Alex and Zoe © Emily Neville Fisher

As part of the latest round of The Global Billboard Project, Feature Shoot’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Alison Zavos

has selected three photographs to display on a billboard on Manhattan’s 9th Avenue, just across from the Lincoln Tunnel and blocks from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The winners of this edition are Emily Neville Fisher, Mahnoor Malik, and Gail So. Each will have her picture exhibited for five days.

Fisher will show Alex and Zoe, her portrait of her twin son and their Pekin duck. “During the pandemic, since we were isolated and saw very few people, we had a lot of quality time with our animals: chickens, ducks, a dog, and a snake,” she tells us.

Foggy Morning © Mahnoor Malik

In Foggy Morning, Malik introduces us to an equally majestic and singular creature: a zebra found in the wilds of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. The floor of the caldera is mostly open grassland, where species ranging from Grant’s zebra to the critically endangered Black Rhinoceros make their homes.

Social Distancing © Gail So

So, who describes her style as soft and melancholic, takes us far from the terrestrial world and into the preternatural realm of the imagination in her photo, Social Distancing. With her signature color palette and cinematic eye, an ordinary encounter becomes fraught with mystery and intrigue.

Although the photographs were created on three separate continents (Fisher is based in Westchester, New York, and So is based in Hong Kong), they share a dreamer’s sensibility. For the hundreds of thousands of people who pass the billboard, we hope these images will provide a momentary escape from the noise and chatter of daily life in the city. See the photos in person in August.

We’ve just opened submissions to the latest edition of The Global Billboard Project. This time, we’ll be partnering with 500px to select three more photographers to exhibit their work on the same billboard on 9th Avenue. Each winner will have their picture displayed for one week, drawing an estimated 600,000 views. The winners will also receive $500 each, courtesy of 500px, plus a 500px Pro Membership. You must have an account on 500px to submit to this round, and you can create one in minutes.