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‘Tricked You’ © Erica Reade (@ericareadeimages), Brooklyn, New York

Girl playing with a tyre © Andrea Torrei (@andreatorrei), Bologna, Italy

‘Neither in Heaven nor on Earth’ © Rebeka Legovic (@rebekalegovic), Rijeka, Croatia

Feature Shoot’s worldwide project The Print Swap will return to Manhattan for our summer exhibition at the renowned FOLEY Gallery. Opening for one night only on July 23rd, this show features thirty photographs, each selected by the gallery owner Michael Foley himself. FOLEY Gallery is a perfect setting to showcase work from the global Print Swap community. The show will feature talented artists based in the United States, Brazil, England, Italy, Croatia, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Japan.

The show has no fixed theme, so we leave the images open to interpretation. Passageways and thresholds become recurring motifs, suggesting a hazy boundary line between the real and the imagined. On the beaches of New York, Erica Reade experiments with mirrors, transfiguring space and time. Rebeka Legovic photographs a dog walking steadily into the unknown. In Cape Coast, Ghana, Andrea Torrei watches a girl as she plays with a tire, creating what could be a portal to another world. Alison Schmitz drifts skyward a surreal cloudscape, while Jesus Domingo takes us an a journey by boat to the end of the world.

If you’re in New York this summer, be sure to see the show in person on the 23rd!

The Print Swap is an ongoing initiative launched by Feature Shoot. Here’s how it works: photographers can submit images for consideration by tagging them #theprintswap on Instagram or uploading them directly to our website. Our team of curators chooses outstanding images, and selected photographers are invited to participate in our international swap. It’s free to submit, and it costs just $40/image for selected photographers to take part.

All Print Swap participating photographers give a print and receive a print, and during our fixed judging periods, they are also considered for our offline exhibitions. Our next show will be at Photoville, and submissions are now open! As NYC’s largest annual photography event, Photoville draws more than 80,000 visitors to Brooklyn Bridge Park each September. Learn more at our website, and follow along on Instagram at @theprintswap for updates. We can’t wait to see your submissions!

‘Sail On’ © Jesus Domingo (@j.soriano1987), Valencia, Spain

‘Open Sea’ © John Andreas Godwin (@johnandreas), Åkersberga, Sweden

‘The 18th Layer’ © Alison Schmitz (@alisonsgoo), Austin, Texas

‘Atomic Pink’ © Alison Schmitz (@alisonsgoo), Austin, Texas

‘Human in geometry’ © Matteo Garzonio (@matteogarzonio), Milan, Italy

‘Untitled (58560035)’ © Walid Mohanna (@walid_sa3looq), Ridgewood, New York

‘Spring Shadows’ © Tyler Johnson (@flacojohnsonphoto), Denver, Colorado

‘Untitled’ © Nicolas St-Pierre (@nstpierrephoto), Tokyo, Japan

‘Untitled (New Mexico)’ © Robert Johnson (@rojo.elblues), New York, New York

‘Jungle Parking’ © Alexander Wenderoff (@jamalginsberg), Los Angeles, CA

‘Figment’ © Mary Anne Mitchell (@maryannephoto_atl), Atlanta, Georgia

Willingness © Heather Canterbury (@hcanterbury), Little Rock, Arkansas

‘Drawing’ © Maria Rebelo (@mariarebelophotography), Wilmette, Illinois

‘The Seagull’ © (@tita_mavro), London, England

‘Untitled’ © Luigi Di Crasto (@_luigidicrasto_), Berlin, Germany

‘Rest Stop’© Michael Fitzgerald (@gordielachance), Stone Mountain, Georgia

‘Winter Fade, Melville Montana’ © John Gayusky (@jgayusky), Livingston, Montana

‘Afghan desert’ © Jens Umbach (@jens_umbach), Hamburg, Germany

‘Mess’ © Fabio Petry (@fabiopetry), Porto Alegre, Brazil

‘A Window, A Portal, A Mirror’ © Erica Reade (@ericareadeimages), Brooklyn, New York

‘Avanti’ © Dineke Versluis (@dineke.me), Rotterdam, Netherlands

Alex of Amargosa Valley © David Beazley (@d.a.v.e.b.e.a.z.l.e.y), Los Angeles, California

On the road to the Hvalnes black sand beach © David Atkinson (@datkinso_photo), Seattle, Washington

‘British Youth, 2019’ © Costanza Santilli (@cochiesse), Brighton, Sussex

‘Sang-mêlé’ © Christophe Boussamba (@mistaboos), Paris, France

‘Chilled warmth’ © Caroline de Bertodano (@c__de__b), London, England

‘Blind Faith’ © Anne Connor (@anneconnorphotography), Madison, Wisconsin