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The Complex Dynamics of Family Life Revealed in Photos

Charlotte and Sophia Holding Hands

Girls on the Couch

Those closest to us are often the people who bring out the best and worst in us. Whether it’s a mother, a brother, or a partner, it’s the intimate relationships that allow us to truly find out who we are. Significant Others is a series created by the Brooklyn-based photographer, Ilisa Katz Rissman. It explores the nuanced traits we demonstrate in our deepest connections.

The Story of a Landscape Ravaged by Wildfires, in Photos

Although scorching hot summers are attractive to many, for the residents in Southern France, they can be nothing short of a disaster. Between 2016 and 2017, there were over 1300 cases of wildfires, destroying acres of land and the lives of thousands of inhabitants. During this time, documentary photographer Arnaud Teicher set out to capture the scenes that unveiled from the catastrophic events. He began is project Wildfire.

An Intimate Look at What ‘Home’ Means In the American West

Derrick Washington & Kurt Gramm, Los Angeles, CA © Erica Deeman

Terina Taulogo, St. George, UT © Ricardo Nagaoka

You’re likely to get a different answer each time speak to someone about what home means to them. To some, home is where they sleep at night. Whilst to others, home is a feeling within – often linked to where they spent their childhood.

For the first time since their foundation, The California Sunday Magazine, in collaboration with Aperture Foundation are bringing their December issue to life in the form of an exhibition. Through a series that includes intimate portraits and personal stories, the work aims to get to the core of what home means to residents in Western America.

At Home: In the American West opens from December 6th – January 4th at the Aperture Foundation Bookstore and Gallery. Featuring the work of emerging and established photographers, the exhibition displays emotional and moving experiences, told by a variety of individuals, friends and families.

Ahead of the opening, we spoke to The California Sunday’s Director of Photography, Jacqueline Bates, to learn more about the project.

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