Feature Shoot Recommends: Top 10 Things for Photographers to Do in New York (October 20-26)


© Stevie Nicks / Morrison Hotel Gallery

We at Feature Shoot are always on the lookout for new and exciting things going on in the world of photography, and we are thrilled to introduce a new weekly feature showcasing some of the many photo-related events, activities and shows happening in New York. Feature Shoot Recommends has something for everyone, from photojournalistic mavens to fine art enthusiasts, so be sure to check in each Monday for our top ten picks of the week. And next week we will launch our London edition!

Photo du Jour: Demolition Derby


© Randy Harris / Offset

As a newcomer to the White Lake, New York area in 2006, photographer Randy Harris made a point of exploring some of the region’s idiosyncrasies, and he ventured onto the location of his first ever demolition derby, where he immediately jumped into the fray.

Darth Vader Rides the Bus!: Photographer Inserts Star Wars Characters Into Daily Life



“This is how the world was to me when I was young,” says Toronto-based photographer Thomas Dagg of his series Star Wars, an arresting homage to his own childhood. In his hushed, monochromatic world, we discover Star Destroyers, AT-ATs, and the Rebel Insignia peppering the Canadian landscape, imbuing daily life with a potent sense of anticipation and the promise of the unknown.

Our 10 Favorite Photos from the 2014 Nikon Small World Competition


Noah Fram-Schwartz
Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
Jumping Spider Eyes
Reflected Light


Mr. Jens H. Petersen
Ebeltoft, Denmark
Anagallis arvensis (scarlet pimpernel)


Dr. Philipp Keller
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
Ashburn, Virginia, USA
Live zebrafish embryo at 22 hours post-fertilization
SiMView Light-Sheet Microscopy

No medium straddles the fields of art and science quite like photomicrography, and Nikon Small World has held its position as the leading international competition of photos captured through a microscope since its founding in 1974. As the competition celebrates its 40-year anniversary, it invites top scientists and media professionals to curate a diverse collection of imagery featuring everything from insect eyeballs to the molecular composition of the earth’s minerals.

City Boys Hunting on a Gaming Reserve in Rural Spain



In a world that is increasingly urban-focused, photographer Ricardo Cases documents the niche experience of city-dwellers traveling to the countryside for a holiday full of “real” rural living. In his series La Caza Del Lobo Congelado (“Frozen Wolf Hunt”), Cases spent time photographing at a Spanish gaming reserve, a popular tourist destination for businessmen and others to get a taste of the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt.

Amiko Wenjia Li’s Photos Reminisce on the Fragility of Youth



Amiko Wenjia Li (BFA 2015) is a photographer from Shanghai currently in his senior year at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is interested in using photography to explore the fragility of youth and the realities of transitioning into adulthood. His works have been exhibited internationally including the Aperture Foundation, Filter Photo Festival, Royal Ulster Academy in Belfast and Pingyao Photography Festival in China. Li’s project Saudade has evolved from a lifelong fascination with sorrow, exploring nostalgic places and passerby in a reflection on childhood melancholy.

‘Cholafied’ Turns Celebrities into Mexican Gang Divas


Angelina Jolie – The Billy Bob Years


Chola Mark Zuckerberg aka Daddy Nobucks


Jay Z aka Chola HOVA – Kim K Sit Yo @ss Down

For Cholafied, Los Angeles-based artist and advertising student Michael Jason Enriquez transforms celebrities into 1990s street gang divas.

Photo du Jour: Dandelion Seeds

Déjame volar II, 03. David Catá-2

For Let Me Fly, Berlin-based photographer David Catá shrouds his model in a veil of dandelion seeds, allowing the remnants of the expired flower to cradle her face like delicate, ghostly hands. Here, the fluffy seed becomes a physical manifestation of abstracted memories, recalling someone or something lost and irretrievable. However, memories, like the discarded germ of a dandelion, can also foster new life, borne from the remains of something long vanished.

Image © David Catá

Fashion-Forward Photos of Women in Nature by Tracy Morford


© Tracy Morford / Offset


© Tracy Morford / Offset

For Austin-based photographer Tracy Morford, fashion is a means of exploring personal themes as well as telling universal stories. Since growing up in the wooded landscape of Central New York, the artist has felt a profound connection with nature, one which she returns to by capturing solitary women as they gallop through verdant pastures or dip their toes in passing streams.

The Last Remaining Residents of an Estonian Shanty Town


Tamara on the eve of moving day. She is embittered that the authorities would not let the old people die in peace: “We have created so much beauty here.” Tamara designed and erected the gates made of plastic pipes and rubber hoses herself. Krasota (Splendor)!


Svetlana Ivnitskaya (57) is a most famous resident at Soodevhe shanty town. This spring (2014) she was a popular candidate for European Parliament election. Jobless, Ivnitskaya lives in a house that has no electricity, sharing it with her husband Boris and a goatherd.

In the 1960s just outside of Tallinn, Estonia, workers of a military factory were given free patches of land for people to plant gardens and grow vegetables. The location gradually became a sort of shanty town in the spirit of the Russian “dachas” (a small seasonal house away from the city), while some citizens chose to call it their permanent residence. Photographer Annika Haas captures the fading pieces of this eclectic culture, soon to be paved over in service of the nearby airport. Plane Watchers memorializes the spirit and stories of those who call the dacha district their home, cherishing each and every day until they are forced to leave.