Bambi Jones, Henderson, Nevada, 2012 © Marie Baronnet 

Marie Baronnet captures the beauty and sensuality of mid-century burlesque performers, many in their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Meanwhile, Stephanie Diani pays homage to the legendary Las Vegas starlets who paved the way. Sam Fielding meets burlesque sensation Jessabelle Thunder, who transports her to an enchanted kingdom of feathers, sequins, and color. Sean Scheidt photographs rising performers like Marla Meringue, Kiki Allure, and Ruby Rockafella. Dig into these portraits with our burlesque photography spotlight, and click on the artist’s name to read the full story.

Marie Baronnet‘s burlesque photography celebrates icons and pioneers of the 20th century.

Monique Marlow, Chicago, 2014 © Marie Baronnet 

Dramatic portraits by Sean Scheidt capture the transformations of burlesque performers

Viola Van Wilde © Sean Scheidt

 “They are becoming something else here. That something else might show another aspect of their personality; it might be who they really are or it might be for the sake of a statement.” – Sean Scheidt 

In Stephanie Diani‘s burlesque photography, legendary Las Vegas stars prove that aging can be sexy.

Satan’s Angel © Stephanie Diani 

“I loved how brassy and confident the women were. They were ladies who had been performing for decades and still loved what they did. One performer led to another. They were fabulous to work with.” – Stephanie Diani 

Sam Fielding celebrates fetish artists, drag queens, and burlesque stars in her work.

Courtney Cruz © Sam Fielding

“Night is a time for reinvention. No-one understands this better than the underground performer. Bursting free from the limitations of routine and shedding the skin of an every day identity, they become someone else. Someone braver. Someone wilder. Someone truer.” – Sam Fielding

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