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Adolescent Beauty Captured In Evocative Images of Children Swimming in the Sea




Photographer and military wife Deb Schwedhelm is no stranger to relocation. Every few years, she packs up her family, three children in tow, and moves to a new state, country, or continent. She takes each new setting as an opportunity to pause and reflect, exploring herself as a photographer and artist. While living in Florida, close to the sea, she decided to venture into underwater photography. The resulting series, From the Sea, beautifully captures her children and friends immersed in water, an allegory to their lives, shifting and moving with the tides.

Fascinating Portraits Document the Devotees of Father Divine, an African American Spiritual Leader


15 Minutes Until the Banquet Is Rung

Love Child with Father and Mother Divine.Kristin Bedford

Love Child with Father and Mother Divine


Father’s Estate, “The Mountain of the House of the Lord”

Meet the devotees of the “The International Peace Mission Movement,” a group of followers to Father Divine, a figure they believe to be God. The movement began in Harlem during the 1930s and attracted thousands of followers, states Kristin Bedford, who spent five weeks living with and photographing the community of Father Divine in an estate outside of Philadelphia. The movement’s abiding faith and dedication despite their dwindling numbers and aging followers captivated her attention to document their traditions. Bedford describes, “My visit felt like a special intersection of time, history, and devotion. I had the chance to experience their traditions before they fade away. With these photographs I hope to offer glimpses of a mysterious and enduring faith.”

A Deeply Human Glimpse at One Woman’s 120 Pound Weight Loss Through Gastric Bypass Surgery



For Metamorphosis, Barcelona-based photographer Alessandro Vincenzi tells the story of Sandra, a vivacious young woman, who at the age of thirty-one, made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery as treatment for morbid obesity.

Happy Father’s Day: 26 Photos that Capture the Bond Between Dad and Child


© Phyllis B. Dooney


© Franziska Rieder

9-12-13 scans 002

© Aaron Wax

For our latest group show, we invited you to share your photographs on the theme of fatherhood. Curated by Alison Zavos, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, at Feature Shoot, this collection captures the nuances both of what it means to be and what it means to have a dad. When submissions were rolling in for this group show, one photographer sent me a nice note saying that because he was himself a father and because he had always been on the other side of the camera, he possessed only images of motherhood; something about this casual statement paradoxically cut to the core of fatherhood, to the ways in which fathers shape our childhoods, even when they linger just out of frame in the family photo albums. These images document some of the small precious in-between instants—the everyday happenings that fall between birthdays and family reunions—in which fathers make us who we are. As Umberto Eco famously put it in Foucault’s Pendulum, “What we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.” Happy Father’s Day!

Congratulations to top three winners Phyllis B. Dooney, Franziska Rieder, and Aaron Wax, who will receive a one year subscription to Squarespace, an online publishing platform designed with photographers in mind. With award-winning design, domains, commerce, hosting, and 24/7 support, Squarespace helps photographers discover more ways to market themselves and expand their business. New subscribers to Squarespace can now use the code “FS15″ to receive 10% off their website. Click here to start a free 14-day trial.

‘Portrait of a Quiet Girl’ Captures the Struggle of Isolation and Self-Expression



Self-expression, isolation and madness are some of the themes explored in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s famous short story The Yellow Wallpaper. The protagonist, a nameless woman who has been imprisoned in a small bedroom by her husband, struggles over her illness and powerlessness while becoming increasingly absorbed by her meagre surroundings. Photographer Chrissie White, in collaboration with her friend and artist, Elvia Carreon, created the series, Portrait of a Quiet Girl, in reaction to the themes touched on in Gilman’s story.

The Flex Dancers of East New York, Brooklyn Make Their Debut in This Electrifying Photo Series




Flex dancing, says New York City-based photographer Deidre Schoo, is unlike anything else she’s ever witnessed. Born out of the streets and homes of the East New York neighborhood in Brooklyn, the phenomenon is composed of gravity-defying movements and maneuvers that test the limits of human anatomy, each strung together to tell a story that incites its audience to cheer, fall silent, and erupt once more.

Mid-Century Burlesque Stars Prove That Beauty Has No Age Limit


Angel Carter, Pahrump, Nevada, 2012


Val Valentine, Toledo, Ohio, 2012


April March, Saratoga Springs, New York, 2012

The burlesque dancers of the mid-20th century, suggests French photographer Marie Baronnet, were feminists in a time before feminism. In a country wherein women were limited mostly to the home—and where female sexuality was overlooked by both science and society at large—they traveled the states, paving their own roads by doing what they loved to do. For Legends: The Living Art of Risque, Baronnet tracked down these women, now in their mid-sixties to mid-nineties, dusted off their timeworn costumes, and embarked on an unforgettable journey down memory lane.

Photographer Gives Us a Rare Glimpse at the United Kingdom’s Beautifully Bizarre Customs


The Hunting the Earl of Rone takes place on Ascension Day in Combe Martin, Devon. For this custom, a group of men will enter Lady’s Wood outfitted in Grenadier costumes. When they return, they will bring with them the Earl of Rone, a character most likely modeled after Earl of Tyrone Hugh O’Neill, who fled Ireland in the early 17th century. For this event, the Earl wears robe made of sackcloth as he is paraded about the town on a donkey and shot at many times before being tossed into the water.


The Egremont Crab Fair in Cumbria is celebrated in part by the Gurning World Championships, for which contestants don a horse collar and contort their faces for a set of judges.

London-based photographer James O Jenkins describes himself as a bit of an obsessive compulsive collector, except instead of being a connoisseur of baseball cards, stamps, or coins, he stockpiles traditions. For United Kingdom, he has photographed centuries-old customs and events throughout the state, with subjects ranging from the folkloric and the patriotic to the delightfully absurd.

Photos Document the Simple Life in the Abandoned Villages of Catalonia


Aldea De Pano, Huesca, Aragon. Ruben With A Rabbit And His Dog Mistu


El Fonoll, Tarragona, (Conca de Barberà), Catalonia, Spain. A woman with her daughter on holiday at El Fonoll’s naturist village.


Matavenero, Leon, Spain Matavenero, Leon, Spain. One of the houses of Matavenero.

The Northern Spanish landscape, report Italian photographers Diambra Mariani and Francesco Mion, is flecked with tiny, sequestered villages that have remained largely deserted for decades. While most of the rural population has since abandoned these bucolic corners of the country for buzzing cities, recent years have seen a rebirth; with the help of a few devoted and romantic souls, these forgotten bowers have been suffused with new life.

‘The Gods’ Portrays the Lives of Strippers and Hustlers in the American South (NSFW)


Python, 2013


The Hotel Geneva, 2010

For The Gods, London-based photographer Ivar Wigan immerses himself within the culture of hustlers of the American South, slipping into strip clubs and street parties to capture the threads of resilience and enterprise that shine brightly within the throes helter-skelter abandon.