As established and emerging photographers alike have learned in just the last few years of business, the art

world is changing, and with it, art buyers are looking for new and better ways to build their collections. Your Art Gallery is at the forefront of a new photographic movement, innovating fresh and exciting ways to connect its artists with clients around the world.

Unlike most private art galleries, where getting your foot in the door means earning the favor of a few of the art world’s elite, Your Art Gallery is an online community that fosters support between a wide network of international photographers. The gallery operates based on a simple star rating system, meaning that members can get direct and unbiased feedback from thousands of experts and peers. This way, work is prioritized based solely on merit rather than connections or favoritism.

In keeping with its commitment to nurturing and cultivating the skills of its artists, Your Art Gallery has introduced YAG University, a community-based blog dedicated to sharing expertise, important news stories affecting photographers, and in-depth articles. One timely article from YAG University, written by Staff Writer Shawn Johnson, compiles insightful advice from outstanding photographers on how to revamp your portfolio and maximize sales during the holiday season.

The future of photography might be online, but Your Art Gallery also understands the importance of presenting artwork within a gallery setting. On the heels of its successful Photoville debut a few months ago, Your Art Gallery will be opening their first ever Pop-Up Gallery at Duggal Visual Solutions at 29 West 23rd Street in Manhattan, where all Your Art Gallery artworks are beautifully printed by experts with decades of experience and acclaim. Beginning November 19th at 7:00 PM and running until January 31st, 2016, Your Art Gallery Artists in Residence Stephan Kolb, Michael Jinks, Matt Petosa, Cathy Withers Clarke, Jon Stucky, Jason Johnson, Bartlomiej Kut, Jevgenijs Scolokovs, Wally Bilotta, Malike Sidibe, and Marko Radovanovic will be showcasing their work to the public.

In just the last couple of months, Your Art Gallery has grown to become a premiere destination for photographers, buyers, and enthusiasts, and this holiday season, it’s sure to make quite a splash.

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