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Photos Capture the Keystone XL Pipeline Protest Movement in America’s Heartland


Framed by the door of a tipi, Leota Eastman-Iron Cloud watches her kite float in the air at the Oyate Wahancanka Woecun camp outside of Ideal, South Dakota. Translated into english, the camp’s name means “Shielding the People” in the Lakota language. The place was installed to protest the Keystone XL pipeline and for prayer. The pipeline is proposed to cross the Rosebud Reservation at this location.


A row of feed bunks leading along the driveway to Rosemary Kilmurry’s house. The pipeline is proposed to cross several sections of the Kilmurry property including this location. February 2014

Since the Canadian company TransCanada petitioned the United States government in 2005 to approve the expansion the Keystone oil pipeline from Alberta’s tar sands into the heart of Steele City, Nebraska, the potential of the Keystone XL has loomed heavily over our country. For those of us not living directly on the land through which the pipeline would run, it seems like a relatively simple debate, with the liberals opposing its construction on the basis of environmental concerns and conservatives supporting it in hopes of a bolstered economy. When Toronto-based photographer Kate Schneider set foot on Nebraskan and South Dakotan land, however, she discovered something far more complex: a community of apolitical ranchers and Native American peoples banding together in protest against the Keystone XL, commonly referred to as “black snake.”

Hayato Wakabayashi’s Majestic Photos of Frozen Waterfalls and Caves in Japan



Japanese photographer Hayato Wakabayashi finds his inspiration in natural elements. While photographing his last project, which involved documenting the intensity of volcanoes and typhoons, he started to become interested in the slow and organic variations of nature. For his most recent series, Gravity, he ventured out into the bitter cold of Japan’s mountainous regions to capture one of natures most beautiful phenomenon. These frozen caves and waterfalls can only be found in the coldest months of the year.

Photos of the Awe-Inspiring Italian Alps by Lauryn Ishak


© Lauryn Ishak / Offset


© Lauryn Ishak / Offset

Basel, Switzerland-based photographer Lauryn Ishak has seen her fair share of mountains, but nothing could have quite prepared her for her visit to The Dolomites, a set of peaks nestled within the northern Italian Alps.

Photographer Documents the Rapid Development of Chongqing, a 21st Century Megacity




If you’re measuring by sheer space, Chongqing is the largest city in China. Over the last few decades, it has grown so large that in 1997 its status was changed from that of a city in Sichuan province to a direct-controlled municipality; it was essentially made its own mini-province. In the latest project from Tim Franco, Metamorpolis, the Shanghai-based photographer seeks to document the 21st century mega-city, in all its gritty magnitude.

Striking Infrared Landscapes Reveal What Is Invisible to Human Eyes

008_THE CITY_Studies in Pollution #7. River Thames.  2014.

Studies in Pollution #7, from the series The City

The Village. Photographs on Infrared colour film of Englands most haunted village.

Between Greystones and Rose-Court, 2012, from the series The Village

The Invisible - From the Invisible series.

Untitled, 2012, from the series The Flood

For The Unseen, British photographer Ed Thompson employs some of the very last Kodak Aerochrome III in existence, using the infrared film to reveal that which is imperceptible to human eyes.

Julian Lennon Talks Photography, Philanthropy, and Uniting the Two


Hope, 2014


Horizon, 2014

When Julian Lennon was gifted with a white feather by a member of the Indigenous Australian Mirning tribe, his mind immediately returned to his father John, who had once told to look out for white feathers as a sign of reassurance and hope after he had gone. Soon after, the younger Lennon founded The White Feather Foundation, a non-profit committed to addressing poverty, environmental crises, and preventable disease worldwide.

Wistful Photos Capture a Band of Brothers on the Verge of Adulthood


Garrison and Hank Wrestling, Westerville, OH, 2014


Pond Hockey, Westerville, OH, 2015

For Brothers, Cincinnati-based photographer Taylor Dorrell chronicles the lives of his teenage brother and his tightly-knit group of friends in the months preceding their high school graduation and looming departure from home in Columbus, Ohio. In them, he finds a band of brothers, bound not by blood but by the invisible fastenings of boyhood, tracing a steady shift from youth into adulthood, from dependency into autonomy.

Offbeat Photos Capture the Adventures of Nude Hikers (NSFW)




For Die Nacktwanderer, or The Nude Hikers, Lausanne-based photographer Roshan Adhihetty chronicles the adventures of a group of nature-enthusiasts who prefer to backpack in the buff, when their naked bodies can come into intimate contact with the wilderness that surrounds them.

Mysterious and Evocative Photos of the Holes Dogs Dig in the Woods



For Dog Holes (and Other Pictures Taken in the Woods), Massachusetts-based photographer Trevor Powers traces the small and ephemeral ways in which dogs have transformed and left their mark the Northampton dog park, a wood that lies close to his home in The Pioneer Valley. Following his own dog Stevie as he diverges from the circumscribed trails, he discovers a canine realm of temporary hideaways and solitary bowers carved into the wild thickets of the wood.

Enchanting, Impressionistic Photos of Flowers From Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France


© Chelsea McNamara / Offset


© Chelsea McNamara / Offset

The photographic movement we most often associate with Impressionism is probably Pictorialism, the two aesthetics emerging hand-in-hand at the turn of the 20th century. New York-based photographer Chelsea McNamara has found a way to thoroughly modernize the ethereal world once populated by Claude Monet and Alfred Stieglitz with her utterly enchanting double exposure photographs of the blossoms that now grow in Monet’s own Garden in Giverny, France.