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Moments of Detachment and Solitude Captured by Street Photographer Caspar Claasen



For the last few years, Amsterdam-based street photographer Caspar Claasen has been documenting the different sides of solitude, exploring the camera’s ability to isolate and express private moments of detachment experienced by subjects both young and old, human and nonhuman.

Powerful Portraits of Vietnamese Veterans by Ruben Hamelink



“When the war started we were sixteen boys defending the village, but after four years only four of us were left alive,” remembers Ho Cu Chanh, a veteran of the Vietnam War. The aged veteran is one of 29 others photographed and quoted in Dutch photographer Ruben Hamelink’s debut book. In Vietnamese Veterans, the young photographer traveled around Vietnam with an Italian anthropologist seeking out past fighters. Vietnam has fought a war with four countries over the past century: America, China, Cambodia and France.

Wistful Portraits Capture the Magic and Melancholy of Imaginary Friends




For Doppelgänger, French photographer Julie de Waroquier carries the childhood phenomenon of the imaginary friend into grown-up world, narrating a wistful fable centered around an adult woman who refuses to abandon her make-believe companion.

‘Sex and Takeout’ Photos Bring Together Greasy Food with Scantily Clad Models (NSFW)



Greasy food and scantily clad women – together at last. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Australian photographer Sarah Bahbah emerges on Tumblr and Instagram with her provocative series, aptly titled, Sex and Takeout.

Powerful Portraits Confront the Trauma of Australia’s Stolen Generations

After the Apology

Jasmine Haby-Atkinson, Nowra, NSW, Australia.
“Because of what happened I am afraid that the same things could happen to my own child… history has a way of repeating itself.”

After the Apology

Susan Moylan-Coombs, Northern Beaches, New South Wales. Susan was born in Darwin and taken from her mother at birth. She was removed from the Northern Territory and later adopted out to a family in Sydney. Susan didn’t see her mother again until 21 years later.
“Every day I walk a path of recovery from the policy that removed children from their parents. I was stolen… I still feel the silent pain that is mine and my mothers. We need to move forward together with joint aspirations and a truly national story that acknowledges our shared past and embraces a shared future.”

Under parliamentary policies that persisted throughout much of the 20th century, numerous Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were forcibly taken from their family homes and placed in institutions and foster families by church missionaries and government agencies. In many cases, these very young children were denied any contact with their mothers, fathers, and siblings and were effectively cut off from their roots, their language and their heritage. From the age of around fourteen, many would go to work in white households, the goal being to create a racially assimilated “White Australia.” Only in recent years have the immeasurable scars of these crimes begun to be addressed by the Australian public and its government, both of whom are now working towards a point of healing.

Photographer Alícia Rius Captures the Mesmerizing Beauty of the Sphynx Cat




For Disturbing Beauty of Sphynx Cats, Californian animal photographer Alícia Rius examines the beguiling contours of the hairless cat, capturing the paradoxical marriage of elegance and peculiarity inherent in each feline figure.

Mythical Scenes Capture the Bond Between Humans and Birds (NSFW)

Itamar Freed02

Itamar Freed_06

For Birds of Paradise, Israeli photographer Itamar Freed casts a set of models each with a winged guardian, a featured beast that becomes his or her single companion within an enchanted wilderness.

Martin Schoeller Discusses the Portrait that Launched His Career and Gives Advice to Emerging Photographers

It probably would have been safer to launch our first Feature Shoot video with a photographer a little less high profile than Martin Schoeller, but thankfully, it worked out great. I caught up with Martin during a busy time in which he had two exhibitions featuring his commercial portraits (yes, you read that right) up in NYC at Hasted Kraeutler Gallery and CWC gallery in Berlin. The shows coincided with his new photo book Portraits, published by teNues.

I peppered Martin with questions for over an hour or so, which we’ve boiled down to a mere 6 informative and inspiring minutes in which the photographer speaks about the portrait that launched his career, celebrity photo shoots, and advice for emerging photographers.

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Mysterious Photographs of a Small Town in Florida Composed Entirely of Psychics, Mediums, and Healers




For All Roads Lead to Cassadaga, Miami-based photographer Christiaan López-Miró documents daily life within a small Floridian town devoted entirely to spiritual pursuits, where psychics make up a majority of the population and seances are commonplace.

Revealing Photos Look at Bolivia’s Coca Leaf, Used to Produce Everything From Cosmetics to Cocaine


Coca plantation in Coroico, Bolivia Ronald Patrick / Offset


Woman dries coca leaves Ronald Patrick / Offset


A man divides cocaine Ronald Patrick / Offset

For his series Coca in Bolivia, Chilean photographer Ronald Patrick follows the coca leaf from its origins in the plantations of Coroico to its arrival in La Paz, where it is used to make everything from cosmetics to cocaine.