James_Worrell_28605© James Worrell / Offset

James_Worrell_28611© James Worrell / Offset

With an eye for color and texture, New York-based photographer James Worrell imbues advertising and editorial photography with a sleek artistic vision. Shooting lush cosmetics against solid, simple backdrops, he constructs elegant minimalistic compositions that showcase the vibrancy and splendor of nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadow.

Arranged abstracted grids, Worrell’s products gleam with richly saturated reds, blues, and magentas.


© James Worrell / Offset

James_Worrell_28614© James Worrell / Offset

James_Worrell_28609© James Worrell / Offset

James_Worrell_28604© James Worrell / Offset

James_Worrell_28608© James Worrell / Offset

James_Worrell_28607© James Worrell / Offset

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