Lauren Pisano’s Evocative Portraits Tell a Bittersweet Love Story


© Lauren Pisano / Offset


© Lauren Pisano / Offset

It’s the small things that compel Los Angeles-based photographer Lauren Pisano to reach for her camera. It can be a gust of wind, the shadows of twilight, or the ineffable twinge of something working in her subconscious. She goes through her daily life collecting ordinary moments, memorizing the details so that she can re-stage them later. Ultimately, she fulfills the role both of photographer and subject, employing her self-portraiture as a means of witnessing her routine from the outside, of alternately detaching from and reattaching to her own idea of self.

‘Felines of New York’ Captures What Being a New Yorker Means to Cats


“I can see some really expensive condos from here. I’d like to get in one and scratch the shit out of some really nice furniture, maybe piss on something. I don’t know, I like to dream big.” – Carl


“I think I’ve got one or two good novels in me.” – Kathleen Hanna, Bushwick


“Sometimes I come in here to think.” – Pearl, Astoria Queens

Cats have a reputation for being enigmatical and secretive, but photographer Jim Tews of Felines of New York (FONY) has found a way to get even the most cynical kitties to open up about their day-to-day activities, their innermost thoughts, their hopes and their fears. Spoofing the popular Humans of New York, a photography blog in which founder Brandon Stanton documents and interviews the city’s many residents, Felines of New York is a new Tumbr devoted entirely to the critters who really run the Big Apple.

Surreal Polaroids of Iceland by Paul Hoi



Over the course of two weeks in 2014, photographer Paul Hoi visited Iceland alone with his 4×4 Polaroid camera in hand. During this trip, he travelled along the legendary Ring Road which connects, from one settlement to the next, the entirety of Nordic country. His series Psychedelia: Expired Polaroid’s from Iceland act as memories to the surreal and diverse microclimates he discovered there.

Electrifying Photograms Made From Desert Minerals, Flora, and Fauna


Great Plains Rat Snake, Tucson, AZ


Grey Fox


Petrified Wood, Quartzsite, AZ

Melbourne-based photographer Rebecca Najdowski has loved the the desert since her first memories of a childhood spent under the New Mexico sun. She knows intimately the minerals that make up the desert floor, the bugs and furry critters that skitter across it, and the expansive blue sky that envelops all who trod the dry terrain. For Desert Pictures, she captures the landscape of the American West unlike any of her ancestors would have, replacing panoramic vistas with electric, neon photograms made by placing found objects and organisms directly onto photo-sensitive paper.

Portraits of Russian Youth Who Embrace Cosplay Culture



For her series Declared Detachment, photographer Mariya Kozhanova captured beautiful portraits of Russian youth who take part in a life of cosplay. For those unaware of the term, cosplay is the practice of wearing the costumes of fictional characters. These youth have adopted the trend, usually reserved for fan events like Comic-con, into their daily lives.

Uncanny Portraits of Antique Dolls and Strangers Who Look Just Like Them




When London-born photographer Annie Collinge traveled across the globe to Manhattan, she could not have predicted that she would discover in one of the city’s many flea markets a discarded doll that undeniably resembled her faraway aunt Yolanda. The likeness of the 1960s antique figure, masked in goggles and outfitted for a day of skiing, to a true—if tiny— human being was what first compelled the photographer to embark on Five Inches of Limbo, for which she paired real, live sitters with their porcelain doubles.

Steven Laxton Speaks About Chemistry Between Subject and Photographer and Breaking Free From Your Comfort Zone

At its best, photography can connect people, breaking through the veneers of daily life to reveal the authentic threads of humanity that bind us all. No one photographer knows this better than award-winning Brooklyn-based portraitist Steven Laxton, who has throughout his prolific career has provided intimate glimpses into the lives of everyone from Holocaust survivors to the nomadic circus performers of El Salvador. Through his photo essays, Laxton is able to bridge the gaps of time and space, generations and geography, to capture honest moments shared between his sitters and himself.

Photographer Documents the Perilous Journey of Central American Migrants to the U.S.

Mexico - Immigration - Southern Border

Migrants atop the freight trains travel without protection. They are vulnerable to being hit by trees, wind, rain and hot sun, so the tiredness sometimes overcomes they and fall down onto tracks. The dream ends. That dream of supporting to their families that left behind. in Arriaga, Mexico, January 21, 2008.

Mexico - Immigration - Southern Border

A man holds a little girl while crossing the border under the Talisman checkpoint between Guatemala and Mexico illegally, in Talisman, Mexico, April 18, 2013.

Mexico - Immigration - Southern Border

A Honduran immigrant smokes a cigarette and covers himself from the rain with a piece of cardboard while he waits beside the railroad to climb “the beast” or “train of death,” the freight train where thousands of migrants travel with the intention of reaching to United States, in the State of Mexico, August 20, 2008.

The Suchiate River is the crossing point between Mexico and Guatemala for thousands of Central American migrants hoping to make it to El Norte, the United States. They cross the water on a couple of beat-up intertubes with planks of plywood taped on top of them. Mexican photojournalist Rodrigo Cruz shot these migrants across the Guatemala-Mexico frontier for his latest project Frontera Sur.

4 Simple Things That Will Take Your Photography Website to the Next Level

From the Squarespace website of ZSO Art & Illustration, NYC

You might be the best photographer on the planet, but if you don’t have a good website, chances are the rest of the world might not know that. Building a site that both complements your aesthetic and appeals to potential clients can seem daunting. In the old days, you’d have to learn coding or shell out the cash and surrender creative control to someone else to do it for you, but these days, it isn’t all that bad. In fact, with Squarespace, creating the perfect site for you can be a few keystrokes away. Keep in mind these four tips and you really can’t go wrong.

Curious Portraits of Performance Artists From Around


Christine Haase [Germany]


Ane Lan [Norway]


Julie Djikey Kim [DR Congo]

A woman stares into Patrick Morarescu’s lens outfitted in a red dress, her head and upper torso jammed into a pair of tan pantyhose. Maybe this would be considered a non-traditional way to sit for a portrait, but not if you’re a performance artist.