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Eerie and Romantic Photos of the Sea Shot in the Dead of Night



For Moonlighting, London-based photographer Paul Thompson ventures out to the coast in the dead of night, escaping all the light and noise of the city for a few hours of darkness set aglow by the rhythms of the sea.

Photographer Reflects Upon His Deployment into the Navy and the Dissolution of a Long-Distance Relationship



For The Distance, New York-based photographer and active duty service member Christopher Janaro retraces the winding road of his three-year relationship with his former fiancée, a union that eventually ended under the strain of separation. Now nearing the end of his four-year contract with the United States Navy, he constructs a fictional narrative that runs parallel to the past he shared with this woman, confronting the invisible threads of loneliness and isolation that often permeate the daily lives of those serving in the military.

Breathtaking Photos Capture the Relationship Between Indigenous People and Marine Life in the Philippines


Spear fisherman in Olango Island, Philippines © Jacob Maentz / Offset


Octopus drying in the sun © Jacob Maentz / Offset

For Cebu-based photographer Jacob Maentz, the Philippines is ripe with both environmental and cultural diversity. Although much of the country has surrendered to the pressures of modernity, sequestered coastal regions are home to indigenous communities that continue to live according to centuries-old practices and traditions.

Enchanting Photos of Portugal by Photographer Ruben Vicente


© Ruben Vicente / Offset


© Ruben Vicente / Offset

Lisbon-based photographer Ruben Vicente has been to countries all over Europe and Asia, from Iceland to India, Myanmar to Japan, and yet some of his most enchanting work has been created just a stone’s throw from home, amidst the mountains and coastal shores of western Portugal.

Adrenaline-Pumping Photos of Whitewater Kayaking in British Columbia


© Tegan Owens / Offset


© Tegan Owens / Offset

Vancouver-based photographer Tegan Owens doesn’t shy away from adrenaline, and when she shoots whitewater kayakers in action, she’s often right there paddling alongside them.

Extraordinary Photos of Ordinary Spaces Infested with White Balloons


Souvenirs de Famille


Mutation 2

For Invasions, Paris-based photographer Charles Pétillon constructs fantastical scenes in which everyday interiors and landscapes are infested with hordes of white balloons in diverse sizes, each of which is blown up, strung together, and manually installed within the space by the artist and his team.

American Landscapes, Captured from a Moving Train


Excavators on a construction site © Stacey Evans / Offset


Shack in a forest in North Carolina © Stacey Evans / Offset

For Trainscapes, Charlottesville, Virginia-based photographer Stacey Evans captures the elusive American terrain through her railway window, settling on small moments that exist in the periphery of her vision as she speeds past.

Photographer Takes Us Inside the Buildings of the 1980 Moscow Olympics



For St. Petersburg born photographer Anastasia Tsayder, moving to Moscow came as a shock. Accustomed to the classical architecture of the 19th century, she was surprised to now be surrounded by Soviet style buildings of the late 70’s. She took an interest in the history of the urban development of her new city and found that many of the structures were built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Around the time Tsayder moved to Moscow, the country was in full swing preparing for the Sochi 2014 winter games. Interested in legacy of the 1980 Olympic games, she sought out to photograph these now defunct buildings for her series Summer Olympics, as it may serve as an example for the fate of these single use venues in the future.

Photographer Calls Attention to the Desertification of the Mongolian Countryside

Futuristic archaeology16

Futuristic archaeology05

Nomadic life has been central to traditional Mongolian culture throughout history. To this day, 35% of Mongolians depend on the vast open land to live. What happens when environmental changes, like desertification, threaten their only means of survival? Korean photographer Daesung Lee took notice of issues facing this culture and sought out to make a bold statement. For his series Futuristic Archeology, he turns the Mongolian landscape and its nomadic people into a living museum diorama. He hopes to call attention to the possible fate of these people who’s lives are threatened by the changing climate.

Mystical Portraits of Nude Women in Idyllic Landscapes (NSFW)




New York City-based photographer Shae DeTar began painting on snapshots as an adolescent, overlaying images of real life with ethereal brushstrokes. As an adult, she brings this childlike sense of experimentation and play to every frame, in which nude women frolic amidst the wilderness bathed in preternatural shades of the rainbow.