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Daniele Mattioli [@danielemattioli] / April 5, 6


Julius Motal [@juliusmotalphoto] / April 7, 8

It’s Easter, and this year the Easter Bunny is bringing a brand new lineup of Feature Shoot Guest Instagrammers. We’ll begin this round with Daniele Mattioli in China and Julius Motal over in Istanbul before traveling to chilly Alaska with Bethany Barton. From there, we’ll hop all the way over to South Africa to visit with Kent Andreasen and conclude our world tour with Sherif Hosni, who will be showing us around Egypt. Can’t wait to see you there!

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Bethany Barton [@behtanybarton] / April 9, 10


Kent Andreasen [@kentandreasen] / April 11, 12


Sherif Hosni [@sherifhosni] / April 13, 14