Endearing Photos Capture the Bond Between Children and Animals in the Russian Countryside




Russian photographer Elena Shumilova spends each day on her family farm in the Russian countryside capturing her young boys as they explore the lakeside village with their animal companions. At night, after everyone has gone to bed, she pours over the sun-drenched imagery, processing the day’s memories.

Photographers Vitor Sá, Sera Lindsey, Ryan Koopmans, Sabela Eiriz, and Cassi Alexandra Take Over Our Instagram


Vitor Sá [@vitorsaphoto] / January 21, 22, 23


Sera Lindsey [@portablesera] / January 24, 25, 26

It’s cold and snowy outside our windows, and we just can’t wait to escape to warmer shores with out latest lineup of Guest Instagrammers. We’ll begin by touring the cities of Brazil with Vitor Sá and heading off to sunny Los Angeles with Sera Lindsey. If we’re missing the snow by then, we’ll be jetting off to Amsterdam with Ryan Koopmans before relaxing in Barcelona with Sabela Eiriz. Finally, we’ll conclude at home in New York to watch the city through the eyes of Cassi Alexandra.

Light Painter Tricks Out Infiniti Cars, Has Spectacular Results



For Inspired Light, Montreal-based photographer Patrick Rochon collaborated with luxury carmaker Infiniti to create large-scale light paintings, or long-exposure images that transform rays of light into streaks that run like brushstrokes across the frame.

Playful Gifs of Liberians Break Down Stereotypes


Ducor Hotel once had a tennis court that is now mostly used by kids from the community for football.


Hipco is a hip-hop distinctive to Liberia which is sung in Liberian-English exclusively. Mr. Smith Lib Money International is one of the numerous MC of the Liberian Hipco scene. I met Mr. Smith in the streets of Monrovia; he was looking for somebody to take some pictures of him. I am not sure that picture was what he was expecting from me…


Girl with the aubergine dress

For Monrovia Animated, Paris-based photographer Francois Beaurain combats the sensationalistic and bleak media portrayal of the Liberian capital with a set of gifs that highlight the exuberance and energy of its people.

Model Moms Pose with Daughters for Lanvin’s Spring Campaign


Anna Cleveland and Pat Cleveland


Kirsten Owen and Billie Rose Owen


Violetaa Sanchez and Luz Godin

From the fashion house’s inception, Lanvin has been inspired by family, beginning with designer Jeanne Lanvin’s deeply felt affection for her daughter, who was her mother’s primary muse since infancy. In a nod to the the historic bond between Jeanne and Marguerite Marie Blanche, forever immortalized in the brand’s iconic logo illustrated from a 1907 photograph of the pair, Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz joined forces with photographer Tim Walker to shoot a new spring campaign featuring experienced and recognizable models alongside their own daughters.

Included in the women’s campaign are model-daughter pairings Pat and Anna Cleveland, Violetta Sanchez and Luz Godin, and Kristen and Billie Rose Owen, each outfitted in a matching and complementary ensemble.

In paying tribute both to the history of the fashion house and the shared past of each individual family, Lanvin’s spring campaign is composed of moments that are entirely relatable. With the cable release making a special appearance in several of the images, Walker’s photos break through the stiffness that sometimes permeates fashion imagery to reveal something refreshingly genuine.

Images from the spring campaign will grace fashion magazine pages beginning this March, and Lanvin will release an accompanying video next month.

All images © Tim Walker

via WWD

‘The First Celebrity Chef': Photos Take Us Inside the Kitchen of Marco Pierre White




When chef Marco Pierre White, famously recognized as the original celebrity chef, released his cookbook and memoir White Heat twenty-five years ago, he became a cultural icon. The photographs in the book, shot by the late Bob Carlos Clarke, helped to solidify the young man’s status as a the decade’s ultimate enfant terrible, featuring rowdy kitchen shenanigans and shirtless studio portraits in lieu of the chef’s most famous dishes.

Inside Philadelphia’s Neglected and Abandoned Row Houses


Willie and Rose, South 47th Street, West Philadelphia, 2008.


Brenda, 2008.


19th and Seybert no.4, 2008.

For Abandoned, Philadelphia-based photographer Jeffrey Stockbridge chronicles the city’s forgotten houses, darkened and gutted structures that have fallen into disrepair in the face of poverty, relocations, and the deaths of their former inhabitants.

Beguiling Underwater Nudes by Hugh Arnold (NSFW)


Secreto Velado, 2014



For Agua Nacida, internationally renowned Paris-based photographer Hugh Arnold captures the underwater dance of female nudes as they ride the tides of Figi and Gozo.

Say Hello to Gluta: ‘The Happiest Dog in the World’




Thailand-based photographer Sorasart Wisetsin refers to his canine muse Gluta as “the happiest dog in the world,” and her boundless joy is most certainly a testament to the unconditional love of a rescued animal brought to safety.

Astonishing Photos of Dying Flowers Trapped in Ice





For Locked in the ether, Japanese photographer Kenji Shibata freezes flowers in ice, recording the thawing process in real time. As their icy encasements begin to dissolve, the preserved blossoms are exposed to the elements, entering a gradual state of decay.