unless you will

I’ve spent many hours discovering new work by browsing through the Unless You Will (UYW) archives, so when photographer and publisher of the online magazine

, Heidi Romano, asked me to help curate Issue 27, I was thrilled.

There is no particular reason for the photographers I chose for the collaboration. I tried to stay within the realm of the UYW aesthetic, but I was given creative freedom to select work without theme constraints, which was very liberating.

However, looking over the final product, I realize that we both chose pretty magical images. Whether the photographers happened upon that magic or decided to create their own, I think it’s the one thing that binds the issue together.

Below I’ve chosen one photo from each of the 10 featured artists. Please visit Unless You Will to see the entire show.

Ahndraya-ParlatoPhoto: Ahndraya Parlato

Photo: Petra Vlckova

Deborah_PaauwePhoto: Deborah Paauwe

dominic-daviesPhoto: Dominic Davies

Photo: Dominica Paige

freya najadePhoto: Freya Najade

Kimberly WithamPhoto: Kimberly Witham

Photo: Bertil Nilsson

Photo: Marcela Paniak

Photo: Michael Corridore

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