In its 30th year, the annual ‘All Scotland Irish Dance Championship’ draws around 2,000 competitors to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for a four day

contest. Dancers between the age of 8 – 25 represent some 300 schools from across the globe including Ireland, France, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Canada and the United States. The event boasts an additional 2,500 spectators as well, comprising of various coaches, family and supporters of the competitors.

For this image, photographer Robert Ormerod captured young Shannon Bill, age 14, and Lucy Mckelvey, age 13, from London. He caught many participants while waiting to go on stage to compete, taking them aside for portraits showcasing the dancer’s lavish clothing and colorful details. The ‘All Scotland Irish Dance Championship’ is the last major event on the competitive Irish dancing schedule before the World Championships. Scotland has a great reputation for emerging world-class dancing talent that attracts people from all over to witness the skill and poise of this celebrated Irish tradition.

Images © Robert Ormerod