Porn without Sex: Hilarious Images from the Opening Scenes of Adult Movies



Pornography films are notorious for their predictable opening scenes, composed of a few awkward and cheesy moments that establish a backstory for a naughty encounter. Setting the stage for on-screen sex, these absurd performances go largely forgotten, but what would they look like pulled from their salacious context?

30 Photos Capture the Spirit of the Weird and Wonderful World That is Coney Island


Lauren Grabelle


Marisha Camp

Norman Borden_01

Norman Borden

Summer is winding down, but our latest group show makes us wish it could last a little bit longer. We were overwhelmed with the number of photos submitted to our Coney Island call, each one bursting with colorful chaos. Jessie Wender, Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic magazine and former photo editor at The New Yorker, judged this month’s submissions to bring us the best of a wide selection.

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Photo du Jour: Fractured Face


For The Secret, Austria-based photographer Aldo Tolino blurs the lines between photograph and subject by folding portraits of human faces into barely recognizable geometric structures. After reconfiguring each two-dimensional print into a multi-dimensional paper sculpture, he reshoots the metamorphosed face, allowing it to exist within a strange netherworld between fiction and reality.

Photos of Multicolored Floral Arrangements Evoke Wiccan Spells


To Draw Money


For Protection from Evil

Photographed with multicolored filters on a black backdrop, these floral arrangements by Elizabeth Parks Kibbey wouldn’t look out of place as a centerpiece in your home. Take a closer look and you may notice that each of these arrangements are actually comprised of ingredients to botanical spells and potions used in practices of witchcraft. Book of Shadows is Amelia Bauer’s most recent series, exploring feminine rituals that date back to the Salem Witch trials.

Eyemazing: Macro Photos of Animals’ Eyes

Suren_Manvelyan_10Kramer’s parrot 


Under a macro lens, the eye takes on new dimensions of intricate detail reminiscent of surreal landscapes and otherworldly surfaces. In Animal Eyes, Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan’s extreme close-ups offer a glimpse into an unseen reality in the eyes of animals, both domestic and exotic.

The Mutated Body: Sculptural Photographs Depict Raw Intimacy (NSFW)





French photographer Alix Marie‘s images will have you looking more than once, her exploration of the mutated body pushing the bounds of the medium and our comfort level. Beginning with nude images of herself and those closest to her, Marie takes her photographs and transforms them into large-scale installations and sculptures. The bloated proportions and crumpled flesh deflect and divert from the photograph’s origin, resulting in behemoth forms of something not altogether human. Targeting our relationship and unease with our bodies as well as implied undercurrents of femininity, the series presents a naked intimacy both stripped to the bone and deeply impassioned. We asked Marie about her process and where these figures come from.

Grotesque Portraits of People Wearing a Junk Food Face Mask



Welcome to the sugar-coated nightmare. James Ostrer creates alluringly grotesque portraits of individuals suffocating in sweets for his series Wosit All About. Inspired by his own love/hate relationship with junk food, Ostrer bought around $8000 worth of cookies, licorice, cheese puffs and jelly beans for the project.

Photo du Jour: Tokyo Taxi Cabs

William_Rugen_125977 © William Rugen / Offset

From a high-angle vantage point, Seattle-based photographer William Rugen captures brightly-colored cabs caught in a gridlock of daytime traffic. Drawn to distinctive graphics and bold colors, Rugen frames the taxis in perfect rows of three, with the particularly bright vehicles taking center stage, flashing beneath the direct glare of the powerful July sunlight.

Arresting Photos of Los Israelitas, an Evangelical Community in Peru

Stan Raucher

A Sabbath Prayer

Stan Raucher

To the Sanctuary

Those who choose to live outside the norm, especially those who follow a religious leader, captivate the public imagination. Seattle-based photographer Stan Raucher felt this draw when, after a photo workshop in Peru in 2013, he happened to end up traveling down the Amazon River by boat with several members of Los Israelitas, a small, evangelical sect in Peru who live along the riverbank. For his project The New Promised LandRaucher made two trips to visit the community and plans to return next year. He spoke with me via email about the project, which I saw in Critical Mass 2013.

Photographer Takes Us Inside a Teenage Mosh Pit



For her recent series, photographer Emily Stein dives head first, camera in tow, into a wasteland of teenage angst. The mosh pit has been at the center of the heavy metal, punk and rock music scene for decades. While it’s still carried out by people of all ages, this traditional activity is highly popular among young people. Saturday’s Mosh positions the mosh pit as an arena for teens to let go of all the troubles of young life.