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‘The Polar Pom-Pom Project’ Explores Climate Change in the Arctic

Blue_Whiteout Blue Whiteout

Scout Scout

Ice_Diamond Ice Diamond

Deborah Hamon’s series The Polar Pom-Pom Project is a combination of both art and activism. In the fall of 2013 she boarded a tall ship in Svalbard, 10 degrees away from the North Pole, and embarked on an arctic journey with a small group of international artists. Armed with her camera, and over 2000 yarn pom-poms made by elementary school children, Hamon has created a project that explores the effects of climate change on a generational scale.

Virginie Gosselin’s Surreal Food Still Lifes


© Virginie Gosselin / Offset


© Virginie Gosselin / Offset

In her playful still lifes, Canadian photographer Virginie Gosselin marries her surrealist aesthetic with her longtime interest in food, cultivated from her childhood at a farm in Quebec. For her conceptual food images, the photographer draws inspiration from an unlikely set of muses: the aisles of the local grocer, discarded objects at yard sales, the advertorial imagery of mid-century America, and everything in between.

Photographer David Catá Plants Roses Into His Flesh




For Raíces aladas, or Winged Roots, Spanish-born photographer David Catá constructs a small pocket of flesh within his palm by tearing away superficial layers of skin, into which he places a sampling of earth and the stem of a rose. Recording the process with his camera, he condenses elements of performance art into a series of still frames, speaking to themes of impermanence, loss, and rebirth.

The Hamburger to End All Hamburgers

Estelle_Choe_116689 © Estelle Choe / Offset

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Astonishing Landscapes Made from Paper



Photographer Brendan Austin’s Paper Mountains are situated on the border of reality and fiction, blurring the lines between photograph and nature. Each mountain is in fact a printed photograph of a mountain, worked and crumpled to replicate the peaks and shadows of the American West Coast, New Zealand , and Iceland. Austin’s mountains, protruding against blank whiteness or extending to the corners of the frame, are simultaneously false images of the landscape and the landscape itself. Existing as both the subject and the means of representing that subject, they question the reliability of the photographic medium to capture truth without contest.

Bizarre Photos Mash-up the Natural World and Consumer Society

Jason DeMarte

Jason DeMarte

Quiet now, don’t disturb the herd of…cheese puffs? Photographer Jason DeMarte throws us for a loop with his series Nature Preserve, an exploratory mash-up of the natural world and the consumer environment of contemporary society. The series is made up of digital composites combining images of fabricated and artificial flora and fauna with commercially produced and processed products—hence the Cheetos, sugary donuts, and flowery bouquet action here. His representation of nature with bizarre, unnatural elements “speaks metaphorically and symbolically of our mental separation from what is ‘real’ and compares this with the consumer world we surround ourselves with as a consequence. Ultimately this work is an investigation into the manipulation of truth,” DeMarte says.

Surreal Portraits Explore the Dark Side

Brooke DiDonato

Brooke DiDonato

What would photography be if it didn’t have the power to unveil the mysteries of humanness through psychological exploration? New York-based photographer Brooke DiDonato is exploring the depths of unseen human emotion in her series, Drift—attempting to identify through stunning surreal compositions that make the human mind unravel. She spoke to us about the series, which will be presented in an exhibit at Brooklyn Fire Proof East opening this Thursday.

Sadistic, Oddly Arresting Images Explore Feminine Beauty and the Pursuit of Perfection

Jessica Ledwich

Jessica Ledwich

There’s no holding back in Melbourne-based photographer Jessica Ledwich‘s confronting series The Fanciful, Monstrous Feminine. With a critical eye, Ledwich explores contemporary beauty standards and practices, and the pursuit of perfection therein.

Photographer Calé Examines What It Means to be Lonely in a Crowd



City life is a paradox wherein, in the midst of millions of people, it’s quite easy to feel disconnected. Rio de Janeiro-based photographer Calé’s series Seekers is about the conundrum of being a functioning adult, going about the grind of daily life and career-building, while ignoring our inner, more existential lives.

Campfires on Steroids: Photos of Weapons-Grade Explosives Bursting into Flames

Alain Declercq

H-Bomb © Alain Declercq

Alain Declercq

Napalm 2 © Alain Declercq 

Paris-based artist Alain Declercq’s simple images of explosions are both visually arresting and politically significant. Blast is a series of pictures of various chemical compounds used for weaponry (TNT, C4, napalm, etc.), both currently and historically, photographed as they combust.