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Mysterious and Evocative Photos of the Holes Dogs Dig in the Woods



For Dog Holes (and Other Pictures Taken in the Woods), Massachusetts-based photographer Trevor Powers traces the small and ephemeral ways in which dogs have transformed and left their mark the Northampton dog park, a wood that lies close to his home in The Pioneer Valley. Following his own dog Stevie as he diverges from the circumscribed trails, he discovers a canine realm of temporary hideaways and solitary bowers carved into the wild thickets of the wood.

Enchanting, Impressionistic Photos of Flowers From Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France


© Chelsea McNamara / Offset


© Chelsea McNamara / Offset

The photographic movement we most often associate with Impressionism is probably Pictorialism, the two aesthetics emerging hand-in-hand at the turn of the 20th century. New York-based photographer Chelsea McNamara has found a way to thoroughly modernize the ethereal world once populated by Claude Monet and Alfred Stieglitz with her utterly enchanting double exposure photographs of the blossoms that now grow in Monet’s own Garden in Giverny, France.

18-Year-Old Urbex Photographer Dark.Cyanide Shows Us A Hidden View of NYC


Dark Cyanide’s Squarespace website



When I asked Dark Cyanide to reveal his real name, he politely declined. Despite his mounting popularity, the photographer is shrouded in mystery, his identity closely guarded. At just eighteen years of age, he has reached the apex of some of Manhattan’s tallest buildings and snuck into the shadowy regions of the subway system that runs beneath our feet. Of course, most of the spaces he breaches are not legally accessed, and at times his shoots resemble covert operations, but it is ultimately a love for the city that compels him to continue exploring its most inhospitable corners (and to share them with the rest of us via his Squarespace site).

Magical, Otherworldly Grecian Landscapes Take Us Back in Time


Almas, December, 2012


Semitas, May, 2013


Animula, January, 2014

For In Landscapes, Athens-based photographer Petros Koublis captures the sprawling countryside that envelops the Greek capital, uncovering the sublime, ancient memories that linger still on the peripheries of a city recently plagued by economic crisis, poverty, and violence.

Mother and Daughter Collaborate on Painterly Photographs that Capture the Beauty of Childhood


© Caroline Jensen / Offset


© Caroline Jensen / Offset

Minnesota-based photographer Caroline Jensen lives across two hundred acres of wide-open prairie on which she and her family roam freely amidst the wild flowers and thickets of verdant grass. She and her daughter, now ten, have been collaborating since the child was four years old, building together an evolving diary of childhood play and discovery.

Moments of Detachment and Solitude Captured by Street Photographer Caspar Claasen



For the last few years, Amsterdam-based street photographer Caspar Claasen has been documenting the different sides of solitude, exploring the camera’s ability to isolate and express private moments of detachment experienced by subjects both young and old, human and nonhuman.

‘Forest Punk': Photographer Hunts Down Abandoned Vintage Cars Lost in the Woods


Polisot, France, 2013 – Citroen & Renault, ca. 1928


2012, Bastnäs, Sweden, Ford Prefect, Fors Popular, Ford Taunus


Polisot, France, 2013 – ca. Peugeot, 1928

For Forest Punk, Cologne-based photographer Dieter Klein tracks rust-speckled vintage automobiles into the depths of neglected junkyards and verdant woods, where they have sat, untouched, for decades.

Awe-Inspiring Photos of Holland’s Starling Murmurations


© Luc Roymans / Offset


© Luc Roymans / Offset


© Luc Roymans / Offset

Standing at the outskirts of a forest in the North of Holland, Belgium-based wildlife photographer Luc Roymans captures thousands of starlings as they ascent into the heavens, forming intricate and densely packed hordes across the painted sky.

Forming at dusk when the starlings set out to roost, the mysterious masses of fluttering birds are known as murmurations. Although science is just now catching up with the elusive phenomenon, we now know that starling murmurations can ensure safety for the small birds, serving as an instinctual defense against birds of prey. The changes in the birds’ movements happen at an almost imperceptibly fast rate, with each individual of hundreds or even millions maintaining a keen awareness to the slightest shifts in his fellows.

Through Roymans’s eyes, it seems almost impossible that these magical winged formations could ever be explained away by simple physics. The starlings emerge beneath his gaze as fairies, emissaries from another world, nimble dancers engaging in what he calls “a ballet by the birds.” While shooting, he was most struck by the variations in density of the murmurations, tracing the ways in which the birds alternately fanned out and huddled together. The swarm, he suggests, resembled not the sum of many individual creatures but a single, fluid mass blanketing the evening sky.

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Powerful Portraits Confront the Trauma of Australia’s Stolen Generations

After the Apology

Jasmine Haby-Atkinson, Nowra, NSW, Australia.
“Because of what happened I am afraid that the same things could happen to my own child… history has a way of repeating itself.”

After the Apology

Susan Moylan-Coombs, Northern Beaches, New South Wales. Susan was born in Darwin and taken from her mother at birth. She was removed from the Northern Territory and later adopted out to a family in Sydney. Susan didn’t see her mother again until 21 years later.
“Every day I walk a path of recovery from the policy that removed children from their parents. I was stolen… I still feel the silent pain that is mine and my mothers. We need to move forward together with joint aspirations and a truly national story that acknowledges our shared past and embraces a shared future.”

Under parliamentary policies that persisted throughout much of the 20th century, numerous Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were forcibly taken from their family homes and placed in institutions and foster families by church missionaries and government agencies. In many cases, these very young children were denied any contact with their mothers, fathers, and siblings and were effectively cut off from their roots, their language and their heritage. From the age of around fourteen, many would go to work in white households, the goal being to create a racially assimilated “White Australia.” Only in recent years have the immeasurable scars of these crimes begun to be addressed by the Australian public and its government, both of whom are now working towards a point of healing.

Mythical Scenes Capture the Bond Between Humans and Birds (NSFW)

Itamar Freed02

Itamar Freed_06

For Birds of Paradise, Israeli photographer Itamar Freed casts a set of models each with a winged guardian, a featured beast that becomes his or her single companion within an enchanted wilderness.