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Known for it’s original and fashion-forward aesthetic, Cherry Bombe magazine is like a cross

between Vogue and Bon Appétit. A food magazine by women for women, the biannual Cherry Bombe was founded by Claudia Wu and Kerry Diamond in 2013 after meeting at Harper’s Bazaar. Driven by a passion for food and style, the magazine speaks to women at the forefront of the foodie scene, showcasing the work of chefs and businesswomen. With the help of innovative food writers and photographers, Cherry Bombe has carved a unique place for itself as a leading independent food publication characterized by bold imagery.

Inspired by her college job at a coffee shop and her love of baking, Wu is committed to providing engaging content and images from emerging photographers, some of which she discovers on Instagram. For our latest Offset group show, Wu shares some images that suit the fashionable aesthetic of Cherry Bombe. We talk with her about food, photography, and what separates Cherry Bombe from other food magazines.


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How would you describe Cherry Bombe to someone who is unfamiliar with the magazine?
“I’d say that Cherry Bombe is a women-focused food magazine for people who grew up reading Vogue. Kerry and I met while we were both working at Harper’s Bazaar, we love fashion publishing, so our magazine takes a lot of inspiration that world.”


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Can you tell us about an interesting feature that you’ve worked on recently?
“We recently went to Seattle to visit the Modernist Cuisine lab. It was an amazing experience. They invited female chefs and restauranteurs from around the country for a 35-course meal. Even more interesting were founder Nathan Myhrvold’s other projects, which includes a laser that shoots mosquitoes out of the air – a project they’re developing with the Gates Foundation to fight malaria.”


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You commission a lot of conceptual photo shoots revolving around food. Do you usually brainstorm ideas with the photographers / stylists?
“I like to think of Cherry Bombe as a vehicle for photographers to explore their creativity, so I let them run with the theme of the issue.”

Are you seeing any new trends in food photography?
“I like this new ‘weird’ trend in food photography — people playing with their food.”

Are there any trends that you are sick of seeing?
“Instagram food porn.”

Who are some of the photographers you’ve worked with on the magazine and what are you looking for in a photographer?
“Jennifer Livingston, Catherine Losing, Gentl and Hyers, Annabel Mehran, Nicole Franzen, Alice Gao, Metz + Racine, Sunny Shokrae, Claudia Ficca and Alpha Smoot.

“When I look at a photographer’s work, I look for composition, concept, lighting and their sense of style. I think you know when someone has a great eye.”


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I’m assuming you eat out a lot in NYC. What are some of your favorite places?
“I actually don’t eat out a lot! I like eating at home. There are so many great places in New York. Some I haven’t had a chance to eat at yet, but I like Dimes, Ushiwakamaru, Roberta’s, Gemma, Estela, Souen, Yopparai, The Smile to Go, and Yunnan Kitchen. I really need to make it to Navy and Uncle Boons one of these days…”


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Tell us about your Offset collection.
“I choose mostly food and nature photos because I’m in a traveling mood these days, and I figured I should pick food pictures because of Cherry Bombe!”

How did you go about choosing the images? Where you looking for something specific or did you include the images that simply caught your eye?
“I picked images that caught my eye. I love the graphic nature of the still lives that use a hard light so the shadows are very crisp. And I love the softer feeling of the still lives with long shadows.”


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