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Haunting Series Documents Painful Reminders of the First World War


Soldier’s grave Champagne: This helmet atop a wooden cross marking the the battlefield grave of a French poilu Edouard Ivaldi is the last such marker anywhere on the Western Front.


Tyne Cot: The largest Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in the world with almost 12,000 graves and a memorial to another 35,000 men with unknown graves.
“I have many times asked myself whether there can be more potent advocates of peace upon earth through the years to come than this massed multitude of silent witnesses to the desolation of war” King George V during a visit in 1922

One hundred summers ago this year, the First World War began, setting of a chain of battles that would claim some 16 million lives over the course of four years. For Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace 14-18, photographer Michael St Maur Sheil returns to the Western front, cataloguing its landscapes as they exist today. In contrast to the vast majority World War I photographs picturing renowned generals and bloodied soldiers black and white, Sheil presents a topography healed in part by the passage time and a century’s growth of verdure.

Idyllic Photos of Summertime


Rio © Micheal McLaughlin. Courtesy Robin Rice Gallery 


Max’s Balloons, Santa Monica, CA © 2013 Joanne Dugan

In celebration of the joys of summer comes Summertime, a book published by Chronicle Books and edited by photographer Joanne Dugan.

As it should be, it’s chock full of idyllic, witty, and wistful images of summer, and is justifiably dominated by water-centric images that result in a strong yearning to be relaxing poolside or on some remote beach, enjoying an unplugged vacation. One can dream…

Photographer Urinates on Film to Create Surprisingly Beautiful Images



For Float On, Hawaii-based photographer Brigette Bloom soaks her film in urine, creating ethereal bubbles over a desert landscape in Hawaii. Before shooting, she will steep her film canister in a cup of her own pee, allowing the fluid to break down portions of the emulsion. After rinsing the canister and allowing it to dry outside for a week, she loads it into her camera and shoots. Bloom explains that each roll varies based on the time of day when the urine is collected and what she ate that particular day.

Biking Over the U Bein Bridge


© Peter Adams / Offset

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Photo du Jour: Aurora Borealis


Aurora Borealis, 2013 © Didier Massard

Constructing magical dioramas in his Paris studio, photographer Didier Massard tests the limits of our credulity. Though some are based off of real locations around the globe, the mysterious sets are birthed from the recesses of the artist’s imagination, rendered in such romantic perfection as is rarely seen in nature. Placing his trust in the intrigue and guile of film over digital manipulation, Massard spends months to create a single image, masterfully manipulating the eye through lighting, long exposure times, and masking techniques.

An Idyllic Setting for a Monastery in Bhutan


© Gentl and Hyers / Offset

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Wild, Abstract Landscapes Capture the Majesty of the Hudson River



For Elements of Place, photographer Carolyn Marks Blackwood documents the dramatic metamorphosis of the Hudson River though the changing of the seasons. From her house in Rhinecliff, NY, she stands 30 feet from the brink of the cliff, staring into an expansive 50 miles of water. Beginning with the dramatic ice forms fractured by rough currents in winter, she transitions to the rippling tides of spring, ultimately turning her camera upwards to the cloudy firmament that lies above the substantial riverscape.

A Magical Photo of Switzerland’s Bol d’Or Mirabaud Sailboat Race


© Chris Schmid / Aurora Photos / Offset

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Breathtaking Photos of Ocean Waves on a Stormy Evening in Montauk


© Dalton Portella / Offset

Dalton_Portella_33866© Dalton Portella / Offset

Standing near the precipice of the raging Atlantic Ocean, nature and fine art photographer Dalton Portella captures the cinematic breaking of the monolithic waves of Montauk, New York. In the midst of a turbulent storm, the idyllic Hamptons destination is transformed into an alien landscape wherein terror and wonder become indistinguishable. With nary a surfer in sight, lightning and frothy white sea foam penetrate the darkened nighttime sky with piercing rays of light. Each image of Portella’s Perfect Storm Series is a masterful synthesis of various Montauk storms.

Photo du Jour: Fantasy Landscape


With his haunting landscapes, Australian photographer Michael Corridore captures the essence of the real world by transforming it into a fantasy. At first glance, this deceptive photograph might appear as a rendering of a vacated desert, touched only by soft rainbow light. Look closely, and the ethereal terrain reveals itself to be an aerial urban landscape, dotted with nearly unrecognizable buildings, roads, and industrial structures. Through extensive processing, Corridore strips the city bare, reconfiguring its elements to resemble something altogether foreign, a barren, ghostly planet yet to be populated with life. In this eerie realm, all human existence is washed away, leaving a powerful sense of our own inevitable impermanence in its wake.