‘Wild Donkeys of Tibet’ © Bastian Barenbrock (@bastian_barenbrock), Cologne, Germany

‘Ann Arbor, Michigan 1974’ © Don Hudson (@donhudson1229), South Lyon, MI

‘Show Me Slowly What I Only Know The Limits Of’ © Andrea Lambe (@insomniandrea), Dublin, Ireland

The Print Swap, a worldwide initiative by Feature Shoot, is heading to the Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) this April in an exhibition curated by Paul Kopeikin, the director of the internationally renowned Kopeikin Gallery. All images included in The Print Swap are printed and mailed at random to participating photographers around the world, and thirty standout photographs from the last few months are part of this exhibition. Selected artists hail from points around the map, with exhibiting photographers based in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, and Malaysia.

A dreamlike thread runs through Kopeikin’s selections, from Cameron Karsten’s upside-down Puget Sound and Ellen Jantzen’s digitally altered New Mexico to the snow-covered street scenes of Stephen Chong and Navid Baraty, Merethe Wessel-Berg, and Garrod Kirkwood. Reflections of various sorts appear in work by Tori Gagne, Brindha Anantharaman, Andy Grant, Asher Carey, Cristian Ordonez, and Molly McDonough Mahler. Don Hudson takes us back in time with his 1974 photograph from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Wherever they roam, these 29 photographers bring with them a magical sense of the surreal.

As always, photographers of all backgrounds are welcome to submit to The Print Swap by tagging their images #theprintswap on Instagram. After MOPLA, our next stop is Berlin, where we’ll be having a show at BERLIN BLUE art. It’s free to submit to The Print Swap, though selected photographers pay $40 per image to participate. We cover printing and shipping. Visit our website and Instagram for more details.

‘Reflections of New York’ © Andy Grant (@andygrant), New York, NY

‘Waveland’ © Asher Carey (@ashercareyiv), Brooklyn, NY

‘Silent Echoes’ © Brindha Anantharaman (@b_the_bri), Los Angeles, CA

‘The Great Upside Down’ © Cameron Karsten (@cameronkarsten), Bainbridge Island, WA

‘I Left My Heart In Turtuk’ © Chiwei Foo (@foocaccia), Selangor, Malaysia

‘Reflection’ © Cristian Ordonez (@c_ordonez), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

‘Unexpected Geology #1’ © Ellen Jantzen (@ellenjantzen), Santa Fe, NM

‘Undulations’ © Erik Eskedal (@eskedalexpressions), Wakefield MA

‘La Baigneuse’ © Fernando Gutierrez (@thito.fg), Mexico City, Mexico

‘Snow Boy’ © Garrod Kirkwood (@garrod__), Whitley Bay, UK

‘Terra Mitica’ © Garrod Kirkwood (@garrod__), Whitley Bay, UK

‘Untitled / Exi[s]t’ © HaleLee Seoyeon (@ByHaleLee), Elmhurst, NY

‘Abandoned Yellow House, Virginia’ © Joseph Romeo (@josephromeophotographer), Lorton, Virginia

‘Rain in Lisbon’ © Julia Guo (@mesmeri), New York, NY

‘Powder’ © Koleena Guzman (@koleeeena), Olympia, Washington

‘Hugged by the Smoke’ © Lindsey Brunsman (@lindsbrunsman), Bend, OR

‘Winter in Norway’ © Liz Palm (@lizpalm), Oslo, Norway

‘Enlightened Geyser’ © Lorenz Fischer (@lorenzfischer.photo), Savognin, Switzerland

Steps © Merethe Wessel-Berg (@merethe_wesselberg_photography), Oslo, Norway

Branch Reflection 1 © Molly McDonough Mahler (@mollymcdm), Cincinnati, OH

‘Winter in the City’ © Navid Baraty (@navidbaraty), Seattle, WA

‘Dive Meet, Boston University’ © Pelle Cass (@pellecass), Brookline, MA

‘Birch’ © Sebastian Nilander (@___sebastian_dijkstra___), Lier, Norway

Belt of Venus / 2016 © Shannon Benine (@sbenine), Forestville, CA

‘The storm’ © Stephen Chong (@stephanechong_analog), Washington, DC

Psychscape 09 (Anza Borrego)© Terri Loewenthal (@lowandtall), Oakland, CA

Enceno de Glorioso © Tori Gagne (@torigagnephoto), Excelsior, MN