A few years ago, Forbes published an article hinting at the importance of acquiring the proper website domain name. Entrepreneur Martin Zwilling went so far as to suggest, “the domain name may well be more important than your company name.” This was in 2013, when it was normal to pay thousands to buy your own domain.

Squarespace has since changed the game by allowing its users, many of them photographers, to buy domains directly through them rather than a third-party website. With domains starting at only $20 for an entire year, Squarespace takes both hassle and expense out of registering your domain.

Squarespace domains were launched just this year, and now, photographers can avoid unnecessary time and cost by simply searching for and snatching the name that they’ve always envisioned for their brand. Gone are the days of dealing with third-party platforms and negotiating fees.

Additionally, Squarespace makes it possible to register a custom email account via Google Apps to match the website name. They have even rolled out some cool top-level domains like .photographer and .design, a unique and memorable alternative to .com or .org.

Now, photographers can have a clean and streamlined online presence and register domains that are easy for clients to remember. Make a name that you’d be proud to have on your business card, no muss, no fuss. Rather than, for instance, you can simply register— that specific name is taken, but you get the idea.

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