A Photo Contest to Benefit Kids of Kathmandu


© Jami Saunders/Kids of Kathmandu


© Jami Saunders/Kids of Kathmandu

In partnership with Kids of Kathmandu, Feature Shoot is holding a competition, open to all photographers, around the theme of “Childhood Everyday.” In the vein of our new Instagram account, we’re looking for photographs that capture the experience of growing up around the world. Our two jurors, Feature Shoot Editor-in-Chief Alison Zavos and Jami Saunders, Co-Founder and President of Kids of Kathmandu, will select twelve images to be a part of the Kids of Kathmandu gala and photography auction this October, with all proceeds going to build schools in areas affected by last year’s earthquake. All work will be printed by the experts at Ken Allen Studios, and each of the winners will also receive a Leather Presidio camera strap in Antique Cognac by our sponsors at ONA.

It’s been a little over one year since the April 2015 earthquake hit Nepal, leaving thousands of children without access to a place to learn. Almost five thousand schools were destroyed. In the wake of the disaster, Kids of Kathmandu, in partnership with Asia Friendship Network, built tents to serve as temporary classrooms. They provided school supplies in the hardest hit and remotest villages. Now, they’re building 50 permanent schools, which will collectively serve an estimated 10,000 children.

In the past sixteen years, Asia Friendship Network has introduced more than eighty new schools, working alongside the Nepali Ministry of Education to build affordable facilities and train qualified instructors. The ambitious initiative with Kids of Kathmandu will elevate not only the educational standards of public schools but also the quality of life for thousands of children, who will have a safe place to study and play.

As part of the plan to build 50 schools, Kids of Kathmandu will also work to provide clean water, solar power, electronics, and web access to surrounding communities. They have already broken ground on nine schools and are planning to have them complete by November 2016.

All winning photographers will have their work exhibited at the gala and online on Feature Shoot proper. The submission fee is $15 for one image, $20 for two images, and $30 for five images. All proceeds from both the submissions and print sales will go to Kids of Kathmandu. Submit here.

Please read the Terms & Conditions for the contest here.


Leather Presidio camera strap in Antique Cognac by ONA

Waves that Look like Brushstrokes



Having lived on the coast his entire life, Australian photographer Warren Keelan has never been too far from the ocean. For as long as Warren can remember he has been fascinated with its natural beauty, ever-changing forms and unpredictable nature.

Secrets from the Isolated Territory of Susta

Collecting firewood. 2014

A woman collecting firewood for fuel.

Disputed land. 2014

“I hadn’t seen any form of images of the land or the people,” says Kathmandu-based photographer Prasiit Sthapit of what motivated him to visit Susta. Though its name flickered in and out of the newspapers—the territory is contested, claimed on one hand by Nepal and on the other by India—he could find very little about the isolated and mysterious area.

4 Photographers Push the Boundaries of the Medium


I was not the thinnest, nor the prettiest, but I was the winner!, 2015 © Jennifer Greenburg/Courtesy Klompching Gallery, New York


Untitled, 2015 © Antonio Jacob Martinez/Courtesy Klompching Gallery, New York

The time-traveler. The cagefighter. The medical examiner. The man who stares at walls. All four of these curious figures are represented in FRESH 2016, the annual exhibition at Klompching Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Intimate and defiant portraits of ‘GIRLS’ in present-day China (NSFW)



Described as one of the “rising stars of Chinese photography” by Ai Wewei in 2012, Beijing-based Luo Yang is gaining international recognition for her candid photographs of women in contemporary China. GIRLS began in 2007 as a deeply personal series, for in her subjects, Luo observed emotions and questions very similar to her own. The intimate photographs that constitute GIRLS alternate between carefully staged portraits depicting an emerging Chinese subculture that defies our expectations, and snapshots that favour a raw, blurred aesthetic. The photographer simultaneously manages to convey the girls’ defiance and ultra-cool composure, alongside their vulnerability, shyness and insecurities. Luo elaborates: “I can’t say that they represent a whole new generation of women in China, but they are absolutely a group of women who represent independence and freedom”.

Confessions from a Wild West Ghost Town (Sponsored)

Bodie, California, USA. Old haunted gold rush ghost town.

View of Bodie © Julien McRoberts / Offset

Bodie, California, USA. Old haunted gold rush ghost town.

Old car © Julien McRoberts / Offset

When New York City-based photographer and Offset artist Julien McRoberts drove around the bend and into Bodie, a ghost town in Northern California, the sight stopped her in her tracks: “I had to get my jaw off of the ground.” Before her eyes rose the remains of the Wild West, but unlike so many towns from the gold rush era, this one was preserved, trapped in the 19th century.

One Photographer’s Collaboration with a 175-Year-Old Ghost



In 2002, New York photographer Stacy Renee Morrison found an old trunk discarded in the city streets and filled with photographs, jewelry, perfume, and other delicate keepsakes dating back to the 19th century. They were, discovered the photographer, the possessions of a woman named Sylvia DeWolf Ostrander, who died in 1925 at the age of eighty-four.

Intimate Portraits of Couples Prove that Love Has No Boundaries



For Hungarian photographer Wanda Martin, the nature of sexual fluidity and the similarities between heterosexual and homosexual relationships have become a fascination, spurred on by her own personal experiences. With time, her photographs of lovers evolved into a celebration of love par excellence, and a means of visually communicating that love does not depend on the sex or gender of the person, but only on the persons involved. Lovers offers an intensely intimate glimpse into the private moments of couples who belong to contemporary youth culture.

Under Black Lights, Models Star in Psychedelic Photos

Lost In Infinity Split12

Lost In Infinity Split4

As soon as he stepped into the cosmic cave of Magnus Sodamin’s art installation ‘Infinity Split’, Miami-based photographer Alex Markow knew right away that he wanted to collaborate with the artist. In his new series titled Lost in Infinity Split, neon splattered models float nude in a kind of psychedelic acid trip, lost in-between scintillas of cosmic light. The bodies, part illuminated in jeweled colors and half swallowed by darkness, appear like visions out of the galactic space, seducing us into the mysteries of the night.

91-Year-Old Woman Embraces Life in Profound and Playful Images



In 2014, Canadian Italian artist Tony Luciani’s mother, then ninety-one years old, was no longer able to look after herself. As a painter working from his home studio, he felt it was best she stayed with him. “Mom doesn’t cook or clean anymore, so I’m the full-time caregiver” explains Tony, who began to include his mother in his art in order to help her feel more “productive”. With time, her role in the mother and son collaboration was a rejuvenating experience, “I noticed how alive she felt by participating; her youthfulness and eccentricity started to show through”. 

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