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Photographers Julian Reid, Emily Malan, Alexander Coggin, Alex Beker, and Rachel Rinehart Take Over Our Instagram


Julian Reid [@julianreidphoto] / October 23, 24, 25


Emily Malan [@emilymalan] / October 26, 27, 28

Put down your pumpkin spice lattes and get ready for our latest lineup of transcontinental Guest Instagrammers! We’ll kick this round off by traveling to Mumbai, India to see the sites through the lens Julian Reid before skipping back home to NYC with fashion photographer Emily Malan. From there, we’ll head on over to Berlin to celebrate Halloween overseas with Alexander Coggin. Next, we’ll fly to sunny Miami with Alex Beker before traveling across the states to the San Francisco Bay with photographer Rachel Rinehart.

Photographers Elo Vazquez, Leanne Surfleet, Thom Davies, Sam Edmonds, and Giulia Marchi Take Over Our Instagram


Elo Vazquez [@elovzqz] / September 23, 24, 25


Leanne Surfleet [@leannesurfleet] / September 26, 27, 28

Our latest lineup of Guest Instagrammers invite us to explore all corners of the globe, from tourist destinations to local treasures. We’ll begin with Elo Vazquez in her hometown of Sevilla, Spain before following Leanne Surfleet to the UK with her dreamy, nostalgic imagery. Next, we will hop over to Japan with Thom Davies and explore some of the longterm consequences of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster. From there, we’ll visit Australia with conservation photographer Sam Edmonds and finish up in Shanghai with Giulia Marchi.

Photographers Michael Mullady, Henry Hargreaves, Andrew Nedimyer, Annie Collinge, and Jenny Riffle Take Over Our Instagram

michael mullady 3 Michael Mullady [@mullady] / August 9, 10, 11

henry hargreaves Henry Hargreaves [@coffeecupsoftheworld] / August 12, 13, 14

Summer’s almost over, but our latest lineup of Guest Instagrammers will have you celebrating warm days and the great outdoors. First, we will see summer in Peru with Michael Mullady, then we’ll get a glimpse of coffee cups from all over the world with Henry Hargreaves. From there, we will hike through The Enchantments with Andrew Nedimyer, exploring the mountain lakes in Washington state’s magical Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Next, Annie Collinge will show us the sites in London, and we’ll visit Seattle with Jenny Riffle.

Artful and Disarming Photos of a Feral Cat Colony

Jason Houge

Jason Houge

Cats rule the Internet, this much is clear, but it is exceedingly rare to see serious depictions of the fine beasts. Beautifully counteracting this trend, yet still letting us look at cats, is Green Bay, Wisconsin-based photographer Jason Houge. Houge has been Instagramming the 20+ colony of feral cats that he and his girlfriend have been feeding and caring for since they moved into their rural home, with the help of local organization Cats Anonymous. Generally cats would come and go, but in 2012, a family of cats stayed for longer than one season. This was the start of Houge’s cat family, which has since grown to include more than twenty cats.

Photographers Dylan Isbell, Karen Doolittle, Erin Leydon, Ryan Schude and Ali Kate Cherkis Take Over Our Instagram

Dylan IsbellDylan Isbell, [@dylanisbell] / Dec. 27, 28, 29

Our latest line-up of guest Instagrammers will wrap up 2013 and bring us into the New Year, taking us from New York to California to Mexico to Israel. Follow along here to see what they are up to.

Check Out Our Exciting New Line-up of Guest Instagrammers (Holiday Edition)

Ari GabelAri Gabel, [@mazeltov_cocktail] / Dec. 11, 12, 13, 14

We’re having lots of fun with our recently launched Instagram [@featureshoot], and we’re asking photographers from around the world to take over our feed for three days at a time. From the people of Appalachia in the Ohio River Valley to a family-owned dairy farm in Massachusetts to Christmas in a small village in Sweden, the newest line-up of guest Instagrammers has plenty in store for us.

Introducing Our New Instagram!

Lauren RandolphLauren Randolph, [@laurenlemon] / Nov. 25, 26, 27

So we know we might be a little late to the party, but we’re still very excited to announce the launch of the Feature Shoot Instagram, [@featureshoot], and we’re kicking it off today with our first installation of guest photographers based all over the world. Every three days, a different photographer will take over our feed and show us what they see. Starting us off in sunny Los Angeles and wrapping up in Southeast Asia, here’s our inaugural line-up.

Instagrams Fetch Thousands of Dollars at 2013 Aperture Benefit Auction

Vik Muniz Vik Muniz [@vikmuniz], Full Moon, Rio de Janiero $5,325

This year, the Aperture Foundation opened its annual benefit up to a wider range of ideas—a silent auction of Instagram photos curated by New York Times Magazine Director of Photography Kathy Ryan [@kathyryan1]. Individual cell phone photos by artists both famous and unknown sold with some going for thousands of dollars a piece.

Graphic Fruit and Veggie Collages Photographed by Food Blogger Julie Lee

food-collage Julie Lee

Los Angeles based food blogger Julie Lee likes to document her culinary adventures and farmers market travels with her iPhone. Unexpected concoctions from ginger-molasses ketchup to guava smoked sea salt can be found in her graphic Instagram collages. The shots, which would make amazing wallpaper, also come with little tips related to creative cooking.

Photo du jour: “Adventgram” Photo Project Counts Down the Days Until Christmas

David Sykes AdventgramDavid Sykes’ 2011 Adventgram

For the second year running, still life photographer David Sykes is at work on his Adventgram Project. Every day until Christmas, he will shoot the number of the date on his phone and publish it on Instagram. This year, Instagram users can participate by posting their own numbers using the hashtag #adventgram. 10 prints of Sykes’ final 25 numbers will be awarded to the best participants.