping to capture the invisible worlds that elude us in day-to-day living. For Buildings Made of Sky

, the artist captures the sky as seen through urban landscapes, framing the empty space in such a way that reveals skyscraper forms running perpendicular to the cityscape below. Shooting from dusk until dawn, Wegner catalogs the small changes in atmosphere that color his imagined buildings shades of pale pink and deep purples.

Unlike the metal and concrete architecture that defines their shape, Wegner’s buildings are elusive, fading from view with even the slightest movement or change in perspective. Regardless of whether they are shot New York City, San Francisco, or Chicago, together they form a vast, inescapable network. These images, which can never be exactly replicated, compel us to abandon our fast-paced urban existence for a moment, to invert our perspective, to hold fast to the invisible currents that run unnoticed through the everyday.

Images © Peter Wegner, courtesy of the artist & Galerie m, Bochum, Germany.







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