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Behind-the-Scenes Images Taken on Photo Shoots Put ‘Stand-Ins’ in the Spotlight


Before © Jill Greenberg


After © Jill Greenberg

It’s the photograph that exists but shouldn’t. The silent keeper whose only function is to aid in the creation of that cherished final image, and then, with a click of a button, can be wiped from existence. It could be a ghastly doll filling in as a baby for photographer Jill Greenberg, or a demure a photo assistant sitting in as Paris Hilton. When photographers predominantly shot on film, these images were saved on the roll and preserved on the contact sheet. Digital photographers are prone to deleting these images, because after they’ve served their purpose, they’re just taking up valuable hard-drive space. For Los Angeles magazine Photo Director Amy Feitelberg, it’s this behind-the-scenes moment that’s captured her attention. For years she’s been fascinated by the process, and set about contacting photographers like Andrew Hetheringon and Dan Winters, to contribute images to her curatorial debut. Feitelberg’s Stand-Ins show is exhibiting at Icon Gallery in Los Angeles for the 2015 Month of Photography festival happening this month.

Abstract Makeup Photographed by James Worrell

James_Worrell_28605© James Worrell / Offset

James_Worrell_28611© James Worrell / Offset

With an eye for color and texture, New York-based photographer James Worrell imbues advertising and editorial photography with a sleek artistic vision. Shooting lush cosmetics against solid, simple backdrops, he constructs elegant minimalistic compositions that showcase the vibrancy and splendor of nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadow.

Manipulated, Hyper-Real Portraits of Models Posing as Beauty Queens


Paris-based photographer Valérie Belin’s series Crowned Heads is a further exploration into reality and artificiality, a central theme to the bulk of her work. The project is an obvious continuation of her earlier projects where she photographed mannequins and models. In these projects, she shoots in a hyper-real manner—where humans look like mannequins and mannequins appear human. To create Crowned Heads, Belin took several portraits of a model and layered the images to create a “sfumato” effect, that is, the gradation has the effect of eliminating the texture of the skin, making the faces appear hyper-real.

Halloween-Inspired Beauty Photographed by John Midgley

john-midgley MAC halloween

Cosmetic giant MAC put their in-store makeup artists to the test this Halloween to create the most compelling looks. Artists from stores in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York will be judged by MAC’s facebook followers for their annual “Halloween Face-Off.” The portraits, which range from glamorous to macabre, were shot by photographer John Midgley. “The passion of each of the artists was a lot of fun, and it was infectious,” says John. They lived for it—they lived for the look. They lived to have their picture taken. It took it back to the simplest form of photography, which is flattery and escapism.”

A Jewelry Story Shot Entirely On a Scanner

Henry-Hargreaves scanner photography

Photo du jour

namiko kitaura photographyPhoto by Namiko Kitaura

Lips photographed by Rasmus Mogensen

Rasmus-Mogensen beauty photography

Based in Paris, and partly New York, Rasmus Mogensen has been working professionally as a fashion & beauty photographer for the past 18 years. Mogensen had his first independent photo exhibition at age 17 at Gallery Photografica in Copenhagen. His fine art photography is now represented worldwide by Fahey/Klein Gallery.

Rasmus-Mogensen beauty photography

Rasmus-Mogensen beauty photography

Scintillating fashion photography by Zoren Gold & Minori

Zoren Gold & Minori

Zoren Gold & Minori (aka MI-ZO) is a collaborative photographers and directors unit. German photographer, Zoren and Japanese graphic artist, Minori met in Los Angeles and started their collaboration together in 2000. They work in art, fashion and commerce and are represented by Artist & Agency.

Zoren Gold & Minori

Bewitching hair photographed by Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro photography

Daniel Castro is beauty and fashion photographer, based out of New York and San Francisco, who often moonlights as a graphic designer. Of this series, he writes: ‘Having come off a run of interesting but commercial jobs, I was itching to create something more personal and unusual. ‘Curious Caps,’ a collaboration between hairstylist Preston Nesbit and myself, was my elixir. Preston is absolutely brilliant with hair- able to devise elaborate styles out of thin-air, and I wanted to make some slightly off kilter Tim Burton-esque images with an illustrative quality. So we threw some ideas around and landed upon several dramatic hairstyles that each would have an unexpected twist. I also had this image floating in my mind of a model wearing only the collars and cuffs of shirts, which seemed the perfect quirky and colorful compliment to the hair. We changed directions several times during the shoot, with Preston revising hair while I furiously deconstructed garments- but the result was even more intriguing than we could have hoped’.

Daniel Castro photography

Daniel Castro photography

Portraits of Men with Mustaches


Alan Powdrill is an advertising photographer who lives and works in London. This work is from his photo project, Tashmen, which explores “the huge growth in the numbers of men now adorning facial decor once considered nowhere near cool”. Tashmen was recently shown in The Times Magazine. Powdrill is represented by Friend & Johnson (US), Vue (UK), and Anne Marie Gardinier (France).



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