Dioramas of a Fictional, ‘Dark City’ Have Us Questioning Reality




Photographer Francesco Romoli’s project Dark City was born out of his desire to blur the lines between real and unreal. In creating miniature scenes and dioramas of a fictional city, he constructs a dream-like area where nothing is as it seems, where certainties vanish and definitions are ambiguous.

Moving Photos Document a Muslim Woman Caring for Stray Dogs, Despite Widespread Neglect



In the dead of night, Sabihah lets her ten rescue dogs loose to roam the streets outside her Mumbai apartment. Blanketed in darkness and wearing her burqa, she sees these as the only hours in which she is safe from the harassment she encounters from many of her neighbors and fellow Muslims, who because of misinterpretations of Islamic teachings, view dogs as sinful and impure. For Midnight Strolls, photographer Pooja Jain captures the bond between the local strays and the woman who has risked everything to care for them.

Offbeat Photos Capture the Adventures of Nude Hikers (NSFW)




For Die Nacktwanderer, or The Nude Hikers, Lausanne-based photographer Roshan Adhihetty chronicles the adventures of a group of nature-enthusiasts who prefer to backpack in the buff, when their naked bodies can come into intimate contact with the wilderness that surrounds them.

Cinematic Photographs Capture Modern Day Camping in Italy


© Federica Di Giovanni / Offset


© Federica Di Giovanni / Offset


© Federica Di Giovanni / Offset

For Postcards from Camping Italia, Florence-based photographer Federica Di Giovanni captures a community of summer vacationers living in mobile houses, bungalows, and tents along the beaches of Versilia, Tuscany.

Swan Hunting in Utah Photographed by Cayce Clifford



In Aesop’s fable The Swan and the Goose, a swan, mistaken for a goose by the cook, distinguishes itself by singing a sweet song that enraptures the cook, saving itself from slaughter. If it weren’t for the sweet song, this swan would have been surely killed, which was ultimately the fate of its unfortunate neighbour, the goose.

For her documentary photo series Utah Swan Hunt, photographer Cayce Clifford followed hunters over multiple expeditions during the controversial swan hunting season. Somewhat typical of the usual hunting photo essay — the early morning sunrise shot, the token huntsman holding up his prized kill, it’s the swans that catch our attention. It seems wrong to kill these beautiful creatures, with their pristine white plumage and graceful long necks that stretch out vulnerably into lake mist.

Intimate Portraits Capture the Bond Between Teen Moms in the UK and Their Children

mum_beth 003

Beth (16) and Amy-Lee (6 months), Cardiff, UK, 2014

mum_chelsie 001

Chelsie (19) and Tyler (1), Cwmbran, UK, 2014

For Be Still, My Heart, Italian photographer Marta Giaccone traces the lives of young mothers living in South Wales, cutting through the prejudgement that often surrounds teenage pregnancy to reveal the threads of courage and love that bind each girl to her infant child.

Photos of Cloned Individuals Depict the ‘Power of Theater in a Still Image’



Daisuke Takakura holds many roles. As an actor, photographer and graphic designer, he drew influence from his own life and work to create Monodramatic, a series about the variousness of an individual.

Feature Shoot Recommends: Top 10 Photo Events and Happenings in New York (Mar. 30 – Apr. 5)


Joe Strummer, Lookout Mountain, Los Angeles 1989 © Josh Cheuse

EVENT: The BlowUp NYC, ROOT, 443 W 18th St, April 3, 2015, 6:30 – 9:00 PM
Feature Shoot is proud to present the inaugural edition of The BlowUp, a new quarterly event in which sought-after photographers share the stories behind their favorite shots. This evening will center around 14 prolific music photographers— Bob Gruen, Chris Stein, Sacha Lecca, Danny Clinch, Michael Lavine, Rebecca Smeyne, Janette Beckman, Jessica Lehrman, David Godlis, Ricky Powell, Tod Seelie, Paris Visone, Amy Lombard, Josh Cheuse and Gretchen Robinette— each of whom will tell a 3-5 minute story on a photo of their choice. RSVP here.

Heartbreaking Photos Memorialize Photographer’s Long Departed Sister




New York-based photographer Phillip Toledano describes the time following his 9-year-old sister Claudia’s accidental death as a murky one, colored by a fixation with space and the remote celestial bodies that pepper the sky above. For his latest book When I Was Six, he returns to the boy he was then by softly unpacking a box in which his parents had preserved their memories of Claudia, her clothes, her letters, her toys, and other remnants of her life.

Vintage Photos Capture an Illicit Affair Between 1970s Businessman and His Secretary



Long after the affair ended, he held onto clippings of her finger nails and the red hair that she kept affixed in a beehive atop her head, swaths of public hair, emptied packets of her birth control pills, and hundreds of snapshots captured during their romps in fancy hotel rooms. He was a German businessman, aged thirty-nine, she his secretary, aged twenty-four. Both were married. The affair between Günter K. and Margret S. lasted for nineteen months, throughout which the former meticulously collected the paraphernalia of their ardor, a collection of artifacts that would remain untouched for thirty years before it was discovered in a suitcase left behind in an empty apartment.