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Confessions of the Trump-Supporting, Fun-Loving Naked Cowboy

performing times square

“Everyone has to get up, poop, drink their coffee, the same shit every day. Why does anyone have motivation? Why does anyone do it? Life is a long slow drain to death. So be different, you’ll make more money. Be different, it’s a little funner. Find a way to look at it so you enjoy it, realizing yourself as a divine being, or a God or Goddess…” – Robert Burck

in a limo on the way to dinner after renewing marriage vows

“My husband is my American dream because he changed my life. He is like an angel for me. He is with me in good and bad moments. There are no men like him anymore, he has a heart of gold. This is what made me fall in love with him.” -Patty, Robert Burck’s wife

The Naked Cowboy Manifesto could potentially solve the riddles of the human condition. It could also mean nothing. Most of us will never know.

Photojournalist Darren Ornitz is one of the few souls who has been given permission to read the diaries of Robert John Burck, the man who has for the past eighteen years spent his days in the center of Times Square, wearing only a cowboy hat and shoes, a pair of underwear, and his guitar.

This Is What Former Gang Members Would Look Like Without Tattoos


Marcus Luna

Please support the book Skin Deep go to @stevenburtonphotography and click to link.

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When Steven Burton shows former gang members Photoshopped pictures of themselves without tattoos, some laugh, and some cry. Most tell him they want to show the photographs to their mothers.

One Photographer’s Haunting Love Song to Appalachia

"Carry Me Ohio"

Duct tape, Chauncey, Ohio, 2006

"Carry Me Ohio"

Cut here, Chauncey, Ohio, 2010


Jessie Sr. holding Kacey and Lacey, Athens, Ohio 2006

Matt Eich’s first child was born in Ohio. He had started making pictures one year earlier in 2006 as a college sophomore. He created his family here and stayed until 2009, existing against the backdrop of the Great Recession.

An Ancient Way of Life in the Mountains of India

Ladakh nomads, India. A heard of sheep and goat graze back to Zara village.

A heard of sheep and goat graze back to Zara village.


Nomads take the wool of a male yak in the settlement of Zara


A mother takes her son while counting the sheep and goat on the corral in Zara.

In the mountains of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, India, photographer Ronald Patrick found families adhering to an ancient and sacred way of life. In the brutally high altitudes, he found shepherds, some of them frail with age, commanding herds of sheep, goats, and perhaps most astonishingly, the beautiful, hulking yak.

Love, Lust, and Loss: A Photographic Memoir of the 80s



Love, Lust, and Loss: A Photographic Memoir of the 80s is both a visual coming of age story and Atlanta-based photographer Billy Howard’s homage to a decade which stayed with him emotionally and visually. At the time people were less cautious about having their photograph taken by strangers and so the camera became his ticket to the fringes of society in the south — with it he was granted access to “those people your mother warned you about”: drag show dressing rooms, strip clubs, tattoo parlours, homeless shelters and homes of people dying of AIDS. At first glance these portraits of strangers might not seem pertinent to the photographer’s own story, though on closer inspection they share some common ground.

Portraits of People and their Dogs in Rural Laos



Singaporean photographer Ernest Goh regularly partners up with animal welfare groups on a pro bono basis. Pet owners of Laos is the result of a collaboration with the Canadian charitable organization Veterinarians Without Borders (VWB) and the Faculty of Agriculture at the National University of Laos. The team set out together to rural areas to vaccinate dogs, cats and one monkey against rabies in Laos. The title of the series is self-explanatory; portrayed in these images are the proud owners of their newly vaccinated furry friends.

Tender Photos Capture the Loving Souls of Rescued Dogs


Yoko © Richard Phibbs


Cosita © Richard Phibbs

Photographer Richard Phibbs met Cosita at Humane Society of New York. She was homeless at the time, but the shelter was probably the safest place she’d ever been. She was discovered tied up to a tree somewhere in Mexico, where she had been abandoned and impregnated twice. She was neglected and sick when she was rescued, but a devoted team nursed back to health.

The Devastating Reality of People Living in Waste


An old woman is washing her hair, with flies all over her body, at Dhapa waste dumping ground, Kolkata, India.


One of many dead dogs found dumped openly on the road in the Dhapa waste dumping ground, Kolkata, India.

For photojournalist Turjoy Chowdhury, Dhapa started off as an anonymous brown spot on the map of Kolkata.

“The first time I visited the place, I remember that from the distance I saw something like a mountain at the horizon,” he says, “It was almost eight to ten stories high.” As he drew nearer, the mountain became a massive pile of trash, over sixty acres of waste onto which 5,372 tons of garbage is dumped daily.

Girl Power, Glitter, and Feminism, in Photos


In the words of her friend Arvida Byström, London photographer Valerie Phillips always shoots “with the nerve of a photographer who just got their first camera.” Her most recent book, Another Girl Another Planet, is a personal collection of treasured pictures made with her many female muses throughout the course of fifteen years, including Byström, who lovingly penned the foreword.

Exploring Korean Heritage Through Intimate Family Portraits



Janice Chung is a Korean-American photographer who was raised in Queens, New York. She was brought up in a large Korean-American community, and notes her influence by the culture: “I learned to show respect for my elders and grew a desire to support my family.” However, her chosen path was different from the accepted narrative of her community: she became an artist.

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