© Shanna Baker / Offset

Canadian travel photographer Shanna Baker’s eye for graphic color and form made Mumbai, India the perfect spot to set her

gaze. As the most highly populated city in India, Mumbai is home to a diverse array of religions, cultures, and architectural influences, each adding their own distinctive flare to the vibrant language of the metropolis. The place of origin for Bollywood films and host to the annual Holi Festival of Colors, the city is one of the most colorful in the world.

People of all financial backgrounds populate the dense city, residing everywhere from multimillion dollar apartments to the makeshift homes that line the urban slums. Many homes do not have easy access to washers and driers, cleaning their clothes by hand and hanging them out to dry. Large outdoor laundromats known as Dhobi Ghats employ thousands of laborers who work in all weather to cater to the city’s laundry needs. The apartments of downtown Mumbai are revealed not only to be picturesque but also as ingeniously coordinated, operating on a complex and unique system of organization.

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