Photographer and fashion blogger Dominique Davis never meant for her daughters to be a part of her work. It just kind of happened one day

. They slipped into her photographs, and they stole the show.

“Trying to take photos when there’s children around without actually including said children is difficult,” Davis explains. It began when she and Amelia, age 10, and Penny, age 3, all happened to be sporting a similar outfit and hairstyles. It was cute and hilarious, and couldn’t help herself. She had to photograph it and posted it on whim to Instagram.

“The photo just blew up,” she explains, “The likes and followers went through the roof.”

These days, she sets aside a special time each week to make a picture with her girls. Of course, it’s become so much more to her than the “likes” and “followers.” It’s a way of slowing down and taking pause with her children, who are both total characters.

She wants these pictures, and her minimalist fashion blog, to serve as a dairy of their coming of age. “My feed is my photo album,” she explains, and she longs to preserve her daughters’ sense of humor and joy.

Davis wants to remember years down the line Amelia’s “complete confusion around the world of boys” and the way “she picks a new favorite word and overuses it.” She doesn’t want to forget Penny’s love of pigs, trucks, and shoes.

In the family, the weekly photo is called “the funny photo.” It’s something they look forward to together. When asked what most inspires her about her daughters, the photographer responds, “If you ever saw the outtakes of these photos, you’d understand. They’re two very funny, little ladies.”

Along with her popular Instagram account, Davis runs the fashion and lifestyle blog All That Is She.