Photographer Urinates on Film to Create Surprisingly Beautiful Images



For Float On, Hawaii-based photographer Brigette Bloom soaks her film in urine, creating ethereal bubbles over a desert landscape in Hawaii. Before shooting, she will steep her film canister in a cup of her own pee, allowing the fluid to break down portions of the emulsion. After rinsing the canister and allowing it to dry outside for a week, she loads it into her camera and shoots. Bloom explains that each roll varies based on the time of day when the urine is collected and what she ate that particular day.

Here, Bloom pays tribute to a spot in the desert in front of her house. Daily, she and her dog would visit this special place, photographing their magical adventures. When other people slowly discovered and began to visit the desert, it ceased to be their secret hideaway, and she and her canine friend moved on to unknown terrain, forever preserving the desert they once loved in dreamy blues and purples. Atop boulders and rocks, the artist appears in constant motion, as if pulled upward from the landscape by some mysterious and intrinsic force.

By urinating onto the film, Bloom warps and obscures portions of her photographs. Like water spilled on vintage snapshots, the pools of liquid imbue each frame with a potent sense of nostalgia and loss. Allowing her bodily fluids to penetrate and reconfigure the space, she lays claim over it, leaving behind an dreamy and indelible imprint that remains long after she finds a new place to wander.






  • Wonderful images, love the b/w and the first ones… they smells like teen spirit 😉

  • Tobias W.

    I can’t see anything special that came about by urinating on the images. In my opinion, there’s nothing special about this other than a bunch of mediocre images seeking attention with a toilet stunt. Disgusting? No. Boring? Yes.

  • padugan

    I thought this technique was called “instagram”? I can never keep up with all the hipster wanna be artists’ lingo for justifying their crap. What is the term for bad photos that should have been deleted, but instead had something unrelated and completely useless added to them in the hopes of calling it art?…..oh that’s right CRAP!

  • Carine Bropp Cardoso

    smells like piss

  • melanie

    There is no connection between the urination and the image content – unless the photographer is saying she’s pissing on women. Honestly, a little research into 1970’s feminist performance art would have informed the photographer and assisted in providing an artistic/material context. The most recent use of urination that I’ve admired were the Piss Flowers (sculpture) by Helen Chadwick.

  • Oh, shut up……..

  • flightofbooks

    It’s not about urination, it’s about merging chemical processes -infusing the film with a biological affect. It has nothing to do with pee as performance.

  • flightofbooks

    then you should probably take a shower

  • melanie

    ‘Pee as Performance’ is not how I read the images – if it were then the work would still be somewhat mediocre. I referenced performance art because in this work there remains no connection between altering the materiality of the film (prior to exposure and processing) and the subject in the images – perhaps performance art might have informed the photographer. A better reference might be for the photographer to have been informed by one of her contemporaries. One of the most exciting and innovative photographers constructing artworks in this vein is Matthew Brandt – his subject matter and material intervention is simple but simple, direct and appropriate – making his work well conceived.

  • This is so much ‘What’ … O_O

  • padugan

    stop posting bad photography and hiding behind some BS explanation. Let me make it crystal clear. Instagram is garbage, terry richardson is garabge. if anything you want to post looks anything like either Richardson’s work or instagram, it’s $hit, don’t post it. don’t bring down the medium.

  • alex

    channeling warhol in photography, cool. taking photos and pissing on them, i mean thats what i would have done to mediocre photographs but i wouldnt have shown them to anyone.

  • celinda guley

    Can’t wait until the number 2 shots lololol….stupid.

  • thekarate

    Art is what the artist decides it is.

    We can all certainly have our opinions but it begins and ends with the artist and what they’ve decided to create.

    For as long as artists have been making art, they’ve used their minds, bodies and sometimes their body fluids (urine, saliva, blood, feces, etc.) to create their works.

    I recently saw a Wyeth exhibit on Cape Cod which showcased three generations of Wyeth painters. The youngest, Jamie Wyeth, was portrayed in a video showing his studio and approach.

    I was struck that during his painting he kept putting the brush tip, with tempera paint on it, into his mouth, mixing it with his saliva and thinning it out and then painting his canvas. He also used his bare hands to smear and mix wet inks on the canvas.

    It struck me as strange but interesting.

    My first thought was that is was weird; then that the paint must have tasted gross and finally that he was literally infusing his work with an actual piece of himself (his saliva/DNA).

    The paintings themselves were beautiful and I liked them even more because he had put some of himself into them.

    Having said all of the above, I think these photos are beautiful and the process is a fresh take. My opinion, and perhaps in the minority, but my opinion.

    Create art and appreciate that others do so as well!

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