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African Women Reconnect with the Past Wearing Inherited Clothing


Appolo tribe, Akan ethnic group

“Soukeyna studies Marketing in Bordeaux (France). She is wearing her great grandmother’s outfit. To be able to bring it to the studio, she and her mother had to ask the permission from the current King of Grand Bassam and promised to return the clothing and jewelery to the royal court right after the photo shoot. The outfit was worn by the Queen, her great-grand mother in the 1930s. Soukeyna came to the studio with her mother, who posed for the project as well. She was wearing a miniskirt and Converse sneakers. Just by wearing the outfit she felt like a different woman. Her manner changed. Her mother was in tears, impressed by the resemblance between Soukeyna and her great-grandmother. They came to the photo shoot with a portrait of the great-grandmother aged 17, in this exact same outfit”.

Resilience is the ability to return to your original form after being bent, compressed or stretched; it’s elasticity, the ability to recover from adversity” says photographer Joana Choumali from the Côte d’Ivoire, discussing her latest project. Joanna’s paternal grandmother had passed away years before, but it wasn’t until 2013 that Joana realized the magnitude of the loss; a large part of her personal story had also gone with her. Resilience is Joana’s attempt to reconnect with the past while remaining in the present and celebrating African beauty in its diversity.

Confessions of a 4-Year-Old Astronaut



Harrison is an astronaut, but there are two things about him that make him a bit different from his space-traveling colleagues. Firstly, Harrison isn’t exploring the outer reaches of the cosmos but investigating the strange rituals of planet Earth, and secondly, Harrison is four years old.

Prison Inmates Care for Homeless Dogs With Help from ‘Canine Cellmates’

Canine Cellmates

“Many of the inmates have had very few emotional connections in their lives,” says Atlanta-based photographer Kelly Kline of the rare and precious bond that forms between the residents of the Fulton County Jail and the homeless dogs in their care.

Hopeful Models Star in These Intimate Portraits

Photography, like literature, is often most effective when the viewer is able to resonate with the subject, however distant or alien at first sight. Photographer Marijke Groeneveld, who was born on the Dutch side of the beautiful Caribbean island St.Marteen, sought subjects for her series Wanted(L) via free online modeling agencies; what she didn’t anticipate was that their conversations would reveal that the models shared her own deep-seated desires.

How To Bring a Photo to Life in 5 Simple Steps (Sponsored)


With 617K followers, it’s safe to say that architect, interior designer, and photographer Vicky Navarro is an Instagram phenomenon. Her playful, whimsical photographs find enchantment in everyday life, spent exploring with those close to her. Navarro’s instantly-recognizable aesthetic—light, airy, and fanciful—transports us effortlessly to wherever in the world she might be on any given afternoon, whether it’s an urban jungle or rustic paradise. We asked her to share her behind-the-scenes process in transforming a photograph with potential into a true show-stopper. For this tutorial, Navarro chose to use Adobe Lightroom.

Decades of Extraordinary Photos Taken on the Streets of NYC


A couple on the subway, 1980.


Wig stand, Orchard Street, 1975.

For photographer and photo editor Carrie Boretz, New York City has always been brimming with the “kissing, sleeping, daydreaming” of strangers. Her upcoming book STREET chronicles her adventures in the metropolis from 1975 to 1998, when she was driven to explore breathlessly the contours and crevices of a city rife with conflict, anxiety, and gentleness.

6 African Photographers Take On the NYC Art World

6_Delphine Diallo

Stay Strong, 2009 © Delphine Diallo

“Time is a different concept there,” says French-Senegalese photographer Delphine Diallo of her return to Africa. The six photographers included in New African Photography at Red Hook Labs don’t conform to any one linear narrative, though they all, like Diallo, take us back to the continent in one way or another, revealing the ancient and contemporary stories the Western art history textbooks left out.

Drone Captures Wedding Photos Like You’ve Never Seen Before



“They are together but alone,” says Tahiti-based photographer Helene Havard, who has captured weddings throughout the islands of French Polynesia using a drone camera. Placing her couples within the infinite and wild terrain, she explains, speaks to the closeness and indeed the solitude of being in love. Her lovers stand hand-in-hand, adrift on the blue currents of the open sea.

The Sacred Spirit of Cattle Captured in Beguiling Photos

Ankole 3 b

Ankole 3. Outside Mbarara, Kiruhura district, Western Region, Uganda, 2012

Mattu Pongal 06. Kannakurkkai district, Tamil Nadu, India, 2014.

Mattu Pongal 6. Kannakurkkai district, Tamil Nadu, India, 2014

According to Hindu mythology, words whispered into the ear of a bull might be passed on to the gods. Guarding the temples of Lord Shiva are statues of Nandi the Bull, the dear companion and mount of the god himself. Reaching down to graze the foot of Nandi brings the promise of fertility, and here on Earth, cattle are the rare and precious emissaries of the divine realm.

One Photographer’s Quest to Honor Mothers, From Hackney to Malawi


Judith, Adamissi and Sinoya, Deliver Life Campaign for WaterAid

Whether she was shooting down the road in London or in the remote villages of Malawi, photographer Jenny Lewis gave herself an unbreakable set of rules. One Day Young was to document mothers within one day of childbirth and no later; the mothers were not to be dressed or posed or made up to conform to any preconceived ideas about maternity. She was to sit with them in their own homes, listen to them, and make pictures of the very moment in which their lives were irrevocably changed.

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