It’s safe to say that these days, a photographer’s reach can extend well past the four walls of a private art gallery, and with the online platform Your Art Gallery, the Internet has become an artist and art buyer’s playground… and office suite.

What separates Your Art Gallery from other online art buying venues is that it operates based on a star-rating system. Your Art Gallery does away with the notorious favoritism of some private galleries without sacrificing their high standards of excellence. Artist can upload their work, choose their own royalties, and receive crowd-sourced and objective feedback from thousands of members of the Your Art Gallery community. For the art buyer, this means a searchable and extensive library of outstanding pieces; for the artist, it means that they are continually challenged to produce their very best work and to expand their horizons.

At this year’s Photoville at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Your Art Gallery has chosen to premiere their first exhibit, which will further enhance it’s support of top rated photographic artists’. Art pieces will be exhibited framed, mounted on plexi and as stretch canvas prints, using the sophisticated and clean finishings developed by Your Art Gallery in collaboration with the prestigious team of printers and image-makers at Duggal Visual Solutions.

This event will allow buyers and photographers alike to see in-person the high caliber of artistry and production at Your Art Gallery and will enable Your Art Gallery artists to increase their reach and exposure. Duggal Visual Solutions will also host a booth at Photoville, and they will be sharing a prize wheel with Your Art Gallery. Be sure to pop in and try your hand at winning some great prizes, and learn more about Your Art Gallery. They will be giving demonstrations and answering any and all questions you might have; you can even register as a member right then and there.