Early spring is a time for reflection and renewal, and as it happens, it’s also the season of photo contests. In the last few years, organizations, publications, and industry leaders have reinvigorated the photo contest circuit with awards that celebrate ingenuity, innovation, integrity, and creativity. We’ve compiled dozens of those contests in our latest guide, 75 International Photography Contests Worth Entering.

© Adrien Broom, featured in The FENCE 8th Editio

We’ve included awards for everyone, from the high-profile heavy-hitters to some of the most exciting emerging opportunities out there. Inside, you’ll find contests for almost every niche you can imagine, from photojournalism, wildlife, and street photography to fine art and black and white.

We’ve even included awards specifically for dog photographers, close-up photographers, birth photographers, and adventure sports photographers. There are awards based in the United States, the UK, Russia, Turkey, France, Japan, Malaysia, and far beyond.

The brand-new guide is available for download now for just US$10. Get it here.