“They are together but alone,” says Tahiti-based photographer Helene Havard, who has captured weddings throughout the islands of French Polynesia using a drone camera. Placing

her couples within the infinite and wild terrain, she explains, speaks to the closeness and indeed the solitude of being in love. Her lovers stand hand-in-hand, adrift on the blue currents of the open sea.

Havard works in collaboration with Flying World Pictures, instructing the drone operator from the ground. There is nothing, she suggests, quite like the shooting from above, transforming her lovers into conjoined specks dotting the topography below. “I have always needed lot of freedom,” she admits, adding that drone photography has afforded her the liberation of the open, endless skies.

For the photographer, the couple, in joining each other, indulge for at least an instant in the fantasy of being the only two people on Earth. In her portraits, she strives to create a space in which the pair can float side-by-side, themselves like miniature islands, secluded from the noise of the world around them.






All images © Helene Havard

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