“Hope, Portrait #5, 2005″ by Erwin Olaf

After fourteen years of honoring the world’s greatest photographers with The Lucie Awards, The Lucie Foundation has released

a series of limited edition posters by their honorees.

The Lucie Editions are part of the charitable foundation’s ongoing mission to recognize established talent and support emerging voices.

Iconic images by Erwin Olaf, Steve McCurry, Bob Willoughby, REZA, Nancy McGirr, Jerru Uelsmann, Lee Tanner, Marvin E. Newman, Barton Silverman and more are now available as 450 unsigned edition posters and 50 signed edition posters.

The great myth of photography is that photographs last forever. They don’t. Despite the hard work of the world’s greatest conservators, photographs age. Negatives and prints deteriorate, and all that’s left is a picture on a computer monitor.

Still, there’s something to be said for owning a physical photograph. For generations, aspiring photographers have hung the prints and posters of their forebears and turned to them time and again for insight and guidance. The demand for pictures on the wall hasn’t evaporated in the digital age; if anything, it’s intensified.

The Lucie Editions are pieces of history— ranging from Willoughby’s Marilyn Monroe and Newman’s Muhammad Ali to McCurry’s Rajasthani girl and McGirr’s children in combat. Now, they are affordable for photography enthusiasts around the world. But they’ll go quickly. Order yours today.

“Marilyn Monroe on the set of ‘Let’s Make Love’, 1960″ by Bob Willoughby

“Cassius Clay” by Marvin E. Newman

“Young Guerrilla Tenancingo, El Salvador” by Nancy McGirr

“Village girl, Jaipur, Rajasthan.” by Steve McCurry

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