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‘Extra! Weegee’: A New Exhibition of Images by History’s Best Crime Photographer


“Who Said People Are All Alike?”, July 27, 1945


“Portrait of Weegee”, c. 1946 by Unknown Photographer

From 1938 to 1947, one man skulked through Manhattan every evening after dark, lurking in the shadows before dissolving them with his token flashgun, a cigar hanging from the side of his mouth. This fellow was born Ascher Fellig, but his eerie ability to outrun even the most seasoned police veterans to the scene of robbery, gang skirmish, or bar brawl earned him the moniker that is forever stamped into the history of photography: Weegee.

Eyeballs, Vaginas and Raves in Chicago: Matthew Leifheit Talks to Us About Vice’s Latest Photo Issue


Photo by Michael Bühler-Rose


Photo by Cole Don Kelley

Every year I look forward to getting the Vice photo issue. If I could describe the issue in one word, it would be fresh: full of imagery I’ve never seen from (many) photographers I’ve never heard of. We don’t miss much here at Feature Shoot, and Vice always keeps it interesting. This year, with new photo editor Matthew Leifheit at the helm, is no exception.

I asked Leifheit a few questions about nudity, Terry Richardson, fruit topiaries and the opening party this Thursday night in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Photographer Unearths a Wealth of True Crime Photos from the LAPD Archives

LAPD Archives

Morgue, man with floral tattoo, 1945 © LAPD. Courtesy of Fototeka.

LAPD Archives

Detail of two bullet holes in car window, 1942 © LAPD. Courtesy of Fototeka.

From Weegee to L.A. Confidential, both real and fiction crime stories have been well established as an object of intrigue. From April 25-27, Fototeka will be exhibiting images from a massive archive of Los Angeles Police Department crime scene and evidence photos, some dating back to 1925, on view for the first time ever as part of Paris Photo Los Angeles

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