©Nina Weinberg Doran

The winner of the 4th edition of Feature Shoot’s Global Billboard Project is Nina Weinberg Doran, whose portrait will be featured on our eye-catching billboard on Manhattan’s 9th Avenue, where it’s expected to draw 600,000 views per week. “The girl in the photo is the daughter of a friend of mine from New Zealand,” the artist remembers of the winning image, chosen by guest judge Elissa Curtis, Deputy Photo Director at the Wall Street Journal. “They were staying with me for four days during a first visit to New York.

“I spent a lot of time with the youngest daughter. She is so full of life and exploration, and it was incredible to watch as she explored my home and objects. Everything intrigued her. At the end of the day, she liked coming into my bedroom. I have this wonderful vintage magnifying glass I had taken from my parents’ home after they both passed a couple of years prior. She found this sitting near my books and began to study it and figure out how it worked. I had my camera with me and as soon as she put it to her eye, I took the shot.”

If you’re in New York this month, you can see the photo front-and-center right across from the 9th Avenue entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. By popular demand, we’ve booked this billboard through the end of September to give more photographers the chance to show their work in the Big Apple. For the next edition of The Global Billboard Project, we will choose three photographers to take over the billboard, each for five days.

Submit your work for consideration here. It costs just $15 to submit a single image, $25 to submit five, and $35 to submit ten. Every submitting photographer gets their choice of a Feature Shoot PDF guide for free.

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