Seductive Photos of the Female Form Dressed Only in Light (NSFW)


In his striving to create a nude portrait “that has not been shot before,” Paris-based photographer Dani Olivier sets the female form aglow with lighted geometric patterns. Using a projector in a darkened studio, he takes the flesh as a canvas, alternately illuminating and concealing its contours.

Behind the Scenes and Into the Bizarre World of Dog and Cat Shows


World Dog Show, Helsinki.


World Cat Show, Philadelphia.

“It’s safe to say you have truly ‘gone to the dogs,’” says New York City-based photographer Landon Nordeman of years spent documenting the enigmatical world of animal-based competitions. He’s witnessed countless—literally, he’s lost count—dog and cat shows, horse races, and other events where an animal has been present in some sort of performance capacity.

A Look at the Dangerous, Complicated Realities of Poaching in Rural Zambia


Synody Mulibehzi shows scars from being shot by a poacher whilst on a farm patrol. Zambia, 2014.

BUSHLAND_BenjaminRutherford_1500px-4A young man holds up the head and skin of a Baboon, shot for stealing maize. Very few people eat primates here due to religious taboos, yet driven by the hunger for meat, some do despite fears of Ebola. Zambia, 2015.

“Bushmeat poaching most often takes place during the hours of darkness; on most game reserves you can hear gunshots almost every night. You can buy bushmeat from every taxi rank, and see charcoal manufacturers on the peripheries of every single national park. Poachers are hard to catch, during anti-poaching patrols there are countless near encounters, the individuals that the patrols are hunting are ghosts in the bush and you will most often only see material evidence after they vanish from the scene.”

A Fearless Look at What Women Wore When They Were Sexually Assaulted



Well, What Were You Wearing? is Philadelphia-based photographer Katherine Cambareri’s cri de coeur on behalf of survivors of sexual assault who have been failed by the authorities meant to protect them. Using only the clothing they happened to have on when they were attacked, the photographer tells the stories of women who, after having been raped, molested, or otherwise violated, have been forced to endure interrogations and accusations associated with victim-blaming.

How to Save an Underexposed Photo Using Lightroom (Sponsored)


“I have a serious addiction to abandonment,” writes Oslo-based fine art photographer Britt Marie Bye of her restive spirit and thirst for the unknown. Her yearning to make sense of her own childhood has taken her down the ragged and unpaved roads of other people’s memories, long since obscured by the veil of dust and time. Her images emerge as if from the pages of a storybook, existing in realm that is both inhabited and impenetrable. Since she so often works under cloudy skies, Bye has mastered the art of turning the dreary into the enchanted, and in this tutorial, she takes us behind-the-scenes into her process of salvaging an underexposed photograph using Adobe Lightroom.

Female Beauty Photographed All Around the World




Havana, Cuba



Almost three years ago the Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc quit her office job and set out on a journey to photograph the diversity of female beauty around the world. Equipped with just a camera and a backpack and the few savings she had, Mihaela never imagined that her project would go viral. Given the success and visibility of the project, Mihaela felt a personal responsibility to make her personal message heard: “More than ever in today’s worn-torn society, I think our world needs an atlas of beauty to show us that diversity is something beautiful, not a reason for conflict”.

Close Encounters With People Who Believe in UFOs


Sirianna Kailani and Grace Rumpf live in Sedona, Arizona. The city has one of the highest numbers of reported UFO sightings in the United States. Some say that the aliens are attracted to the magnetism in the red soil and that the beautiful landscape in Sedona holds an interdimensional portal that is used by alien spacecrafts to locate earth.


Alien truck stop. “Look up, as the truth lies there. Always keep your eyes to the skies whenever you can. You just never know when that special event will happen. At those times, there may be no answers, leaving you only to wonder what just happened or what you saw. Life is a mystery; enjoy the ride.”

Throughout our history, mankind has always sought answers regarding our existence in this dizzyingly incomprehensible world. Phenomena is a collaborative attempt to explore this human need for faith through a modern manifestation which is often subject to ridicule: the belief in extra-terrestrial life. Are we alone in the universe? The three Copenhagen-based photographers Sara Galbiati, Peter Helles and Tobias Markussen tackled this subject with an anthropological approach and a non-judgemental attitude.

Photographer Justin Bettman On Risks Worth Taking in NYC (Sponsored)

When Brooklyn-based photographer Justin Bettman awoke at 4:00 in the morning to install elaborate domestic stage sets across the streets of New York, it’s unlikely he could have anticipated starting a movement. Along with set designer Gözde Eker, Bettman constructed ephemeral installations in public sites throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, where passersby could stop for a moment and play. He titled the project #SetintheStreet.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.43.39 AM

These days, Bettman is still working with the tableaux aesthetic and with New York City as his theme, but this time, he’s staging classic city moments that could have occurred today or fifty years ago. Feature Shoot Editor-in-Chief Alison Zavos spoke to Bettman about his work, his city, and advice for up-and-coming photographers.

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Photographer Inspires Serious Wanderlust With ’72 Hours’ Project



Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.20.34 PM


When Wales-based photographer Finn Beales travels the globe, he gives himself three days to immerse himself in the culture and landscape of each place. He seeks out the holes in the wall, pulls back the layers to reveal the bared, thrumming heart of every locale. He lives for the mountain air, for the scent of forgotten spaces in faraway lands.

Burly Arizona Fireman Stars in Sexy, Viral Photo Shoot



When Prescott, Arizona-based photographer Chad Castigliano of Chronicker Photography and his friend Tim the firefighter set up a fun, sexy photo shoot to benefit his wife’s non-profit organization Books To The Rescue Yavapai County, he thought it might be cool to have, say, one thousand Facebook shares. In the week since the sassy shots were first published, they’ve been shared more than 240,000 times and seen by tens of millions. Tim has become a sex symbol, and the photographer has been lost in a whirlwind of messages and media requests.

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