the straight and narrow © Patrick Woodward (@_patrickwoodward_)

I stopped searching for light. I decided to become it instead. © Anna Bachmeier (@annassky)

We are now in the final stretch approaching the deadline for submissions for the next Print Swap exhibition, scheduled to open in Hyderabad, India, on September 6th as part of The Indian Photography Festival. Over the course of our call for submissions, we’ve seen inspiring images from photographers all over the world, and in the lead-up to the May 29th deadline, we wanted to put together a few online group shows to spotlight the diverse array of pictures up for consideration. For this collection, we selected architectural images from The Print Swap.

The great photographer Ezra Stoller famously said, “I’m not interested in art photography. I’m interested in architecture as it is, to look at and enjoy.” But his pictures were in fact works of art, regardless of his intention. And like Stoller, the photographers in this collection have transformed recognizable and unknown buildings into something new. Janet Lees brings phantoms to life using only a facade and windows in Haunted.  Radu Mihai Iani seems to choreograph a solo dance within a lighted corridor. With tricks of the light, they turn familiar places into scenes from a dream. These buildings, made from metal and concrete, have undergone a strange alchemy and become two-dimensional object. We can’t wait to see where these prints end up.

As a reminder, photographers can submit to The Print Swap at any point by tagging their images #theprintswap on Instagram. While submissions made within the next five days only will be considered by our guest curator, the preeminent photojournalist Ami Vitale, to be part of the exhibition in India, The Print Swap is open year-round. Participating photographers give a print and receive a print from another outstanding artist somewhere in the world, and all selected photographers now have the opportunity to join the roster at our new store, Superfine Prints. The Print Swap is curated by Alison Zavos, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Feature Shoot. It’s free to submit, but selected photographers pay $40 per image to participate. Learn more at our website and Instagram, @theprintswap.

Haunted © Janet Lees (@janetlees2001)

The Louvre © Amel Khireddine (

City X © Alexis Pritsas (@alexispritsas)

Untitled © Radu Mihai Iani (@radumihaiiani)

S/T © Oswaldo Ramirez (@waldor)

Walk in colors © Daniel De Cort (@daniellubbeek)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn © Diana Cheren Nygren (@dianacherennygrenphotography)

Sky Lines (white and blue), Moscow © Jack Davies (

Cross Section #15, Manhattan © Jeremy Stebens (@jeremystebens)

Blue Parking © Vincent Versluis (@vincentversluis)

No Vacancy © Zoe Lintzeris (@zlintz)

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