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Photos Examine the Obsession for White Skin in Vietnam


At the red lights of Ho Chi Minh City’s intersections, Italian photographer Monia Lippi leaps ahead of the storm of sweating motorcyclists and scooter drivers who come to a momentary stop before the lights switch. She has 120 seconds to capture as many portraits as she can. Then she makes a dash for the sidewalk to avoid being crushed by the traffic as it surges forward.

Confessions of a Girl from Small-Town Ireland


Untitled, 2015


Nightcall, 2015

“Days in Derry are long. “There’s not a whole lot to do except hang out, wasting time,” says photographer Megan Doherty of the Irish town where she spent almost her entire life. Stoned in Melanchol is her ode to the place where she grew up, a neon fairytale starring her friends as heroines. Making pictures was, as she puts it, her “form of escape.”

A Wistful Look at Rockaway Beach Before Hurricane Sandy

Kui, February Swell 2005

Kui, February Swell 2005

Kristi Convalescing, 2005

Kristi Convalescing, 2005

In Queens, New York, the Rockaway Beach surfers aren’t deterred by freezing temperatures; come rain or come snow, they inherit the waves. From 2004 to 2011, photographer Susannah Ray documented her people as the braved the treacherous waters of the Atlantic.

Right Coast, her most recent monograph coinciding with an exhibition at The Rockaway Beach Surf Club until August 9th, is her homage to the surf community. The word “right” of course contains two meanings, referring both to a place on the map as well as the loyalty and pride that runs across its shores.

Youthful Fantasies on the Beaches of Montauk


Lilla Kneeling


Jessica and Kurt

New York City-based photographer Michael Dweck remembers vividly the time he went to Montauk at the age of seventeen. It was 1975, and there was the sand, the surf, and girls who, in his words, “looked, well, like they didn’t belong on Long Island.” Visiting Montauk was like falling in love for the first time a thousand times, and he would return to the beach some thirty years later, publishing his book The End in 2004.

The Bewitching Goddesses and Green Men of Glastonbury



Photographer Dave Watts weaves in and out of the goddesses and green men, looking for portrait subjects— just as he did the year before.

A Look at the Lives of Transgender Women in Indonesia

A young transgender puts make up on in his bedroom at Mami Joyce's house.

A young transgender woman puts make up on in her bedroom at Mami Joyce’s house.

Mami Joyce takes a cigarette break halfway through the make up process.

Mami Joyce takes a cigarette break halfway through the make up process.

In the heart of Jakarta’s bustling business district, says Italian-born photographer Giorgio Taraschi, Mami Joyce and her girls make their home. Taking in those as young as eighteen, the human rights activist has built a safe haven for transgender women—or “waria,” as they are often called in Indonesia—to call their own.

Secrets from the Isolated Territory of Susta

Collecting firewood. 2014

A woman collecting firewood for fuel.

Disputed land. 2014

“I hadn’t seen any form of images of the land or the people,” says Kathmandu-based photographer Prasiit Sthapit of what motivated him to visit Susta. Though its name flickered in and out of the newspapers—the territory is contested, claimed on one hand by Nepal and on the other by India—he could find very little about the isolated and mysterious area.

Intimate and defiant portraits of ‘GIRLS’ in present-day China (NSFW)



Described as one of the “rising stars of Chinese photography” by Ai Wewei in 2012, Beijing-based Luo Yang is gaining international recognition for her candid photographs of women in contemporary China. GIRLS began in 2007 as a deeply personal series, for in her subjects, Luo observed emotions and questions very similar to her own. The intimate photographs that constitute GIRLS alternate between carefully staged portraits depicting an emerging Chinese subculture that defies our expectations, and snapshots that favour a raw, blurred aesthetic. The photographer simultaneously manages to convey the girls’ defiance and ultra-cool composure, alongside their vulnerability, shyness and insecurities. Luo elaborates: “I can’t say that they represent a whole new generation of women in China, but they are absolutely a group of women who represent independence and freedom”.

One Photographer’s Collaboration with a 175-Year-Old Ghost



In 2002, New York photographer Stacy Renee Morrison found an old trunk discarded in the city streets and filled with photographs, jewelry, perfume, and other delicate keepsakes dating back to the 19th century. They were, discovered the photographer, the possessions of a woman named Sylvia DeWolf Ostrander, who died in 1925 at the age of eighty-four.

Tragedy and Poetry in the World of Paris’s ‘Crisis Generation’ (NSFW)

4 Dans la chambre de Maxime, 2014

Dans la chambre de Maxime, 2014

97 Dexter en cendres, 2010

Dexter en cendres, 2010

“We want to be a lost cause,” explains French photographer Hannibal Volkoff of the generation pictured in his first book Nous naissons de partout, which translates roughly in English to mean We are born all over. Beginning in the late aughts, the artist—himself a young man— has chronicled the ecstatic adventures of adolescents and emerging adults as they toss aside the conventions, rules, and securities of their parents’ generation.

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