Maury Gortemiller [elmaurygee] / April 25, 26


Gretchen Robinette [@gretchenrobinette] / April 27, 28

The skies are clear and the grass is green, and it’s the perfect time to travel the world with our newest lineup of Guest Instagrammers. This time around, we’ll begin in sunny Atlanta with Maury Gortemiller before hopping over to Miami with New Yorker extraordinaire Gretchen Robinette, From there, we’ll jet over to Italy to visit Maximilian Canepa, who will show us a glimpse of life on the floor of a silk factory. Next, we’ll fly to the UK with Ben Giles and conclude in Reykjavík, Iceland with Alvaro Pérez.

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Maximilian Canepa [@maximiliancanepa] / April 29, 30


Ben Giles [@benlewisgiles] / May 1, 2


Álvaro Pérez [@alvpeerz] / May 3, 4

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