Golden, Hong Kong.


Black Hole, Shenzhen, China


Four Seasons In The Clouds, Guangzhou, China

Earlier this month, we featured Hong-Kong-based Andy Yeung’s extraordinary drone photographs of the densely-packed city from above. Before he took to the skies, however, the photographer the world’s metropolises from the ground, peering up at sky through the spaces between some of the most well-recognized skyscrapers.

Look Up sees the photographer flipped 180 degrees, spying at the heavens as though from a keyhole made my high-rises, hotels, residences, and other architectural goliaths. Yeung visited over 100 sites over the course of making the body of work, and although his pictures are composed mostly of metal, concrete, and hard lines, there is an undeniable playfulness and humanity in his careful compositions.

With Look Up, he allows all of us to realize not only the hugeness of what we’ve built but also the smallness of the human race, dwarfed and astounded by our own creations. See more of Yeung’s architecture and landscape work here.


Compact City, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


Birdcages, Macau


Belief, Vienna, Austria


Trapped II, Ping Shek Estate, Hong Kong


Trapped, Choi Wan Estate, Hong Kong


Follow The Light, Lai Tak Tsun, Hong Kong

All images © Andy Yeung

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