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Lost Souls Are Found in These Deeply Personal Portraits of Slab City Residents


Charlotte, 2008


Tahlina, 2007


“Insane Wayne,” 2007

It’s over 100 degrees, and flies fill the dusty desert terrain. Homeless dogs wanter about, trying to sniff out a bite to eat amongst the trailer and camper homes set up for the resident families, retirees, and nomads. Without electricity or running water, the community runs on generators. It’s a quiet place, but there’s laughter here. The youngsters gather ‘round an older man named Mike, who tells the best stories. This is how Colorado-based photographer Teri Havens remembers Slab City, where years ago, she spent her days amongst a group strangers who soon became forever friends.

‘Under-Cats’ Offers A Fresh Perspective On the Cute Cat Photo



Andrius Burba combined his two passions — cats and photography — into one insightful photo series during the International Cat Show, which was recently held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

But instead of capturing cats in traditional poses, Burba opted to photograph them from underneath for his series, Under-Cats. 

Flora Borsi Takes Self-Portraits with the Eyes of Animals in Her Series, ‘Animeyed’

Flora Borsi Animeyed

Flora Borsi Animeyed

In her compelling series Animeyed, Budapest-based artist Flora Borsi combines the art of self-portraits with a fun quirkiness that turns each image into a work of surrealism.

Fetish Artists, Drag Queens, and Burlesque Stars Photographed Around the World




Boom Boom

When night falls and the suits and ties have all been tucked away, a magical world emerges from the darkness, setting the cities of London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, LA, and San Francisco ablaze as the rest of the world sleeps. This is the realm of the night performer, the drag queen or king, the burlesque dancer, the fetish artist, and now of LA-based photographer Samantha Fielding, who has devoted three years of her life to telling the stories of the world’s most gifted and ingenious underground personalities.

The Streets’ Barber Gives Free Haircuts to Homeless Men and Women, Shares Their Stories on Instagram

  This is Thomas. He is 23 years old and has a six year old daughter. When I saw Thomas, I had just spent a full day cutting hair for a few homeless men around New York City and was passing through Times Square on my way home. That’s when I saw Tommy. To be honest, I was so tired that I just wanted to go home, get cleaned up and rest… so I initially walked past him without saying anything, thinking to myself ‘maybe I’ll give him a cut if I see him later’. I also didn’t feel entirely comfortable cutting in the middle of Times Square, as it might have come across like a show or some grand spectacle. But then my conscience kicked in and I felt like I couldn’t keep walking without at least offering a haircut, or at least my companionship. I also thought ‘who cares if people think this was a show or was entertaining. I’m not doing this for them or even myself. This was purely for Tommy…’ At that moment he was the most important person to me – and was I ever glad that I stopped to ask him if he wanted a cut. He was telling me how he was “dying for one”. His story was remarkable too. Getting into heroin at the age of 14 and in and out of jail for 6 years, he now lives on the streets of New York trying to survive. He doesn’t use heroin for the high anymore like he used too, but mostly so he doesn’t feel sick – which is due to the withdrawals of such a crazy drug, and which also seems to be half the reason for the addiction for many heroin users. He told me he is confident that one day he’ll clean up and become sober, and hopes to become a youth mentor and help kids not go down his same path. What a guy! I guess the reason why I wrote this caption is to share my reflections on how important it is to act and not just say things like “I’ll do it later”. If we’re tired then we should become even more tired from helping others. Think of how good the rest after that will be! haha. I was so happy I met Tommy and shared a conversation with him. At least to me, now he’s a human being with a story and not just another homeless kid I walked by who looked like he’s doing it rough. #thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart #newyorkcity   A photo posted by Nasir Sobhani (@thestreetsbarber) on

Every one of us, says Melbourne-based barber Nasir Sobhani, deserves a second chance. On his one day off, Mondays, he takes to the streets via skateboard, inviting homeless people who have fallen on tough times to sit for a free haircut, and only if they feel comfortable, to share their stories. Hoping to give his clients newfound hope and self-esteem, he titles the project Clean Cut, Clean Start.

Behold the Unearthly Beauty of the Carpathian Pony




Seven years ago, in the village tiny of Dzembronia in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukrainian photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn laid himself down amongst the fragrant grasses, shutting his eyes for a moment as the sunlight warmed his cheeks. The photographer was woken from his reverie only when he heard the gentle tapping of hooves, finding before him a curious horse gazing down.

Photographer Discovers More Than 1,000 Snapshots of 1980s Stripteasers in Los Angeles Garage


Los Angeles-based director and photographer Tyler Hubby knew the amateur photographer only from a single box of negatives the latter left behind more than 30 years ago in a house in Echo Park. Judging by a collection of over a thousand snaps of stripteasers working the poles and the tables at local 1980s clubs, he suspected the gentlemen inhabited the home for the several years leading up to his presumed death.

‘The Gay Beards’ Accessorize Their Matching Facial Hair With Everything from Lego Bricks to Cheese Puffs




Before Portland-based artists Brian DeLaurenti and Jonathan Dahl became The Gay Beards, they were two little boys having playdates after school. Since their first encounter nearly twenty years ago, the two have remained the best of friends, teaming up together in the summer of 2014 to bring to life their vision of dressing their facial hair in matching outfits. Over the last year and a half, they’ve put everything from splatter paint and glitter to roses and popcorn in their bristles in hopes of transforming their faces into colorful confections.

An Intimate Look Inside Israel’s Only Women’s Prison



When an Israeli women’s magazine sent photographer Tomer Ifrah to shoot a portrait of one of the prisoners being held at Neve Tirza, he instantly felt he wanted to document the place. Neve Tirza, located in Ramle, Central Israel, is Israel’s only women’s prison. At the time of his visit, approximately 180 prisoners were residing there, a remarkably small number if you take into account the entire country’s population, which is estimated at around 8 million.

Manny the Selfie Cat Will Steal Your Heart



Manny the little gray tabby cat loves exploring with his human, romping about with his loyal dog pals, and taking pictures of their various shenanigans. Manny’s fearlessness has led him to cultivate a wide range of hobbies and interests, including but not limited to skateboarding, sledding, and rolling around. With his human’s love and artistic backing, Manny has recently earned the title “selfie cat” for his visionary and critically acclaimed use of his GoPro camera.

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