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This work brings together three long-standing photographic interests, or worlds of mine: macro photography, landscapes, and imagination. I am curious about ways in which the slightest shift can seem monumental and how ones imagination might be triggered. How can a mundane event be turned into an extraordinary one? — Heidi Romano

Australian photographer Heidi Romano transforms the minuscule into the monumental with her series Frozen Water. Romano created her frigid universe by documenting the transformation of sheets of ice from her own freezer, allowing the substance to melt, crack, and evolve as it was exposed to natural environments. The results are powerfully dark and deep ethereal landscapes that feel far more profound than their humble beginnings. Each photograph is named for a ship that collided with an iceberg, hinting that even great forces are still made up of a thousand individual pieces. Frozen Water plays on the coexistence of the infinitesimal and the infinite, reminding us that both evolve and grow within each other.

Frozen Water is currently exhibiting at the Edmund Pearce Gallery in Melbourne until October 5th.

Heidi RomanoValo

Heidi RomanoGeneral Wolf

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This post was contributed by photographer and Feature Shoot Intern Jenna Garrett.