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The Glow-Worms of New Zealand’s Limestone Caves Revealed in Magical Photo Series




As a child, New Zealand-based photographer Joseph Michael understood the Arachnocampa luminosa (glow worm) as a familiar sight, as as co-habitants of the landscape he called home. Only when he began to travel did his mind begin return to the bioluminescent larvae and mature gnats, compelling him to venture into the North Island’s thirty million year old limestone caves in search of the twinkling creatures that line their ceilings.

A Story of Hope and Beauty on the Mississippi Delta




For New York City-based photographer Magdalena Sole, visiting the Mississippi Delta for the first time was like returning to a home she never knew she missed. Since then, she has spent eighty four days and traversed over 10,000 miles of land between the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers, discovering happiness and heartache as they erupt in tandem across the Southern plains.

Photographer Traverses the Frozen Wilderness, Comes Back with Ethereal, Dreamlike Images

tundra 012

ArcticDreams2 001

ArcticDreams5 001

For Alaskan photographer Acacia Johnson, traversing the Far North signifies a homecoming, a return to the curiosity and awe she felt as a young child for the icy wilderness. For Polaris, named for the North Star, the photographer camps and hikes across Alaska and Iceland, chasing down the elusive threads of belonging that bind her to the inhospitable terrain.

Photos Document the Simple Life in the Abandoned Villages of Catalonia


Aldea De Pano, Huesca, Aragon. Ruben With A Rabbit And His Dog Mistu


El Fonoll, Tarragona, (Conca de Barberà), Catalonia, Spain. A woman with her daughter on holiday at El Fonoll’s naturist village.


Matavenero, Leon, Spain Matavenero, Leon, Spain. One of the houses of Matavenero.

The Northern Spanish landscape, report Italian photographers Diambra Mariani and Francesco Mion, is flecked with tiny, sequestered villages that have remained largely deserted for decades. While most of the rural population has since abandoned these bucolic corners of the country for buzzing cities, recent years have seen a rebirth; with the help of a few devoted and romantic souls, these forgotten bowers have been suffused with new life.

Shot in Australia and Cuba, Photos Reveal What Lurks Directly Beneath the Surface of the Sea


Bluebottle cnidarian, Bushrangers Bay, NSW Australia


Waratah Anemones, Port Kembla, NSW Australia


American Crocodile, Jardines de la Reina, Cuba.

New South Wales-based photographer Matthew (Matty) Smith got his first taste of the sea during his boyhood, when his family went snorkeling in France and the Mediterranean. Since then, the thirst for the briny deep has only intensified, compelling him to all corners of the globe in search of the elusive creatures that linger just below the surface of the human realm. For Over/Under, Smith captures the very point in which the subaquatic meets the world above, cracking open his frame—and our planet— into two divergent realms.

Forest Landscapes Suffused with Stars from Faraway Galaxies



As a little girl, London-based photographer Ellie Davies knew The New Forest inside and out; she ran along its streams, built small hideaways, and searched for the mushrooms that lay hidden beside the ancient oaks. As with so many of the native habits of our childhoods, the photographer finds that in adulthood, the southern English wood has become foreign and mysterious. For Stars, she considers her ambiguous bond with the wild terrain by revisiting to the sites of her youth and overlaying her landscape photographs with the celestial bodies captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

A Look at Life Inside a 1969 Hippie Tree House Village in Hawaii (NSFW)

3. Diane Upstairs in tne Bedroom

Diane Upstairs in tne Bedroom

15. Hawk, Cherry and Moses

Hawk, Cherry and Moses

4. The School Teacher's House

The School Teacher’s House

Taylor Camp, says Hawaii-based photographer John Wehrheim, was not a commune, and there were no rules. Set at the edge of the road along the beach of the ancient island of Kauai, the tiny village was home to restless souls longing to escape from the unrest of their generation, from the traumas of the Vietnam War, the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations. Youngsters from around the country fled to Taylor Camp, where they erected and lived in makeshift tree houses of bamboo and tin, rode the surf, lounged in the nude, smoked weed, fished and farmed, and raised their children.

13 Strange and Otherworldly Photographs of Wild Mushrooms


© SambaPhoto / Offset


© Johnér / Offset

Thousands of distinct mushroom species pepper the surface of our planet, growing singularly or in dense colonies from the rain forests of New Zealand and the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Along the forests and meadows of Western Europe, they grow in circles, sometimes called “fairy rings,” believed to cast spells upon all who enter their midst.

Evocative Portraits Taken at a Brazillian Water Park



Few childhoods are complete without a visit to the local water park. Sun, water slides, friends, and ice cream embody the young person’s idea of fun. Roberta Sant’anna’s Water Park captures this atmosphere of amusement at the water parks in the south of Brazil where she was born. As a child, Roberta Sant’anna visited the water parks but since growing up she has realized the extreme fantastical world these parks represent. “The monumentality and singularity of each one of them with their crazy dinosaurs-Indians-mythology mix was the first thing that caught my attention.”

A Photographers Journey to Find ‘Home’ in China



During Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi‘s one year stay in China, he sought out to find “home” in a world completely unknown and foreign to him. Unable to speak the language, and with no assistance, it was nearly impossible to communicate with the local people. As a result, he refrained from photographing people and instead focused his creative energy on capturing the environment. Segue is a photographic journey of a foreign space, as depicted through landscapes and inanimate objects.