Thailand-based photographer Sorasart Wisetsin refers to his canine muse Gluta as “the happiest dog in the world,” and her boundless joy is most certainly a testament to the unconditional love of a rescued animal brought to safety.

Wisetsin met Gluta while living in a dormitory bedroom, near where the stray dog wandered along the harsh streets. Finding the animal had a gentle, loving spirit, he began slowly to earn her trust, feeding her daily and playing with her before the painful goodbyes imposed by the dorm’s no-strays-indoors policy. Before long, the photographer officially adopted her and took her in as his own.

After a few months of bonding and getting to know each other, the photographer noticed that his beloved dog was suffering from illness. Upon taking her to the vet, he was informed that Gluta unfortunately had a skin disease, a uterine infection call pyometra, and most devastatingly, cervical cancer. After more than a year of chemotherapy and surgery, Gluta gradually began to heal, both physically and emotionally.

Today, Gluta is healthy as can be and her smile has even caught on with Gollum, another dog rescued by Wisetsin after having been hit by a car. Gluta especially enjoys photo sessions with her best friend, for which she gets to roam and frolic in wide open fields. Wisetsin hopes more than anything that Gluta’s story will inspire others to take a moment and consider the stray and neglected animals. When given care and affection, these gentle creatures will return the love tenfold.

To help animals like Gluta, please consider adopting or donating to your local animal shelter, the SPCA, or Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. Follow Gluta on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.






All images © Sorasart Wisetsin

via iGNANT