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According to data released earlier this year by the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA), the average price of digital cameras has increased two-fold over the last three years alone. When you add on the cost of accessories, the purchase of the latest and greatest high-end mirrorless camera can leave a significant dent in your pocketbook. Here’s the good news: on average, customers who buy used gear from MPB pay a third less than new retail prices. 

For those without the budget for a $1,000 tripod, $750 camera bag, or $200 UV filter—but who still prefer the best-quality products on the market—MPB has you covered. In addition to the platform’s vast selection of used MPB cameras and lenses, MPB also offers a range of accessories for every visual storyteller. Whether you’re planning a trek through mountain landscapes or shooting portraits in the studio, there’s something here for you. 

MPB used camera bags

MPB camera bags

When selecting a camera bag, consider your destination, required lenses, and any weight restrictions you might face. For urban and street photographers, you can’t go wrong with something clean and minimalist, such as the popular Peak Design Everyday Backpack

On the other hand, outdoor adventurers might consider MindShift’s Rotation backpacks, which are designed specifically for active photographers. This bag is perfect for those carrying additional outdoor gear (camping equipment, etc.) and storytellers who need to access their gear with just a moment’s notice, such as wildlife photographers.

The Lowepro Pro Runner 350 AW rolling backpack is also worth your consideration if you’re a photojournalist on the move. With a weather-resistant cover and an abundance of pockets and storage spots for all your accessories, you can take it anywhere from the city to the trails. 

MPB used tripods and support


MPB has used tripods for all types of visual storytellers, including those navigating challenging terrain or traveling long distances. Known for its beautifully designed integrated ball head, the Peak Design Travel Tripod is perfect for hiking, offering a combination of sturdiness and portability. If the carbon fiber version is out of your price range, you can save by opting for aluminum

The compact Manfrotto Befree carbon fiber tripod is another go-to option for travel photographers and backpackers. Alternatively, Gitzo Traveler tripods offer a super lightweight design for international travelers. If you end up purchasing a tripod without an integrated head, remember to buy your head separately, paying attention to the type that would work best for you (ball head, geared head, etc.). 


These L-shaped tools, like this one from Manfrotto, allow you to easily switch and flip between portrait and landscape orientation on a tripod without sacrificing any stability. Make sure your L-bracket is compatible with your camera and tripod head before you buy—most will work with Arca-Swiss-style tripod mounts. 


While much of our guide focuses on outdoor accessories, studio photographers have more freedom when it comes to crafting the perfect light. Used LED light panels are a natural place to start because they offer continuous lighting: what you see on set is what you get in the final image. 

If you’re looking for more power, however, monolights are a better bet. If portability is a consideration, you can grab the surprisingly small and compact ProFoto B10 in “like new” condition from MPB for hundreds of dollars less than the original price (as of this writing). Another option is this used Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 1000/1000 kit, which is spectacular for capturing and creating motion in your photographs. 

MPB used lens filters


No landscape photographer’s kit is complete without a set of high-quality filters. A simple UV filter offers protection for your lens in challenging conditions, including dusty landscapes or misty destinations. 

Next, a neutral density (ND) filter is essential if you shoot long exposures in the daytime. A graduated neutral density filter, on the other hand, is specifically designed to prevent blown-out skies by transitioning from light to dark. 

Finally, a circular polarizer is necessary if you photograph reflective surfaces (such as bodies of water) and want to eliminate glare. Browse MPB used lens filters here

MPB used drones


If you’re looking for something light, the DJI Mini 3 Pro weighs in at just below 250 grams, meaning you might not have to register it, depending on your location and its regulations. It’ll easily fit into a case inside your backpack as well. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is also worth a look, though it will not perform as well in low light. On the other hand, being a larger drone, the Mavic 2 Pro does handle windy conditions better. 

Pocket cameras

A tiny camera capable of shooting mini-movies and time-lapses, the DJI Pocket 2 has a 3-axis motorized gimbal for super smooth videos. For those with a tighter budget, your best bet might be a used DJI Osmo Pocket; with the money you saved, you can pair it with this charging case from MPB.

MPB camera straps

MPB carries its own brand of (new) camera neck straps, available in three colors. These nylon straps offer comfort and accessibility for almost any adventure, and as we approach the holiday season, they’ll make for perfect stocking stuffers. 

Spare batteries 

No one wants to get caught in the cold with a dead battery, so always keep a juiced-up spare on hand. MPB has batteries and battery chargers to help you push your gear to its limits and get the most out of your adventure. You can choose between brand-name options and more affordable, third-party alternatives. 

MPB also has battery grips, which will hold additional batteries and empower you to shoot for longer. Some photographers also prefer the ergonomics and handling of a camera with a battery grip. 

MPB used accessories

Memory cards

When buying SD cards, there are many specs to consider depending on your needs. More storage means more mileage (useful for storytellers working with video). Faster read speeds allow for speedier copying, while faster write speeds will enable your buffer to clear more quickly (this is essential if you shoot in burst mode). Browse a large selection of MPB SD cards here. 

(Keep in mind that some unverified online sellers trade in “counterfeit” SanDisk and Lexar SD cards. Always buy from a trusted platform: MPB offers peace of mind by protecting buyers every step of the way—from inspections by product specialists to a six-month warranty.) 

MPB warehouse

Parting thoughts: MPB camera accessories

Last year, research from MPB revealed that 40% of consumers in the US planned to give used gifts. For budget-friendly and sustainability-minded consumers, buying used is a no-brainer. While many of us might already own a used camera or lens, MPB has built a global platform where you can find just about any accessory—from SD cards to monolights—available for a fraction of the cost of buying it new. 

This article is sponsored by MPB. 

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