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Greetings From The Hungarian Sea





It is with a self-aware sort of swollen nostalgia, colored by childhood, memory, and the distinctive confines of a particular historical moment that photographer Michal Solarski recalls the annual holiday trek made with his family in the early ‘80s from Soviet-controlled Poland to the Hungarian Lake Balaton—or the Hungarian Sea, as it is still often called by the land-locked Hungarians who vacation there. Like Dorothy whisked away from dreary, storm-struck Kansas to the magnificent Land of Oz, Solarski arrived at Lake Balaton as one temporarily but rapturously suspended from reality. Over the course of the 300-mile car trip, the cold monochrome scenery seemed to gradually dissolve into a vivid Technicolor dreamscape abounding with sights, sounds, and smells, all drunk in ravenously upon arrival through senses starved by daily life in the occupied East Bloc.

Enigmatic Photos Explore Glastonbury’s Mystical Community

Glastonbury Experience

Glastonbury Experience

French-born photographer Grégoire Bernardi came upon the town of Glastonbury by chance, on a weekend trip with friends who had heard that Somerset was the perfect urban antidote. Like most people, he knew Glastonbury only as the namesake of the renowned outdoor music festival, which actually takes place in a neighboring village, but when he arrived in the picturesque town, he found it rife with centuries-old legends of its own, kept alive by a diverse community of New Age and pagan worshippers attracted by the indiscriminate mysticism of the surrounding landscape.

“One Day Young” Shows Women in the Earliest Hours of Motherhood


Hazel and Rudy


Clemmie and Imogen

After giving birth to her second child, while still reveling in the pride-laden afterglow, editorial photographer Jenny Lewis began to wonder why the only representations she had seen of this post-natal period in a woman’s life were images of corseted and flat-bellied women in magazines or heartwarming Hallmark card references, all either idealized or completely cheesy. Why was no one documenting those first transcendent moments of motherhood, when “the rug of life is just being ripped out from underneath you and suddenly you’re just like a god, a Greek god, a statue”? Childbirth wasn’t something to just get through and quickly cover up; that incomparable confrontation with one’s own creative powers, that profound redefinition of self in relation to a new other—those were things worth celebrating. And so One Day Young was born, a personal project spanning five years and over 150 subjects, capturing motherhood in its earliest hours through intimate, painterly portraits of new mothers residing in Lewis’ own London borough of Hackney.

Moments of Detachment and Solitude Captured by Street Photographer Caspar Claasen



For the last few years, Amsterdam-based street photographer Caspar Claasen has been documenting the different sides of solitude, exploring the camera’s ability to isolate and express private moments of detachment experienced by subjects both young and old, human and nonhuman.

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