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Majestic Photos of the World’s Most Surf-Worthy Waves

Ryan_Struck_117478 © Ryan Struck / Offset

Ryan_Struck_117501 © Ryan Struck / Offset

With a passion for all things surf, New Jersey-based photographer Ryan Struck strives to find beauty in a single instant of sport, from the tumbling of a wave to a splashing dive beneath the surface. Traveling the beaches of New Jersey to the base of the towering waves of Teahupo’o, Tahiti, Struck captures one-of-a-kind breaking waves bathed in natural sunlight.

Living off the Land: Photos Depict Daily Life on a Commune in Virginia

Twin Oaks Community

from the series "The Communitarians"

For The Communitarians, photographer Aaron Cohen documents life in Twin Oaks, a Virginian commune established in 1967 as part of the emerging back-to-the-land movement. Modeled in part from the ideals expressed in the mid-century utopian text Walden Two by novelist and psychologist B.F. Skinner, Twin Oaks has adhered to this day to its core principles of shared labor and environmentally sustainable living. Tracing the growth of Twin Oaks through its young residents, Cohen paints a captivating portrait of civilization as it exists at the periphery of mainstream society.

‘Last Best Hiding Place’: Photos of the Mythical American West


Main Street, Eureka, Utah


Jericho Road, Utah

For seven years, British photographer Tim Richmond has documented the American West for his series Last Best Hiding Place. The title, he learned, is Montanan slang for living under the radar. An exploration of place, but also the people who belong there, Richmond captures an enigmatic vision of the mythical West.

Photo du Jour: Wide Load


Yellowstone, 2011

For Prologue, Vancouver-based photographer Andrew Querner retraces the steps of his parents’ 1969 journey to Billings, Montana, where they met after emigrating from Japan and Austria. Inspired by the discovery of an old takeout menu that his father had saved as a memento throughout the years, he searched his father and mother for the specifics and nuances of their travels to America, unearthing memories of former homes and friends who helped them along the way.

The Ferry


© Julia Christe / fStop / Offset

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Photo du Jour: The Hand of God


Swimming out into the water with a waterproof camera in hand, Greek photographer Costas Masseras captures the country’s islands in miniature, the hilly terrain fitting perfectly into his opened hand. Striving to make order from the chaos of daily life, Masseras imagines the world through the eyes of the gods. Under rippling rays of light, his enormous hand becomes divine, as if it had just sculpted the verdurous land from a fistful of primordial matter.

Group Show: 31 Photos of Sweeping Desert Landscapes


© Przemyslaw Hensel

Vanessa Quijano 1340-Deadvlei IIII

© Vanessa Quijano


© Chris Sorensen

We’re sending you out on an adventure across the dusty, endless terrain with our latest group show ‘Desert Landscapes’. Photographer and curator Heidi Romano judged the submissions for our call. Aside from her bimonthly online photography journal Unless You Will, Romano is also the festival director of Photobook Melbourne, running February 12 – 22nd, 2015.

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Copacabana Beach at Night


© Peter Adams / Offset

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Photo du Jour: The Lone Bison


For Mythology, photographer Luke Casey explores our national identity through the lens of Montana’s historic Yellowstone National Park. Examining the nuances of the folklore and traditional narratives that color our sense of America, he offers a portrait of home and country that is both gripping and unidealized, expressive yet sober.

Arresting Dystopian South African Cityscapes Merge Fantasy with Reality


Langa Longer Shopping Mall



For Con/struct, photographer Justin Plunkett blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, creating towering South African cityscapes from photographs layered with three-dimensional animations. In these immense metropolises, the imagined allure of economic success meets the cruel realities of urban disrepair, with each frame seamlessly merging shots of Cape Town’s impoverished neighborhoods with unlikely icons of great wealth and prosperity, including features associated with opulent Cape Dutch architecture.