Mimi and Bibsy say goodbye © Charles Read (@chasread), Princeton, NJ

Promise of Spring © Ellen Jantzen (@ellenjantzen), Santa Fe, NM

The Print Swap, our international photo-sharing initiative, is coming to ROOT Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on December 7th in a show curated by Gabriela Landazuri, Photo Editor at The Huffington Post. Throughout the month of November, photographers around the world submitted images via Instagram using the hashtag #theprintswap, and forty were selected to be part of the holiday exhibition and party. These images, made in the US, UK, Canada, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and Australia, will be mailed to Print Swap participants all over the globe. As part of the festivities, there will also be giveaways of some of our favorite books, photo gear, and other items from this year.

There is no theme for the show, though the images do seem bound together, if only by a shared sense of mystery. People find themselves submerged in water in the work of Samuel Hicks and Wolf James; it’s unclear whether they’re falling or rising. We meet the eye of a frog (Alex M. Smith) and the eye of a horse (Murielle Etc), a single swan (Felix Koschel), an isolated orange flower in a sea of black (Rowan Spray). Dani Gros photographs a fox with an injured paw, without divulging what happened before or after. Windows, open and closed, trigger the sensation of being far away and close at hand all at once, and they appear repeatedly, in images by Andrew Heiser, Beth Chucker, Brad Curran, Charles Read, Felipe Neves, Ronald William Waite. And there’s so much blue, a color the great artist Yves Klien once describes as the most abstract and unknowable. Together, these pictures establish their own mythology.

Submissions to The Print Swap are rolling. Simply tag your images #theprintswap on Instagram, and they will be considered. Selected photographers give a print and receive a print. Prints all mailed out at random, so it’s always a surprise who ends up with whose print. It’s free to submit, though participating photographers pay $40 to participate. We cover printing and shipping. Learn more at our website, and follow along on Instagram for updates and new exhibition opportunities.

SFO, 2017 © Aaron Limoges (@limogest), Brooklyn, NY

Desolate © Alan Armstrong (@photo_eclectic), Grants Pass, OR

frog © Alex M. Smith (@120daysofalex), New York, NY

Seeing Through © Alison Schmitz (@alisonsgoo) Austin, TX

Light in the Woods © Allison McCarthy (@aquinnm), San Francisco, CA

Subterranean Homesick Alien © Andrea Lambe (@insomniandrea), Dublin, Ireland

Late Night Television © Andrew Heiser (@mistaheiser), Los Angeles, CA

untitled © Bastian Richter (@homebase75), Hilden, Germany

Winter Lace, Three to Six, 2017 © Beth Chucker (@bethchuckerphoto), Bloomfield, NJ

Fort Zach Framed © Bob Scott (@imageartifacts), Cincinnati, OH

Moon Valley © Chiara Zonca (@shadowontherun), London, UK

Ronchamp, France 2013 © Damien Drew (@damien_drew), NSW, Australia

Wounded Paw © Dani Gros (@dani__gros), New York, NY

Wyeth and Idaho © Brad Curran (@bradcurran), Seattle, WA

mirrors in magical places © Erica Reade (@ericareadeimages), New York, NY

snow covered North © Eva Godager (@evagodager), Oslo, Norway

Whispering © Felix Koschel (@idrowninlight), Berlin, Germany

Hotel Window in Williamtown © Felipe Neves (@felipemneves), NSW, Australia

The Wave © Felix Bernier (@_felixbernier), Montreal, Canada

Abstract tree with green lines © Florence Bataille, Ange, France

Parking © Jan Prengel (@janprengel), Ulm, Germany

Jetski © Jan Prengel (@janprengel), Ulm, Germany

The Dock © Johan Windle (@johanwindle), Göteborg, Sweden

Untitled © Karinna Gylfphe (@kgylfphe), Portland, OR

Wolves © Kyndrei F. (@kyndrei), Italy

‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ © Luis Vargas (@l_vase), Mexico City, Mexico

cottoncandy © Matze Görig (@random_rascal), Berlin, Germany

Recreo © Mercedes Carballo (@mercarballo), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luna 360, Luna Park, Coney Island © Morgan Silk (@morgansilk), Derbyshire, UK

A sweet look | Un doux regard © Murielle Etc (@murielle.etc), Lannion, France

Nocturnal Tree © Pablo Montiel (@pmmartyn), León, Spain

Opuntia imbricata. Ocotillo, California. 2017 © Rebecca Webb (@rebeccawebbstudio), San Diego, CA

Happy Birthday © Pierre-Yves Jortay (@thejortex), Belgium

Untitled © Rowan Spray (@rowanspray), London, UK

Rene, Velez Malaga, Spain © Samuel Hicks (@samuel_hicks_), London, UK

Blue Bus-Brattleboro,VT-100717 645pm © Ronald William Waite (@r.williamwaite, @spacebilk), Philadelphia PA

Chapel © Tim Smith (@timsmithphotography1018), San Antonio, Texas

Max in Mersea / My Love is Lethal Series / 2017 © Wolf James (@wolfjamesphotography), Essex, UK

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