For L’Habit fait Le Moine, French photographer Charles-Henry Bédué infiltrates some of the most exclusive fashion shows and brand events in China and Paris. Making his living as an event photographer, the artist explains that he initially felt alienated amidst the hoards of glitterati. The only remedy for his discomfort was to push the crowded scenes further into the realm of abstraction, capturing alluring glimpses of color and form caught within the sea of high fashion glamour.

Bédué explains that he dodges acquaintance with his subjects, preferring to view them as a network of beautiful objects. He shifts his gaze to avoid eye contact, capturing only seductive slices of fabric and skin. Only since returning to Paris from his time in Shanghai and Beijing has he begun incorporating faces. His intention is less to paint a portrait of place and culture than it is to construct complex human tapestries, scenes woven together with awkward and telling gestures seen without regard for individual identities.

For Bédué, his role is to observe without casting judgement on those he photographs, often obscuring any sense of their personhood by capturing them at odd angles from above or below. In Paris, Bédué has begun expanding his project into art galleries, and he hopes to travel to continue the work. Follow L’Habit fait Le Moine on Bédué’s blog.

Bédué is featured in Foam Talent 2014.













All images © Charles-Henry Bédué

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