It’s no secret that photography is changing, and although it can be a scary time to be a photographer, it’s also an incredibly exciting one

. Your Art Gallery, a new online art gallery, is at the vanguard of a new movement in the art-selling industry, devoted connecting passionate photographers with a worldwide community of collectors and curators.

Launched earlier this month, Your Art Gallery combines the competitive excellence of private galleries with the inclusivity of the web. Using their straightforward interface, established professional and emerging amateur photographers alike have the ability to upload, price, promote, and sell their work.

In addition to handling production and shipping, Your Art Gallery works with the leading fine art printers at Duggal Visual Solutions to print and frame your images. With 50 years of experience, Duggal Visual Solutions is committed to mounting and displaying your work as it deserves to be seen, on only the finest quality materials. Where most private and commercials galleries collect 50% commission on sold pieces, Your Art Gallery accepts only 10%, depositing a whopping 90% commission directly into your account.

Your Art Gallery is truly all about giving photographers the space and opportunity to get their work out there, to be seen, and to monetize their talent. What separates Your Art Gallery from most other galleries is that it truly is a community, where artists succeed based on merit and dedication rather than insider connections. By employing an ingenious star rating system, Your Art Gallery invites its international community of thousands of buyers to review photographers’ work in a way that is helpful and unbiased.

Created with photographers in mind, Your Art Gallery devotes itself to recognizing individuals as well as fostering a wider community of artists and buyers. At Your Art Gallery, you’re not anonymous; your voice is heard, and your experience is personalized to your unique goals.

Your Art Gallery is a Feature Shoot sponsor.