Every year, thousands of people make promises to themselves in the form of New Year’s resolutions. According to reports, some of the most common resolutions are about getting organized, starting a new hobby, and seeing projects through from beginning to end. Unfortunately, less than ten percent of people keep their resolutions, but maybe that’s because they don’t have the tools in place to help them succeed. An inspiring website can make all the difference, whether you’re planning to build the portfolio of your dreams or set up an online store for clients and followers.

Squarespace has rolled out eight new website templates for 2018, bringing their total count up to a whopping 91 available templates. With so many to choose from, you can rest assured that your website will be uniquely yours, with a layout that complements your goals and your aesthetic.

As always, Squarespace templates are customizable with an array of available styles for photo collections, blogs, stores, and more. From banners and sidebars to gallery displays and integrated social media, there are literally hundreds of features that can be easily tweaked and catered to every user’s taste and needs, so it’s best to think of each template as a launch pad for whatever vision you have inside your head. Here’s a quick breakdown of the newest templates and the advantages they offer photographers.


An eye-popping, image-centric homepage and space for individual series pages makes Stella the right choice if you want to display various projects on one, easy-to-navigate platform. This template design weaves together text and images, so you can upload photographs and artist statements seamlessly.

This template is ideal for: Photographers building a portfolio.


Pursuit puts the emphasis on you by featuring your CV front and center. With this template, visitors to your site will know instantly who you are, what you do, and why you’re the right fit for any projects they might have in the works.

This template is ideal for: Ambitious photographers.


Designed with passionate, cause-oriented professionals in mind, this template comes with eye-catching calls to action and sleek scrolling banners. Impact fosters a sense of community, inspiring users to create work that makes a positive difference in the world.

This template is ideal for: Photographers on a mission.


Blend’s scrolling banners put your images in the spotlight, while its blog feature keeps your followers and potential clients in the loop. Visitors will be drawn in by the stunning visuals on the front page, but they’ll stay for those special, customized details.

This template is ideal for: Photographers whose visuals speak for themselves.


With Pedro, your print shop takes center stage with large, vivid imagery and convenient browsing. Additionally, this template comes with a blog space so you can share highlights from your shoots or sneak-peaks into what you’re planning for the future.

This template is ideal for: Photographers with stores.


If you have a gallery opening, a book launch, or any fun and fancy affair, Royce is the perfect choice for invitations. Hassle-free and sophisticated, this template takes the stress out of RSVPing, for both yourself and your guests, so you can focus your energy where it belongs: on your event!

This template is ideal for: Photographers planning events.


This picture-perfect template gives your audience an overview of your year, with space for large images and text. Keep your clients and followers up-to-date with your exhibition and publishing schedule, while providing them with a personal glimpse into your most memorable moments.

This template is ideal for: Busy photographers!


Squarespace designed this template with weddings in mind, but it works well for any narrative sequence. Vow is particularly suited for single series, allowing users to tell their stories in a clean and clever layout.

This template is ideal for: Photographers with stories.

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