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Vintage Photographs with Small Dots of Light Give Off An Enchanting, Ghostly Glow

Amy_Friend_02Villigen, Germany


For Dare alla Luce, photographer Amy Friend collects faded memories in the form of vintage and antique photographs, which she penetrates to reveal small spots of light. Re-photographing the altered print, she captures eerily doubled images that appear ghostly and divine, as if dotted with stars. The figures immortalized here are strangers to Friend, and by piercing the surface of the two-dimensional print, she allows portions of mysterious recollections to irrevocably vanish. Each title comes either from notes scrawled on the backs of the images themselves or from Friend’s own reflections on photography.

Photo du Jour: A ‘Temporary Monk’


Fallen // Zero, Thailand 2014

Polish photographer Kuba Ryniewicz wanders the world in search of a good stories. His images are imbued with an enchanting sense of adventure, traveling from Dubai to Iceland with his camera. In February, Ryniewicz went to Asia to study Theravada Buddhism, visiting Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Powerful Portraits Look Deep Into the Eyes of Homeless Men and Women



With his powerful series Homeless, Manchester-based photographer Lee Jeffries compels us to remember the faces of those we too often ignore. As a beginning street photographer in 2008, the artist captured a homeless woman of eighteen years as she lay in a sleeping bag. When she called him out on the violation, he approached her and apologized. Listening to her story, Jeffries’s passions were ignited, and since that fateful day, he has traveled to Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York in hopes of channeling the heartbreaks of daily life on the streets.

From the ‘Poodle Club’ to the ‘BDSM Regular’s Table’: Hilarious Portraits of Hobbyists in Their Element

Ursula Sprecher & Andi Cortellini

Poodle Club © Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini

Ursula Sprecher & Andi Cortellini

BDSM Regular’s Table © Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini

People with shared interests have gathered to celebrate their hobbies for a long time now. Basel-based photographers Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini have expressed some of the most hilarious iterations of this pack-animal tendency with their series of staged portraits, HobbyBuddies, published by Kehrer Verlag.

Powerful Photo Series Documents the Final Generation of Foot Binding in China



For Living History, photographer Jo Farrell paints a stark yet complex portrait of China’s now-illegal practice of foot binding. Fueled by her desire to photograph traditions and peoples forgotten by the modern age, she began the series with Zhang Yun Ying, one of the few living women with bound feet. Since then, Farrell has returned every year to the village of the 88-year-old peasant farmer, creating a visual diary of a recent history on the brink of vanishing from our collective memory.

Startling Photos of Americans Lying in 7 Days of Their Own Trash



How much garbage do you produce? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims the average American creates more than 4 pounds of trash a day, more than most European countries and markedly higher than just a few decades ago. In 7 Days of Garbage, photographer Gregg Segal asks people to make their bed and lie in it, posing individuals with all the waste they accumulate over the course of just a week.

Thought-Provoking Photographs Depict the Psychological Effects of War in Iran

Gohar Dashti

Gohar Dashti

For her powerful series Today’s Life and War, photographer Gohar Dashti catalogues the emotional effects of the Iran-Iraq War of 1980, giving form to the invisible but pervasive anxieties that linger in the minds of civilians decades after its close in 1988. In these staged narrative images, the artist explores the complex and contradictory impulses that govern even the most routine tasks. A couple eats breakfast and cleans their laundry, inescapably haunted by the violence that springs forth from newspapers and television sets. As they navigate uneven, chaotic terrain, their humble wedding party is trailed by tanks and troops.

Fascinating Series tells the Story of How a Crime-Ridden Town in Mexico Reclaimed Harmony

Brett Gundlock

Brett Gundlock

Sparks of light among the generally horrific news about Mexico are woefully rare. Toronto-based photographer Brett Gundlock has captured one such spark with El Pueblothe remarkable story of Cherán, a small town in Michoacán, whose residents drove out a group of cartel-associated loggers and took back their town.

Photo du Jour: A Captivating Portrait of Young Boys at a Novitiation Ceremony in Myanmar


© Gentl and Hyers / Offset

The country of Myanmar continues to uphold beautiful, ancient traditions despite its troubled history. Photography team Gentl and Hyers capture a Novitiation Ceremony, a crucial and precious event for children of the Buddhist faith. Also known as “shinbyu”, the ritual is believed to have originated some two thousand years ago, when the Buddha’s own son requested to abandoned his princely role and join the monastery. The custom is now an important part of Myanmar culture, all boys between the ages of 5 to 20 expected to shed their earthly possessions to become novice monks or “Sons of the Enlightened One”. 

Coming of Age in NYC: Photos Explore the Frenzied Lives of Teenage Girls in the City



If you were ever a fifteen year old girl, you likely remember it as a confusing time of experimentation and self discovery. In her recent recent documentary series Fifteen, Austin-based photographer Ilana Panich-Linsman examines both the defining moments and the subtleties of female teenage culture. Taking a fly-on-the-wall approach, Panich-Linsman observes as an outsider peering in at the sometimes peculiar and banal behaviors of girls at an arbitrary time in their lives.