© Andre Andrade / Offset


© Andre Andrade / Offset

Sao Paulo-based photographer Andre Andrade was drawn to Yosemite Valley in part because of the

landscapes of Ansel Adams, who in the first half of the 20th century, had traversed the vast terrain carrying heavy loads of photographic equipment, much of which was carried by his loyal burro Mistletoe.

When Andrade visited the historic landscape at the apex of the winter season, he was joined by his wife and young children, who associated the mystical landscape with Narnia, a fantastical realm dreamt up by writer C.S. Lewis. Indeed, the snowcapped mountains set against the dark tree branches emerged before his eyes as if from a dream, and he ventured from his hotel in the park morning and night to capture his surroundings in the low and mysterious light of dawn and dusk.

The blue filter, explains the artist, is applied to underscore the frigid atmosphere that descended across the landscape in winter. The wilderness is so far-reaching, he says, that is was easy to photograph the terrain emptied of all human souls. Writes Andrade of the valley, “The light of this place is truly magical and I can say for sure that was one of the nicest places I’ve been in my entire life.”


© Andre Andrade / Offset

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