Photo du Jour: Pet Reindeer


Often referred to as the strangest town in Alaska, Whittier houses the vast majority of its 200 residents in a single 14 floor building, in which neighbors are known to walk about in their pajamas. The unique and close-knit town is only accessible during the day by a 2.6 mile tunnel running through the adjacent Maynard Mountain. For her series City Under One Roof, photographer Jen Kinney catalogues daily life in the community she calls home.

‘Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography’ at the Museum of Arts and Design


Lauren Kalman, Tongue Gilding, 2009 (Photo: Sienna Patti)


Ashley Gilreath, I Am Who They Were (neckpiece), 2011 (Photo: Michael Webster)

After discovering a photograph of her great-grandmother in a family locket, Ursula Ilse-Neuman, Curator of Jewelry at the Museum of Arts and Design was inspired to curate an exhibit examining the mysterious yet manifest threads that bind photography and jewelry. Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography explores the history of photography as it relates to jewelry-making while showcasing the innovations made by more than 80 artists in the field, including Gijs Bakker, Andy Warhol, Wafaa Bilal, Sooyeon Kim, Iris Nieuwenburg, Kara Ross, Bettina Speckner, Joyce Scott, Jordan Doner, Mari Ishikawa, Jiro Kamata, Kiff Slemmons, Noa Zilberman, Gabriela Sanchez, and Bernhard Schobinger.

Target Practice Photos Explore the ‘Enemy’ in Countries Around the World

Herlinde Koelbl

Austria © Herlinde Koelbl

Herlinde Koelbl

Germany © Herlinde Koelbl

Depictions of “the enemy” have long been a popular subject for shooting-range targets. Whom the enemy is seen to be, of course, depends on in which country you choose to shoot ‘em up. Munich-based photographer Herlinde Koelbl has made a fascinating study of this with Targets, published by Prestel, a self–explanatory series of photos of targets used for military training around the world.

Abstract Makeup Photographed by James Worrell

James_Worrell_28605© James Worrell / Offset

James_Worrell_28611© James Worrell / Offset

With an eye for color and texture, New York-based photographer James Worrell imbues advertising and editorial photography with a sleek artistic vision. Shooting lush cosmetics against solid, simple backdrops, he constructs elegant minimalistic compositions that showcase the vibrancy and splendor of nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadow.

Photo du Jour: Fantasy Landscape


With his haunting landscapes, Australian photographer Michael Corridore captures the essence of the real world by transforming it into a fantasy. At first glance, this deceptive photograph might appear as a rendering of a vacated desert, touched only by soft rainbow light. Look closely, and the ethereal terrain reveals itself to be an aerial urban landscape, dotted with nearly unrecognizable buildings, roads, and industrial structures. Through extensive processing, Corridore strips the city bare, reconfiguring its elements to resemble something altogether foreign, a barren, ghostly planet yet to be populated with life. In this eerie realm, all human existence is washed away, leaving a powerful sense of our own inevitable impermanence in its wake.

Mysterious and Unnerving Photos of the Contorted Human Body (NSFW)



For her evocative series Ecce Homo, Berlin-based photographer Evelyn Bencicova captures the straining human body, arranged in tight, uncomfortable quarters. The work’s title, derived from the biblical line meaning “behold the man,” unites it with a long line of art historical pieces depicting human suffering through the Passion of Christ. Here, the unnamed human figure, replicated many times over, is subject to mysterious oppressions and humiliations more gradual and anonymous than the crucifixion.

Photography Website Makeover: Emma Kisiel


Emma Kisiel is a photographer dedicated to animals, documenting them throughout their life cycle in vivid images that beckon us to reconsider our connection to the animal kingdom. Her engagement with the natural world takes her to museums to photograph dioramas of ecosystems, to sites where animals have fallen prey to the road. In addition to showcasing her strong portfolio online, she also sells prints and books. The need to bridge these elements together made her a perfect candidate for a website makeover, thus she was chosen as our third makeover recipient sponsored by Squarespace.

Before her makeover, she had this to say about her web presence: “The past few months I’ve been spending time on other artists’ sites, and I realized that I really want to update it in terms of its layout and design. For example, I’ve had sidebar navigation since 2009 and I feel like most artists’ sites are starting to move away from that. I have some exciting things coming up for my work, as well as a couple new series to release online and a new logo, and I’d like to relaunch my identity with all of that. Sites like Squarespace make it so easy today that there’s little need for photographers to hire someone to create a beautiful, functional website for them, so that’s the direction I’d like to go in.”

We talked to the artist to hear about the process of making her new website.

Photographer Is Offered a Baby for $50, Raises $50,000 to End Human Trafficking

Tanner_Stewart_05Mount Joseph and Wallowa Lake, Oregon

Photographer Tanner Stewart can pinpoint the moment that irrevocably changed his life with a single black and white photograph of a 6 month old baby. While volunteering in Bulgaria in 2012 for the A21 Campaign, a non-profit geared towards ending human trafficking, he saw a man carrying a child, whom he photographed. After the image was taken, the man offered to sell his infant to Stewart for $50. Stunned by the immediate exposure to the global crisis of human trafficking, the artist redirected his career to focus on the cause.

Antarctica’s Ethereal Icebergs and Ice Palaces Photographed by Martin Bailey

Martin_Bailey_20026© Martin Bailey / Offset

Martin_Bailey_20020© Martin Bailey / Offset

Braving the ice-covered terrain of Antarctica, Tokyo-based nature photographer Martin Bailey captures the monolithic icebergs and ice palaces that extend throughout the frozen continent.

Photo du Jour: A Makeshift Pool in the Ozarks


In the hustle and bustle of domestic life with three children, photographer Julie Blackmon has a knack for finding moments of calm and serenity. At her aunt’s hilltop house in the Ozark, Missouri countryside, she captures a refreshing swim on a 102 degree July day.  In this magical scene, kids float about in an ethereal, murky blue water.