Colorful Photos Capture the Vibrant Flavors of Spanish Town, Jamaica



For Jamaica Mi Crazy, London based photographer Stefy Pocket captures life on streets of Spanish Town, cutting against stereotypes about the former Jamaican capital—now known for its high crime rate—to reveal the threads of joy and exuberance that run through its neighborhoods.

Bewitching Photos of Ahmedabad, India at Night



For Ahmedabad No life last night, French photographer Frederic Delangle captures the shadowed corners of the Indian metropolis at witching hour, long after all the busy residents have been tucked away in bed.

Striking Portraits of Young Women Wearing Their Mothers’ Wedding Dresses



For The Line, French photographer Céline Bodin dressed young girls in their mothers’ cherished wedding dresses, allowing each to step into the role of a bride that now exists only within the pages of family photo albums.

Photographer Matthew Morrocco Takes Intimate Self Portraits with Gay Men


Kissing Rolf, 2013


Self Portrait with Scott, 2012

New York City-based photographer Matthew Morrocco frequently inserts himself within his intimate nude portraits of gay men, emerging alternately as the lover, the child, the past self of each elder man. Within his candle-lit compositions, the other men are seen in relation to the artist himself, becoming guides and muses throughout his own encounter with the vulnerable and enigmatical facets of himself.

‘Developed: Three Emerging Photographers’ Show Opens in Dumbo on March 5, 2015


We are thrilled to announce the opening of Developed: Three Emerging Photographers, an exhibition featuring the work of the three winners of the first annual Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Contest: Jiehao Su, Sebastian Collett, and Ayumi Tanaka.

Photos Capture Street Life in Havana



As a child coming of age in Guatemala, New York-based photographer Jaime Permuth‘s perception of Cuba was shrouded in mystery and clouded by inescapable biases. When he visited the country in November of 2014 to speak at Havana’s Month of Photography, organized by La Fototeca de Cuba, he left all his assumptions at home, choosing to immerse himself within the realities of Centro Habana.

Seattle Baby Performs Hilarious Stunts (With a Little Help from Photoshop)



For Madd Stunts, Seattle-based photographer Brandon Hill transforms his infant son Maddex into a daredevil, a pint-sized thrill seeker taking the city—and his playpen—by storm.

Raw Photographs Capture the East Village During the Heroin Epidemic of the 1980s

Boy On East 5th Street (4th of July), 1984.

Boy On East 5th Street (4th of July), 1984


Embrace, 1984

When New York City-based photographer Ken Schles lived in the East Village in the 1980s, the neighborhood was, in his words, “like a war zone.” He moved to the area in 1978 at the age of seventeen, and on the other side of the 1980s, he would emerge from the wreckage of the heroin epidemic, the AIDS crisis, and abandoned apartment buildings with his book Invisible City, a time capsule of sorts excavated from a city that no longer exists.

Feature Shoot Recommends: Top 10 Photo Events and Happenings in New York (Mar. 2-8)


© Jiehao Su

EXHIBITION: Developed: Three Emerging Photographers, United Photo Industries, 111 Front Street, Suite 204 Dumbo Brooklyn, March 5 – 26, 2015
The winners of the inaugural Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards, Jiehao Su, Sebastian Collett, and Ayumi Tanaka, will exhibit ten pieces each from their winning series. Where Grand Prize winner Jiehao Su’s Borderland deals with themes of isolation and belonging in a rapidly urbanizing China, Ayumi Tanaka works in collage to revisit her childhood, and Sebastian Collett creates portraits of his hometown, to which he returned for his 20th year high school reunion.

25 Photographers Share The Worst Job They Had Before Becoming a Professional


(Photo: Shutterstock)

We asked 25 photographers: ‘What’s the worst job you had before becoming a professional photographer?’

Brooke Frederick: A “Fan Photographer” at Lakers and Kings sporting events in LA. You basically had to chase people down and convince them to let you take their photo and then buy it. People would run away from me, completely ignore me, or yell at me to leave them alone. It was not fun.

Carli Davidson: I had a lot of pretty craptacular jobs before I became a photographer. I think jiffy lube grease monkey and truck stop porn shop cashier tie for the worst. I always came home with great stories thought!

Eirik Johnson: I worked as a landscaper and garbage collector for a housing development while in college. Pardon the pun, but that stank.

Elinor Carucci: I was a professional belly dancer for 15 years while developing a career as a fine art photographer (also published a book about my life as a professional belly dancer – Diary of a dancer – SteidlMack 2005), but i loved it! The worst job i had was babysitting a (the poor thing) colicky baby…