Dark, Masochistic Self-Portraits Capture the Agony of Love Lost



Following the breakdown of a seven year romance, New York City-based photographer Hsin Wang re-staged her grief, giving physical presence to the psychological wounds inflicted by love lost. De-Selfing traces the uncomfortable—and often masochistic—ways in which we unravel when the bonds of intimacy are torn asunder.

Bruce Gilden’s Unforgettable Photographs of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, 1974-1982

USA. New Orleans, Louisiana. 1975. Mardi Gras.

New Orleans, Louisiana. 1975. Mardi Gras.

USA. New Orleans, Louisiana. 1975. Mardi Gras.

New Orleans, Louisiana. 1975. Mardi Gras.

USA. New Orleans, Louisiana. 1977. Mardi Gras. French Quarter.

New Orleans, Louisiana. 1977. Mardi Gras. French Quarter.

At Mardi Gras in New Orleans, says New York-based photographer Bruce Gilden, the streets become “packed like sardines.” Asking him to name the single most memorable moment from his time shooting the parades from 1974 until 1982 is difficult; there were just too many of them.

The Desolate, Apocalyptic Landscape That is Lake Urmia, Iran


IMG_0067 (2)-108

“I’d still like to call it ‘the Sea,’ even if there is nothing left.” – Solmaz Daryani

The Eyes of the Earth is an ongoing project by Iranian photographer Solmaz Daryani, which documents the drying up and desiccation of Lake Urmia in northwest Iran. Once a thriving tourist destination, many depended on the lake for their livelihoods, including Daryani’s grandparents who owned a motel by the coast. Now, due to a combination of poor water management, illegal wells, water damming and climate change, Lake Urmia only has 5% of its water remaining.

Welcome to the Snow-Drenched Gas Capitol of Russia



In 1985, the parents of Barcelona-based photographer Yanina Shevchenko made their home in Novy Urengoy in Western Siberia, then under control of the USSR. Her earliest memories were made in this frozen city, where temperatures plummet -50 degrees Celsius, and she left it all behind as a five-year-old child, not return until nearly a quarter-century later.

FOAM To Host Retrospective of Helmut Newton’s Enduring Photographs (NSFW)

Yves Saint Laurent French Vogue Rue Aubriot Paris 1975 C Helmut Newton Estate

Yves Saint Laurent, French Vogue, Rue Aubriot, Paris, 1975 © Helmut Newton / Helmut Newton Estate

My women are always victorious. – Helmut Newton

In the 1970s and 80s, to have a portrait by Helmut Newton was regarded as the ultimate validation of success. Today, Newton remains one of the most influential photographers of his time and was a key figure in bringing eroticism off the top shelves and into the mainstream.

Behold the Last Remaining Tidal Pools of Southwest England



British photographer Tom Shaw had just finished his 15-year stint as a staff photographer with Getty Images and was beginning a freelance career when his Tidal Sea Pools series started to take shape.

“It was an exciting time, and I wanted to spend a week shootings something for myself,” Tom tells us. “A few years earlier while on holiday in Cornwall, I shot a nice picture of some surfers while my wife and I sat on the headland. From this headland we could see tucked away one of these tidal sea pools – so we went and had a swim in it.”

When Giant Teddy Bears Roamed the Streets of Nazi Germany



Art collector Jean-Marie Donat’s affaire-de-coeur with TeddyBär began three decades ago when he stumbled across the very first snapshot picturing the mammoth wooly creature traipsing down the streets over Berlin. Over the last twenty years, the Frenchman has committed himself in earnest to tracking down TeddyBär in his many incarnations, discovering dozens of men who from the 1920s until the 1970s, donned bewhiskered polar bear suit in hopes of earning a buck (or indeed a Reichsmark) by posing with tourists and passersby.

Why More Photographers Are Choosing Squarespace Cover Pages (Sponsored)


Cover Page by Dark Cyanide

A great website is like a great business card: simple, to the point, and visually compelling. The internet is so often overly complex and convoluted, but it’s exciting to see all the ways in which photographers are maintaining the minimal elegance of the business card by adding Cover Pages to their Squarespace websites.

Amusing Moments Captured at the County Fair

Dan Nelken

Dan Nelken

The photographs in New York-based Dan Nelken’s Till the Cows Come Home: County Fair Portraits are genuine, natural, and human. Although it’s perhaps not as popular a destination as in the past, there is an undeniable draw to the county fair, to the animals and their people one can observe there.

From Iceland to Venice with Sony Artisan of Imagery Brian Matiash (Sponsored)

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